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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
107550 van der Put M., Singer M. Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations 2003ХХ
135982 van der Putte S.C.J. The Development of the Perineum in the Human: A Comprehensive Histological Study with a Special Reference to the Role of the Stromal Components 2004ХХ
25322 van der Schaar M., Chou P.A. Multimedia over IP and Wireless Networks: Compression, Networking, and Systems 2007ХХ
29177 van der Schaar M., Turaga D., Stockhammer Th. MPEG-4 beyond Conventional Video Coding: Object Coding, Resilience and Scalability 2006ХХ
7247 Van der Shaar J.P. String theory limits and dualities 2000ХХ
122308 van der Sman R. G. M., Ernst M. H. Diffusion Lattice Boltzmann Scheme on a Orthorhombic Lattice 1998ХХ
26436 Van Der Steen J. Rendering with Mental Ray and 3ds Max 2007ХХ
4632 van der Vaart W.A. Martingales, diffusions and financial mathematics 2004ХХ
131915 van der Valk A. The Biology of Freshwater Wetlands 2006ХХ
152352 Van der Veer G., Tauber M., Green T. Readings on Cognitive Ergonomics - Mind and Computers, 2 conf. 1984ХХ
44943 van der Vegt A.K. Order in space 2001ХХ
26708 van der Vlist E. Relax NG 2003 ХХХ
24176 van der Vlist E. XML Schema 2002ХХ
28334 van der Vlist E., Ayers D., Bruchez E. Professional Web 2.0 Programming 2006ХХ
79421 van der Voordt D.J.M, van Wegen H.B.R . Architecture In Use: An introduction to the programming, design and evaluation of buildings 2005ХХ
144783 van der Vorst H. Iterative Krylov Methods for Large Linear Systems (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics) 2003ХХ
127461 van der Vorst H.A. Iterative Krylov methods for large linear systems 2003ХХ
134528 Van Der Waerden, Virginia Thompson, Ellen Sherman Mathematical statistics 1969ХХ
113882 Van Der Waerden B.L. Sources of Quantum Mechanics 1968ХХ
114487 van der Waerden B.L. Gruppen Von Linearen Transformationen 1948ХХ
157675 van der Waerden B.L. Modern algebra 1930ХХ
32013 van der Waerden B.L. Sources of Quantum Mechanics, Vol. 5 1968ХХ
8764 van der Woude F. Catalysis of Diels-Alder Reactions in Water 1998ХХ
54697 Van Deun J. Eigenvalue problems to compute almost optimal points for rational interpolation with prescribed poles 2007ХХ
137512 Van Deusen J., Brunt D. Assessment in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy 1997 ХХХ
166484 van Dijk G. Introduction to harmonic analysis and generalized Gelfand pairs 2009ХХ
54455 van Dijk M.A., Wakker A. Concepts of Polymer Thermodynamics 1998ХХ
61254 van Dijk N. Handbook of Statistics 16: Order Statistics: Theory & Methods 1998 ХХХ
122181 van Dongen P. G. J. Spatial Fluctuations in Reaction-Limited Aggregation 1988ХХ
121927 van Dongen P. G. J. Fluctuations in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: A New Exactly Soluble Growth Model 1988ХХ
83746 van Dongen M.E.H. (ed.) Shock wave science and technology reference library. Multiphase flows 1 2007ХХ
122596 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Scaling Solutions of Smoluchowski's Coagulation Equation 1988ХХ
124594 van Dongen P.G.J. Fluctuations in Coagulating Systems. II 1987ХХ
121123 van Dongen P.G.J. Spatial Fluctuations in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: A Model for Exponential Growth 1990ХХ
121120 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Kinetics of Reversible Polymerization 1984ХХ
125207 van Dongen P.G.J. Aggregation Beyond the Gel Point: A New Class of Exactly Solvable Models 1997ХХ
123360 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Fluctuations in Coagulating Systems 1987ХХ
124999 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. On the Occurrence of a Gelation Transition in Smoluchowski's Coagulation Equation 1986ХХ
820 Van Dooren P.M. Numerical Analysis 2000: Linear Algebra - Linear Systems and Eigenvalues, Vol. 3 2001ХХ
119420 van Duijneveldt J.S., Lekkerkerker H.N.W. Phase Behavior of Hard Particles 1995ХХ
22983 van Duyne D.K., Landay J.A., Hong J.I. The Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience 2002ХХ
165812 Van Dyke K., Van Dyke C., Woodfork K. Luminescence Biotechnology: Instruments and Applications 2001ХХ
55379 Van Dyke M. Perturbation methods in fluid mechanics 1964ХХ
105405 Van Eck H.N. Lie groups in prolongation theory 1987ХХ
139698 van Eijndhoven S., de Graaf J. Trajectory Spaces Generalized Functions and Unbounded Operators 1985ХХ
130405 Van Eijndhoven S.J.L. A Mathematical Introduction to Dirac's Formalism 1986ХХ
36024 van Eijndhoven S.J.L., de Greef J. Trajectory Spaces, Generalized Functions and Llnbounded Operators 1985ХХ
52484 van Eldik R. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 57) 2005ХХ
52482 van Eldik R., Hubbard C.D. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 54) 2002ХХ
52483 van Eldik R. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 56) 2004ХХ

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