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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
60222 Weisbord E., Charnov B.H., Lindsey J. Managing People in Today's Law Firm: The Human Resources Approach to Surviving Change 1995ХХ
114277 Weise T. Global optimization algorithms. Theory and application 2008 ХХХ
39346 Weisfeiler B. On Construction And Identification Of Graphs 1976ХХ
151156 Weisfeiler B. On Construction and Identification of Graphs 1976ХХ
74625 Weisfeld M. The object-oriented thought process 2008 ХХХ
20814 Weisfeld M. Object-Oriented Thought Process 2003 ХХХ
127436 Weishaupt D., Koechli V.D., Marincek B. How does MRI work. An Introduction to the Physics and Function of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2006 ХХХ
76595 Weishaupt D. How does MRI work?: An Introduction to the Physics and Function of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2006 ХХХ
83115 Weising K., Nybom H. DNA fingerprinting in plants. Principles, methods, and applications 2005ХХ
53020 Weisinger H. The Power of Positive Criticism 2000ХХ
28062 Weiskopf D. GPU-Based Interactive Visualization Techniques 2006ХХ
111276 Weisman R. Mechanical Trading Systems 2005ХХ
108714 Weispfenning V. Efficient decision procedures for locally finite theories II 1988ХХ
104773 Weispfenning V. Quantifier elimination for real algebra - the cubic case 1994ХХ
180044 Weiss A., Abel T., Hill V. The First Stars: Proceedings of the MPA ESO Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 4-6 August 1999 (ESO Astrophysics Symposia) 2000ХХ
24741 Weiss A. Organizational Consulting: How to Be an Effective Internal Change Agent 2003ХХ
10434 Weiss A. Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript 1997 ХХХ
105423 Weiss B. Homogeneous decomposition of polynomials 1992ХХ
131877 Weiss C., Bonvillian W.B. Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution 2009ХХ
24360 Weiss C., Bruner E. Understanding the IBM WebFacing Tool: A Guided Tour 2003ХХ
28156 Weiss D.B., Gabrick K.A. J2EE and XML Development 2002ХХ
165406 Weiss E. Cohomology of Groups. Volume 34. 1969ХХ
122471 Weiss G., Rubin R. Internal Configurations of Span-Constrained Random Walks 1980ХХ
123784 Weiss G. Handbook of Stochastic Methods for Physics, Chemistry, and the Natural Sciences 1986ХХ
5285 Weiss G. Wavelets and applications. Lecture notes (volume 1) 2001ХХ
9267 Weiss G. Multiagent Systems: A Modern Approach to Distributed Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence 1999ХХ
75024 Weiss G. H. Contemporary problems in statistical physics 1994ХХ
126051 Weiss G.H., Masoliver J., Shuler K.E. On the Asymmetry of a Random Walk in the Presence of a Field 1990ХХ
124995 Weiss G.H. Overview of Theoretical Models for Reaction Rates 1986ХХ
124515 Weiss G.H. Competitive Trapping Effects in a Set of Partially Absorbing Traps 1986ХХ
123239 Weiss G.H. Book Review: Aspects and Applications of The Random Walk 1995ХХ
124152 Weiss G.H., Weissman H. A Measure of the Symmetry of Random Walks 1988ХХ
122205 Weiss G.H. Book Review: Elements of the Random Walk: An Introduction for Advanced Students and Researchers 2005ХХ
122213 Weiss G.H. First Passage Times for Correlated Random Walks and Some Generalizations 1984ХХ
122769 Weiss G.H., Shuler K.E., Lindenberg K. Order Statistics for First Passage Times in Diffusion Processes 1983ХХ
119948 Weiss G.H., DiMarzio E.A., Gaylord R.J. First Passage Time Densities for Random Walk Spans 1986ХХ
120217 Weiss G.H., Havlin S. Trapping of Random Walks on the Line 1984ХХ
119700 Weiss G.H., Havlin S. Some Properties of a Fractal-Time Continuous-Time Random Walk in the Presence of Traps 1991ХХ
123064 Weiss G.H. (ed.) Book Review: Contemporary Problems in Statistical Physics 1995ХХ
96929 Weiss George H. The diffusion constant for two-state brownons 1973ХХ
124985 Weiss H. The Lyapunov Spectrum for Conformal Expanding Maps and Axiom-A Surface Diffeomorphisms 1999ХХ
123102 Weiss H. A Remark on Papers by Pixton and Oliveira: Genericity of Symplectic Diffeomorphisms of S2 with Positive Topological Entropy 1995ХХ
120062 Weiss H. Some Variational Formulas for Hausdorff Dimension, Topological Entropy, and SRB Entropy for Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems 1992ХХ
167386 Weiss J. Java Cryptography Extensions: Practical Guide for Programmers (The Practical Guides) 2004ХХ
180830 Weiss J. Java Cryptography Extensions: Practical Guide for Programmers (The Practical Guides) 2004ХХ
74851 Weiss J. Java Cryptography Extensions: Practical Guide for Programmers 2004 ХХХ
54351 Weiss J. Ion Chromatography 1995 ХХХ
52564 Weiss J. Handbook of Ion Chromatography, vol.1 2004 ХХХ
11030 Weiss J. (ed.) Poverty Targeting in Asia 2005ХХ
42211 Weiss J.B., Provanzale A. Transport and Mixing in Geophysical Flows 2008ХХ

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