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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
131966 White B. Studying for Science: A guide to information, communication and study techniques 1993ХХ
148909 White B. Pcr Cloning Protocols: From Molecular Cloning to Genetic Engineering 1997ХХ
190684 White B. PCR Cloning Protocols: From Molecular Cloning to Genetic Engineering 1997ХХ
189431 White B. PCR Protocols: Current Methods and Applications 1993ХХ
21357 White B.A. PCR Protocols: Current Methods and Applications 1993ХХ
21355 White B.A. PCR Cloning Protocols: From Molecular Cloning to Genetic Engineering 1996ХХ
59222 White B.J., Prywes Y. The Nature of Leadership: Reptiles, Mammals, and the Challenge of Becoming a Great Leader 2007ХХ
79006 White B.T. British Tank Markings & Names - Squadron Specials series (6021) 1978ХХ
83222 White C. Automotive diagnostic fault codes. Manual 1998ХХ
22836 White C. Developing Killer Web Apps with Dreamweaver MX and C# 2004ХХ
153495 White D. Myth, Metaphysics and Dialectic in Plato's Statesman 2007ХХ
4647 White D.J. Markov Decision Processes 1993ХХ
15665 White E., Eisenhamer J. PHP 5 in Practice 2006ХХ
165788 White E. Pro .NET 2.0 Graphics Programming 2005ХХ
161330 White E.B. Stuart Little-—тюарт Ћитл. нига дл€ чтени€ на английском €зыке дл€ 5-7 классов. 1999ХХ
5287 White F.M. Fluid mechanics 2001 ХХХ
31396 White F.M. Fluid Mechanics 1999ХХ
116903 White F.M. Fluid Mechanics,5 Editions (with Solutions) 2003 ХХХ
65955 White Guy K. Experimental techniques in low-temperature physics 1979 ХХХ
116846 White H., Killick T., Kayizzi-Mugerwa S. African Poverty at the Millennium: Causes, Complexities, and Challenges 2001ХХ
149371 White H. Asymptotic Theory for Econometricians: Revised Edition (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics) (Economic Theory, Econometrics, & Mathematical Economics) 2001ХХ
157814 White H. Asymptotic theory for econometricians 2001 ХХХ
159052 White H.D. Brief Tests of Collection Strength: A Methodology for All Types of Libraries 1995ХХ
50107 White H.E. Introduction To Atomic Spectra 1934 ХХХ
42783 White H.E. Theoretical Interpretation of Hyper-Fine-Structure in Singly Ionized Thallium, Tl II 1929ХХ
44386 White H.S. The Synthesis of Triad Systems delta_t in t Elements in Particular for t = 31 1914ХХ
40864 White H.S. Seven Points on a Twisted Cubic Curve 1915ХХ
40254 White H.S. A Variable System of Sevens on Two Twisted Cubic Curves n/aХХ
16701 White J. Eotaxin 2 2000ХХ
159610 White J., Bacon C., Hywel-Jones N. Clavicipitalean Fungi: Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry, Biocontrol And Cultural Impacts (Mycology) 2003ХХ
151143 White J., Stimmel T., Searcy S. Basic Math and Pre-Algebra (Cliffs Study Solver) 2003ХХ
152086 White J., De S., Naskar K. Rubber Technologist's Handbook, Volume 2 2009ХХ
162204 White J. Envisioning Machine Translation in the Information Future: 4th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, AMTA 2000, ... 2000ХХ
186668 White J., Paddock S. Confocal Microscopy: Methods and Protocols 2014ХХ
181141 White J. High frequency techniques: an introduction to RF and microwave engineering 2004ХХ
177361 White J. Managing Information in the Public Sector 2007ХХ
179762 White J., Stimmel T., Searcy S. Basic Math and Pre-Algebra (Cliffs Study Solver) 2004ХХ
55842 White J.L., Choi D.D. Polyolefins: Processing, Structure Development and Properties 2005ХХ
19993 White J.W. The First Greek Book 1896ХХ
29136 White M., Lefter C.A. MCITP Developer: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Access Design and Optimization Study Guide (70-442) 2007ХХ
140057 White M., Manning K., Weber R. Practical physics: Industrial Series 1943ХХ
140297 White M.J. The continuous and the discrete: Ancient physical theories from a contemporary perspective 1992ХХ
175229 White N. Theory of Matroids (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) 2008ХХ
157825 White N. Matroid Applications (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) n/aХХ
142989 White N. Theory of matroids 1986ХХ
147047 White N. Matroid applications 1992ХХ
58197 White N.(ed.), Griffiths I. (ed.) The Fashion Business: Theory, Practice, Image 2000 ХХХ
80595 White N.P. A brief history of happiness 2006ХХ
164053 White P., Hammond J. The Ecophysiology of Plant-Phosphorus Interactions (Plant Ecophysiology, Volume 7) 2008ХХ
162119 White R. Computational Mathematics: Models, Methods, and Analysis with MATLAB and MPI 2004ХХ

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