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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123257 Esposti M.D., Giardina C., Graffi S. Statistics of Energy Levels and Zero Temperature Dynamics for Deterministic Spin Models with Glassy Behaviour 2001ХХ
123262 Ewodo J.N. Refocusing of a Time-Reversed Acoustic Pulse Propagating in Randomly Layered Media 2001ХХ
123322 Weinan E, Nung Kwan Yip ContinuumTheoryofEpitaxialCrystalGrowth. 2001ХХ
123427 Vannimenus J., Derrida B. A Solvable Model of Interface Depinning in Random Media 2001ХХ
123452 Mariz A.M., van Wijland F., Hilhorst H.J. Statistics of the One-Dimensional Riemann Walk 2001ХХ
123512 Kotecky R., Medved I. Finite-Size Scaling for the 2D Ising Model with Minus Boundary Conditions 2001ХХ
123528 Jean-Michel Caillol, Jean-Luc Raimbault Sine-Gordon Theory for the Equation of State of Classical Hard-Core Coulomb Systems. I. Low Fugacity Expansion 2001ХХ
123562 van Rensburg E.J.J., Rechnitzer A. Adsorbing and Collapsing Directed Animals 2001ХХ
123569 Ahn C., Kim C., Rim C. Applications of Reflection Amplitudes in Toda-Type Theories 2001ХХ
123573 Bai C.-M., Ge M.-L. Further Understanding of Hydrogen Atom: Yangian Approach and Physical Effect 2001ХХ
123582 Hastings M.B. Eigenvalue Distribution in the Self-Dual Non-Hermitian Ensemble 2001ХХ
123586 Warnaar S.O. Refined q-Trinomial Coefficients and Character Identities 2001ХХ
123592 Scheeren C., Shiroishi M. The Spin-1/2 XXZ Chain at Finite Magnetic Field: Crossover Phenomena Driven by Temperature 2001ХХ
123610 Lima A.R., Penna T.J.P. Reply to a Comment on ССA Comparison Between Broad Histogram and Multicanonical MethodsТТ 2001ХХ
123611 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
123626 Comtet A., Nechaev S. Multifractality in Uniform Hyperbolic Lattices and in Quasi-Classical Liouville Field Theory 2001ХХ
123682 Jancovici B. Surface Tension of a Metal-Electrolyte Boundary: Exactly Solvable Model 2001ХХ
123714 Le K.C., Berdichevsky V.L. Energy Distribution in a Neutral Gas of Point Vortices 2001ХХ
123725 Mezzasalma S. Polymer Chain Size from Geodesic Path and Geometrical Bolyai-Lobachevskij Partition Function. Application to Swelling of Macromolecules in Solution and Micellar Growth 2001ХХ
123726 Bodineau T., Ioffe D., Velenik Y. Winterbottom Construction for Finite Range Ferromagnetic Models: An L_1-Approach 2001ХХ
123750 Manzo F., Olivieri E. Dynamical BlumeЦCapel Model: Competing Metastable States at Infinite Volume 2001ХХ
123794 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
123803 Popov S.Yu. Frogs in Random Environment 2001ХХ
123811 Matthias Winkel Limit Clusters in the Inviscid Burgers Turbulence with Certain Random Initial Velocities 2001ХХ
123864 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
123885 Emilio N. M. Cirillo A Note on the Metastability of the Ising Model: The Alternate Updating Case 2001ХХ
123997 Boukraa S., Maillard J.-M. Let's Baxterise 2001ХХ
123998 Aqua J.-N., Cornu F. Density Profiles in a Classical Coulomb Fluid Near a Dielectric Wall. II. Weak-Coupling Systematic Expansions 2001ХХ
124034 Forrester P.J., Jancovici B., McAnally D.S. Analytic Properties of the Structure Function for the One-Dimensional One-Component Log-Gas 2001ХХ
124093 Michel Pleimling, Alfred Hüller Crossing the Coexistence Line at Constant Magnetization 2001ХХ
124138 Shalizi C.R., Crutchfield J.P. Computational Mechanics: Pattern and Prediction, Structure and Simplicity 2001ХХ
124146 Mürmann M. The Hydrodynamic Limit of a Deterministic Particle System with Conservation of Mass and Momentum 2001ХХ
124161 Bodineau T., Giacomin G., Velenik Y. On Entropic Reduction of Fluctuations 2001ХХ
124195 Samaj L. Thermodynamic Properties of the One-Dimensional Two-Component Log-Gas 2001ХХ
124200 van Rensburg E.J.J. Trees at an Interface 2001ХХ
124206 Olaf Stenull, Hans-Karl Janssen Renormalized Field Theory of Resistor Diode Percolation 2001ХХ
124212 Norio Konno Dualities for a Class of Finite Range Probabilistic Cellular Automata in One Dimension 2001ХХ
124245 Belitsky V., Krug J., Neves E.J. A Cellular Automaton Model for Two-Lane Traffic 2001ХХ
124254 Pruisken A.M.M. At the Dawn of a Unifying Theory 2001ХХ
124263 Seppalainen T. Hydrodynamic Profiles for the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process with a Slow Bond 2001ХХ
124283 Kastner M., Promberger M. Comment on ССA Comparison Between Broad Histogram and Multicanonical MethodsТТ 2001ХХ
124346 Niethammer B., Pego R. The LSW Model for Domain Coarsening: Asymptotic Behavior for Conserved Total Mass 2001ХХ
124359 Garnier J. Long-Time Dynamics of KortewegЦde Vries Solitons Driven by Random Perturbations 2001ХХ
124385 Au-Yang H. Baxter's Solution for the Free Energy of the Chiral Potts Model 2001ХХ
124392 Aktekin N. The Finite-Size Scaling Functions of the Four-Dimensional Ising Model 2001ХХ
124425 Percus J. K. Homopolymers with Intrachain Interactions 2001ХХ
124430 Hastings M. B. Scale-Invariant Branch Distribution from a Soluble Stochastic Model 2001ХХ
124458 Spehner D., Bellissard J. A Kinetic Model of Quantum Jumps 2001ХХ
124467 Desvillettes L. A Rigorous Derivation of a Linear Kinetic Equation of FokkerЦPlanck Type in the Limit of Grazing Collisions 2001ХХ
124473 Janke W., Kenna R. The Strength of First and Second Order Phase Transitions from Partition Function Zeroes 2001ХХ

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