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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
120451 Tomoyuki Shirai A Factorization of Determinant Related to Some Random Matrices 1997ХХ
74370 Tomotada O. Quantum invariants: a study of knots, 3-manifolds, and their sets 2002 ХХХ
80112 Tomoko Fuse Origami Boxes 1997ХХ
99536 Tomoji Yamada, Takao Ohta, Kyozi Kawasaki Field-theoretic approach to critical dynamics far from equilibrium 1977ХХ
127435 Tommy R. Jensen, Bjarne Toft Graph Coloring Problems 1994ХХ
148807 Tommaso M., Schweitzer S. Health Policy And High-tech Industrial Development: Learning From Innovation In The Health Industry 2005ХХ
135180 Tommasi L., Peterson M., Nadel L. Cognitive Biology: Evolutionary and Developmental Perspectives on Mind, Brain, and Behavior 2009ХХ
78336 Tomlinson R.A. From Mycenae to Constantinople: Evolution of the Ancient City 1992ХХ
83924 Tomlinson M.J. Pile design and construction practice 1994 ХХХ
82835 Tomlinson M. J., Boorman R. Foundation design and construction 2001 ХХХ
196799 Tomlinson B. Greening through IT: Information Technology for Environmental Sustainability 2010ХХ
147309 Tomlin C.J., Greenstreet M.R. Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control: 5th International Workshop, HSCC 2002, Stanford, CA, USA, March 25-27, 2002, Proceedings 2002ХХ
85002 Tomkos J., Spyropoulou M., Ennser K. Towards digital optical networks.. COST action 291 report 2009ХХ
35484 Tomitori M., Arai T. Germanium Nanostructures on Silicon Observed by Scanning Probe Microscopy 2004ХХ
77251 Tomita M., Nishioka T. Metabolomics-The Frontier of Systems Biology 2005ХХ
97142 Tomio, Yamakoshi, Petrosky Theory of irreversible processes in nonequilibrium quantum systems. II. Cluster expansions with contraction for homogenous systems 1979ХХ
140108 Tominaga J., Tsai D. Optical nanotechnologies.. the manipulation of surface and local plasmons 2003ХХ
186702 Tominaga J., Tsai D. Optical Nanotechnologies: The Manipulation of Surface and Local Plasmons 2003ХХ
169008 Tominaga J., Tsai D. Optical Nanotechnologies : The Manipulation of Surface and Local Plasmons 2003ХХ
4585 Tomich S. Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 for Windows : visual quickstart guide 2004ХХ
130780 Tomescu I., Melter R.A. Problems in Combinatorics and Graph Theory 1985ХХ
169859 Tomes D., Lakshmanan P., Songstad D. Biofuels: Global Impact on Renewable Energy, Production Agriculture, and Technological Advancements 2011ХХ
48319 Tomer R.B. Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes n/aХХ
149961 Tomek I. Computer Assisted Learning: 4th International Conference, ICCAL '92, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 17-20, 1992. Proceedings 1992ХХ
149783 Tomei L. Information Communication Technologies for Enhanced Education and Learning: Advanced Applications and Developments 2009ХХ
181736 Tomei L. Integrating Information & Communications Technologies into the Classroom 2007ХХ
162900 Tomei L. Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration 2008ХХ
192153 Tomei L. Integrating Information & Communications Technologies into the Classroom 2007ХХ
138299 Tomei L. Taxonomy for the Technology Domain 2005ХХ
135480 Tomei L. Adapting Information and Communication Technologies for Effective Education 2007ХХ
140331 Tomei L. Designing Instruction for the Traditional, Adult, and Distance Learner: A New Engine for Technology-based Teaching 2010ХХ
139424 Tomczyk M. The Home Computer Wars: An Insider's Account of Commodore and Jack Tramiel 1984ХХ
146044 Tomczyk M. The Home Computer Wars: An Insider's Account of Commodore and Jack Tramiel 1984ХХ
34329 Tombs A.A. (Ed), Saavedra F.L. (Ed) Advanced Courses of Mathematical Analysis I: Proceedings of the First International School 2004ХХ
53732 Tombre K. (ed.), Chhabra A.K. (ed.) Graphics Recognition: Algorithms and Systems 1998ХХ
172958 Tombran-Tink J., Barnstable C. Retinal Degenerations: Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics (Ophthalmology Research) 2007ХХ
181528 Tombran-Tink J., Barnstable C. Retinal Degenerations: Biology, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics 2007ХХ
12675 Tomayko J.E., Hazzan O. Human Aspects of Software Engineering 2004ХХ
120590 Tomasz Schreiber Dobrushin-Kotecky-Shlosman Theorem for Polygonal Markov Fields in the Plane 1994ХХ
199280 Tomasz R. Bielecki Credit Risk: Modeling, Valuation and Hedging 2002ХХ
135415 Tomasz Puzyn, Jerzy Leszczynski, Mark T. Cronin Recent Advances in QSAR Studies: Methods and Applications (Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics) 2009 ХХХ
29623 Tomassini M. Spatially Structured Evolutionary Algorithms: Artificial Evolution in Space and Time 2005 ХХХ
33003 Tomassi P. Logic 1999ХХ
138689 Tomasits J., Haber P. Leistungsphysiologie. Grundlagen fur Trainer, Physiotherapeuten und Masseure: Grundlagen Fur Trainer, Physiotherapeuten Und Masseure 2005ХХ
179469 Tomasits J., Haber P. Leistungsphysiologie: Grundlagen f?r Trainer, Physiotherapeuten und Masseure 2008 ХХХ
165601 Tomasi C. Mathematical methods for robotics and vision 2000ХХ
110909 Tomasi C. Mathematical Methods for Robotics and Vision 2000ХХ
11057 Tomasello M., Slobin D.I. (ed.) Beyond Nature-Nurture 2005ХХ
24562 Tomasello M., Slobin D.I. Beyond nature-nurture: essays in honor of Elizabeth Bates 2004ХХ
75207 Tomasello M. The cultural origins of human cognition 2000 ХХХ

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