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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
7417 van Holten J.W. Aspects of BRST-Quantization 2001ХХ
106290 van Hoeij M. Factorization of Differential Operators with Rational Functions Coefficients 1997ХХ
105732 van Hoeij M. Formal solutions factorization of differential operators with power series coefficient n/aХХ
106868 van Hoeij M. Liouvillian Solutions of Linear Differential Equations of Order Three and Higher 1999ХХ
167826 van Hentenryck P. Static Analysis: 4th International Symposium, SAS '97, Paris, France, September 8-10, 1997, Proceedings 1997ХХ
39464 Van Hemmen J.L. (Ed), Morgenstern I. (Ed) Heidelberg Colloquium on Spin Glasses: Proceedings of a Colloquium Held at the University of Heidelberg 1983ХХ
39463 van Hemmen J.L., Morgenstern I. Heidelberg Colloquium on Glassy Dynamics 1987ХХ
120121 van Hemmen J.L., Grensing D., Huber A. Nonlinear Neural Networks. I. General Theory 1988ХХ
124073 van Hemmen J.L., Zagrebnov V.A. Models of a Structural Phase Transition with General Anharmonicity and Disorder 1988ХХ
120229 van Hemmen J.L., Grensing D., Huber A. Nonlinear Neural Networks. II. Information Processing 1987ХХ
120513 van Hemmen J. L., Wreszinski W. F. Lyapunov Function for the Kuramoto Model of Nonlinearly Coupled Oscillators 1992ХХ
122183 van Hemmen J. L., Brito A. A. S., Wreszinski W. F. Spin Waves in Quantum Ferromagnets 1983ХХ
24816 Van Helvoort H. SDH/SONET Explained in Functional Models 2005ХХ
7416 van Hees H. Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory 2003ХХ
117520 Van Hees H. Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory 2003ХХ
115282 van Hassel R.R. Own Lecture Notes Functional Analysis 2009ХХ
34893 Van Harn F., Steutel S.W. Infinite Divisibility of Probability Distributions on the Real Line, Vol. 259 2003ХХ
27385 Van Haecke B. JDBC 3.0: JAVA Database Connectivity 2002 ХХХ
27602 Van Haecke B. Jdbc: Java Database Connectivity 1997ХХ
152888 van Gumster J. Blender For Dummies 2009ХХ
146417 van Groesen E. Continuum Modeling in the Physical Sciences 2007ХХ
30190 van Gompel R. (Ed), Fischer M.H. (Ed), Murray W.S. (Ed) Eye Movements: A Window on Mind and Brain 2007ХХ
76400 van Ginneken J. Collective Behavior and Public Opinion: Rapid Shifts in Opinion and Communication 2003ХХ
24660 van Gelder S. Global Brand Strategy: Unlocking Brand Potential Across Countries, Cultures & Markets 2003ХХ
33978 Van Geer G. Number Fields and Function Fields - Two Parallel Worlds 2005 ХХХ
147336 van Geenhuizen M., Watanabe C. Technological Innovation Across Nations: Applied Studies of Coevolutionary Development 2009ХХ
195006 van Gasteren A.J.M., Dijkstra E.W. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (є445 1990). On the Shape of Mathematical Arguments 1990ХХ
75081 van Fraassen B.C. Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View 1991 ХХХ
33713 van Fraassen B.C. Laws and Symmetry 1990ХХ
9875 Van Eyk J.E., Dunn M.J. Proteomic and genomic analysis of cardiovascular disease 2003ХХ
167170 Van Etten J.L. Lesser Known Large dsDNA Viruses (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology Vol 328) 2008ХХ
124604 van Enter A.C.D., Netocny K., Schaap H.G. On the Ising Model with Random Boundary Condition 2005ХХ
125640 van Enter A.C.D. Upper Bounds on Correlation Decay for One-Dimensional Long-Range Spin-Glass Models 1987ХХ
124687 van Enter A.C.D., van Hemmen J.L. The Thermodynamic Limit for Long-Range Random Systems 1983ХХ
129989 van Enter A.C.D., Fernandez R. A Remark on Different Norms and Analyticity for Many-Particle Interactions 1989ХХ
125340 van Enter A. Bounds on Correlation Decay for Long-Range Vector Spin Glasses 1985ХХ
121420 van Enter A. Proof of Straley's Argument for Bootstrap Percolation 1987ХХ
124366 van Enter A. Nonperiodic Long-Range Order for Fast-Decaying Interactions at Positive Temperatures 1998ХХ
124365 van Enter A. Pathological Behavior of Renormalization-Group Maps at High Fields and Above the Transition Temperature 1995ХХ
125631 van Enter A. C. D., Joan Adler, Duarte J. A. M. S. Finite-Size Effects for Some Bootstrap Percolation Models 1990ХХ
122316 van Enter A. C. D., van Hemmen Absence of Phase Transitions in Certain One-Dimensional Long-Range Random Systems 1984ХХ
29402 van Engers T.M. Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2006 - the Nineteenth Annual Conference 2006ХХ
134457 van Emden H. Statistics for Terrified Biologists 2008ХХ
140216 Van Emde Boas P., Pokorny J., Bielikova M. SOFSEM 2004: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 30 conf 2004ХХ
79532 van Elst L. (ed.), Abecker A. (ed.), Dignum D. (ed.) Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management: International Symposium AMKM 2003, Stanford, CA, USA, March 24-26, 2003, Revised and Invited Papers 2004 ХХХ
5179 van Elst H. MAS207: electromagnetism 2004ХХ
52484 van Eldik R. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 57) 2005ХХ
52482 van Eldik R., Hubbard C.D. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 54) 2002ХХ
52483 van Eldik R. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry (Vol. 56) 2004ХХ
36024 van Eijndhoven S.J.L., de Greef J. Trajectory Spaces, Generalized Functions and Llnbounded Operators 1985ХХ

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