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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41572 St.John C.E. The Red Shift of Solar Lines and Relativity 1924ХХ
3208 Mumford D. The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes 2004ХХ
136351 Williams K.S., Hardy K. The Red Book of Mathematical Problems 1988ХХ
146984 Williams K., Hardy K. The red book of mathematical problems 1988ХХ
186035 Williams K., Hardy K. The red book of mathematical problems 1988ХХ
140885 Viswanath V., Muller G., Mueller G. The Recursion Method (Lecture Notes in Physics monographs) 1994ХХ
58180 MacAvoy P.W., Millstein I.M. The Recurrent Crisis in Corporate Governance 2003ХХ
44351 Barus C. The Rectangular Interferometer with Achromatic Displacement Fringes in Connection with the Horizontal Pendulum 1918ХХ
24881 Owsinski B. The Recording Engineer's Handbook 2004ХХ
153282 Ferrini-Mundy J., Schram T. The Recognizing and Recording Reform in Mathematics Education Project: Insights, Issues, and Implications (Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Monograph, No. 8) 1997ХХ
142056 Bertolacci A. The Reception of Aristotle's Metaphysics in Avicenna's Kitab al-Sifa: A Milestone of Western Metaphysical Thought 2006ХХ
8595 Senet J.-P. The recent advance in phosgene chemistry (Vol. 1) 1997ХХ
184616 Senet J. The recent advance in phosgene chemistry 1997ХХ
143706 Harvey B. The Rebirth of the Russian Space Program: 50 Years After Sputnik, New Frontiers (Springer Praxis Books Space Exploration) 2007ХХ
44503 Harvey B. The Rebirth of the Russian Space Program: 50 Years after Sputnik, New Frontiers 2007ХХ
139902 Brown T., Liebling H. The Really Useful Maths Book: A Guide to Interactive Teaching 2005ХХ
181959 Fernstrom M. The Real You Diet: Your Personal Program for Lasting Weight Loss 2010ХХ
16139 O'Loughlin J. The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People 2004ХХ
108458 Coxeter H.S.M. The Real Projective Plane 1949ХХ
65341 Humphrey C., Lee B. The Real Life Guide to Accounting Research: A Behind-the-Scenes View of Using Qualitative Research Methods 2004ХХ
56887 Baker T.A. The Real Estate Professional's Handbook for Starting and Running a Successful Business 2007 ХХХ
156426 Thomsett M.C. The Real Estate Investor's Pocket Calculator: Simple Ways to Compute Cashflow, Value, Return, and Other Key Financial Measurements 2005ХХ
65340 Haight G.T. The Real Estate Investment Handbook 2005ХХ
59606 Perotti C. The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage 2007ХХ
37605 Hollander J.M. The Real Environmental Crisis 2003ХХ
196379 The Real Costs Of Aspect-Oriented Programming Article, Quality Time, Ieee Software 2003ХХ
126777 Leffler J.E. The reactive intermediates of organic chemistry 1956ХХ
43919 Bates R. The Reaction of Hydrogen Atoms with Oxygen and the Hydrogen Chlorine Reaction 1932ХХ
44771 Rodebush W.H. The Reaction of Chlorine with Hydrogen 1932ХХ
111910 Rivest R.L. The RC5 encryption algorithm n/aХХ
23288 Kruchten P. The Rational Unified Process: An Introduction 2000 ХХХ
27796 Kruchten Ph. The Rational Unified Process: An Introduction 2003 ХХХ
17832 Kroll P., Kruchten P. The Rational Unified Process Made Easy: A Practitioner's Guide to Rational Unified Process 2003ХХ
145238 Man C.-S. (ed.), Fosdick R.L. (ed.) The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics 2004ХХ
55890 Euler L., Truesdell C.A. The Rational Mechanics Of Flexible Or Elastic Bodies 1638 - 1788: Introduction to Leonhardi Euleri Opera Omnia. Vol. X et XI 1980ХХ
42712 Kassel L.S. The rates of second-order gas reactions 1930ХХ
122174 Simon B. The Rate of Falloff of Ising Model Correlations at Large Temperature 1981ХХ
42758 Ramsperger H.C., Tolman R.C. The Rate of Decomposition of Nitrogen Pentoxide at Very Low Pressures 1929ХХ
42711 Ramsperger H.C., Nordberg M.E., Tolman R.C. The rate of decomposition of nitrogen pentoxide at moderately low pressure 1929ХХ
76999 McDonald L. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting 2005ХХ
42710 Albert A.A. The rank function of any simple algebra 1929ХХ
176570 Grimmett G. The Random-Cluster Model (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) 2009 ХХХ
122650 Hemmer P.C. The Random Parking Problem 1989ХХ
54131 Alladi K. The Ramanujan Journal (є2б 1998) 1998ХХ
42709 Simon F., Vohsen E. The Raman spectrum of gypsum 1929ХХ
6508 Long D.A. The raman effect 2002ХХ
123727 Gier J., Nienhuis B. The Raise and Peel Model of a Fluctuating Interface 2004ХХ
128159 Ho M.-W. The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms 1998ХХ
115618 Harpster J.S. The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago 2009ХХ
117339 Havelaar M.H., Hess W.N. The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn. The 91st Bombardment Group in World War II 1995ХХ

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