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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125496 Taqqu M.S. An Essay and Review of the Book: Self Similar Processes. Paul Embrechts and Makoto Maejima, Princeton University Press, 2003 2004ХХ
180507 Wright G. An Essay In Modal Logic 1951ХХ
6357 Kohn W. An essay on condensed matter physics in the twentieth century 1999ХХ
196062 R G Collingwood An Essay on Metaphysics. 2002 ХХХ
59517 O'Brien G.A. An Essay on the Economic Effects of the Reformation 2003ХХ
75200 Russell B. An essay on the foundations of geometry 1956 ХХХ
199572 Truesdell C. An essay toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions 1948ХХ
39641 Song X., Davidian N., Tsiatis A.A. An estimator for the proportional hazards model with multiple longitudinal covariates measured with error 2002ХХ
165929 Millroy W. An Ethnographic Study of the Mathematical Ideas of a Group of Carpenters (Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Monograph, N.? 5) 1992ХХ
176509 Sepehr M. An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics (English, Persian, French) 2010ХХ
121475 Nadiga B.T. An Euler Solver Based on Locally Adaptive Discrete Velocities 1995ХХ
196512 Cecil Aberg An evaluation platform for semantic web technology n/aХХ
79016 Frazer J. An Evolutionary Architecture (Themes) 1995ХХ
97854 van de Braak H.P., Caspers W.J., Wiegel F.W. An exact limit for the Peierls distortion energy in an antiferromagnetic chain by means of a renormalization procedure 1977ХХ
50948 Pinkert J.R. An Exact Method for Finding the Roots of a Complex Polynomial 1976ХХ
105201 Hur N., Davenport J.H. An Exact Real Algebraic Arithmetic with Equality Determination n/aХХ
123752 Alankus T. An Exact Representation of the Space-Time Characteristic Functional of Turbulent Navier-Stokes Flows with Prescribed Random Initial States and Driving Forces 1989ХХ
121436 Derrida B., Domany E., Mukamel D. An Exact Solution of a One-Dimensional Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Open Boundaries 1992ХХ
125105 Gregory Dee, James D. Gunton, Kyozi Kawasaki An Exact Solution of Equations for the Mean Metastable States 1980ХХ
97868 Kenneth Millard, Harvey S. Leff An exact solution to the classical, anisotropic Heisenberg model with long-range Kac interactions 1974ХХ
97028 Verhagen A.W. An exactly soluble case of the triangular ising model in a magnetic field 1976ХХ
97108 Wiegel F.W. An exactly solvable two-dimensional biomembrane model 1975ХХ
123362 Abraham D.B., Smith E.R. An Exactly Solved Model with a Wetting Transition 1986ХХ
125947 Marc Andr~ Gaveau, Bernard Gaveau An Example of a Phase Transition in an Open Pseudobimolecular System 1982ХХ
41142 Alexander J.W. An Example of a Simply Connected Surface Bounding a Region which is not Simply Connected 1923ХХ
120360 Wennberg B. An Example of Nonuniqueness for Solutions to the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation 1999ХХ
97859 Michael Coopersmith An example of the effect of irreversible microscopic dynamics on the macroscopic behavior of a large system 1979ХХ
40527 Barus C. An Example of Torsional Viscous Retrogression 1919ХХ
147548 Plant R., Murrell S. An Executive's Guide to Information Technology: Principles, Business Models, and Terminology 2007ХХ
43600 Walsh J.L. An Expansion of Meromorphic Functions 1932ХХ
199982 Dunne J.W. An experiment with time 1969ХХ
17735 Fanucci L., Giannetti F., Luise M. An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation: From System Architecture to Hardware Testing through VLSI Design 2004ХХ
41818 Allison S.K. An Experimental Determination of the Critical Excitation Frequency for the Production of Fluorescent X-Radiation 1925ХХ
39640 Falk K.G. An Experimental Study of Lipolytic Actions 1914ХХ
41143 Brown E.W. An Explanation of the Gaps in the Distribution of the Asteroids According to Their Periods of Revolution 1924ХХ
199891 Stein W. An Explicit Approach To Elementary Number Theory 2001ХХ
123709 Cercignani C. An Explicitly Solvable Kinetic Model for Semiconductors 1994ХХ
56120 Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. An Exploration of Chaos 1994ХХ
125371 Redig F. An Exponential Upper Bound for the Survival Probability in a Dynamic Random Trap Model 1993ХХ
54630 Hasegawa T., Hibino S., Hosoda Y. An extended doubly-adaptive quadrature method based on the combination of the Ninomiya and the FLR schemes 2007ХХ
77896 Gogolla M. An Extended Entity-Relationship Model - Fundamentals and Pragmatics 1994 ХХХ
107510 Willis B.L. An Extensible Differential Equation Solver 2001ХХ
112870 Dirac P.A.M. An extensible model of the electron 1962ХХ
121361 Mountford T., Sudhury A. An Extension of a Result of Grannan and Swindle on the Poisoning of Catalytic Surfaces 1992ХХ
42972 Brown A.B. An extension of Alexander duality theorem 1930ХХ
40300 Morley F. An Extension of Feuerbachs Theorem 1916ХХ
122679 Ginoza M., Yasutomi M. An Extension of the Analytical Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike Equation with the Yukawa Closure 1998ХХ
43601 Michal A.D., Botsford J.L. An Extension of the New Einstein Geometry 1932ХХ
41144 Moore R.L. An Extension of the Theorem That No Countable Point Set Is Perfect 1924ХХ
200275 Murray Pomerance An Eye for Hitchcock 2004ХХ

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