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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
127247 Von Grudzinski O. Quasihomogeneous distributions 1991ХХ
190545 Grudzinski O. Quasihomogeneous Distributions 1991ХХ
193186 Ivanov A. Quasilinear degenerate and nonuniformly elliptic and parabolic equations of second order 1984ХХ
38523 Antonini P., Mugnai D., Pucci P. Quasilinear elliptic inequalities on complete Riemannian manifolds 2007ХХ
196968 V. D. Sharma Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Compressible Flows, and Waves 2010ХХ
55210 Bellman R., Kalaba R. Quasilinearization and nonlinear boundary-value problems 1965ХХ
96886 Tomozawa Y. Quasinormal distributions and expansion at the mode 1974ХХ
124043 Ramakrishnan T. V., Rajagopal A. K. Quasiparticles in the Mixed Phase of Superconducting Cuprates: A Semiclassical Green's Function Approach 2000ХХ
119797 Godreche C., Luck J.M. Quasiperiodicity and Randomness in Tilings of the Plane 1989ХХ
105186 Feigenbaum M.J. Quasiperiodicity in Dissipative Systems: a Renormalization Group Analysis 1982ХХ
124380 Hamm A., Graham R. Quasipotentials for Simple Noisy Maps with Complicated Dynamics 1992ХХ
124891 Haake F., Wilkens M. Quasiprobabilities Based on Squeezed States 1988ХХ
196715 Domingo E., Holland J.J., Biebricher C.K. Quasispecies and RNA Virus Evolution: Principles and Consequences (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit) 2001ХХ
165245 Domingo E. Quasispecies: Concept and Implications for Virology (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology) 2006ХХ
125256 Parsons R.W. Quasistationary Distributions for Autocatalytic Reactions 1986ХХ
120081 Bobylev A.V. Quasistationary Hydrodynamics for the Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
35860 Hamilton W.R. Quaternion Proof of a Theorem of Reciprocity of Curves in Space 2000ХХ
106802 Quillen D. Quaternionic algebra and sheaves on the Riemann sphere 1998ХХ
179450 Gurlebeck K., Sprossig W., Gurlebeck K. Quaternionic and Clifford calculus for physicists and engineers 1997 ХХХ
55474 Adler S.L. Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Fields 1995ХХ
154984 Marchiafava S., Piccinni P., Pontecorvo M. Quaternionic Structures in Mathematics and Physics: Proceedings of the Second Meeting Rome, Italy 6 - 10 September 1999 2001ХХ
74408 Marchiafava S.(ed.), Piccini P.(ed.), Pontecorvo M.(ed.) Quaternionic structures in mathematics and physics: proceedings of the second meeting: Rome, Italy, 6-10 September 1999 2001ХХ
26959 Shoemake K. Quaternions 1985ХХ
41472 Burstall F.E., Pedit F., Ferus D. Quaternions 2002ХХ
199727 Jack B. Kuipers Quaternions 1999ХХ
107535 Coxeter H.S.M. Quaternions and Reflections 1946ХХ
198210 Kuipers J.B. Quaternions and rotation sequences: a primer with applications to orbits, aerospace, and virtual reality 1998ХХ
44195 Dickson L.E. Quaternions and Their Generalizations 1921ХХ
11494 Baker A.L. Quaternions as the Result of Algebraic Operations 1911ХХ
1454 Pervin E., Webb J.A. Quaternions in computer vision and robotics 1982ХХ
35134 Girard P.R. Quaternions, Clifford Algebras and Relativistic Physics 2007ХХ
6448 Landau L., Rumer Y. Que es la teoria de la relatividad 1985 ХХХ
27708 Kraynak J. Que's Official Internet Yellow Pages, 2005 Edition 2004ХХ
80344 Reid S., Embleton G. (Illustrator) Quebec 1759: The Battle That Won Canada 2003ХХ
80816 Morrissey B. Quebec 1775: The American invasion of Canada 2004ХХ
76750 Loughlin G. Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body 2007ХХ
20458 Musmann H.G. Quellencodierung n/aХХ
136628 Lions J.L. Quelques methodes de resolution des problemes aux limites non lineaires 1969ХХ
121874 Munton D. Quenched Disorder in a Hierarchical Coulomb Gas Model 1992ХХ
124491 Tindel S. Quenched Large Deviation Principle for the Overlap of a p-Spins System 2003ХХ
123372 Taucher T., Frankel N.E. Quenched n-Vector p-Spin Model 1993ХХ
181117 Asonov D. Querying Databases Privately.. A New Approach to Private Information Retrieval 2005ХХ
57901 Brace I. Questionnaire Design: How to Plan, Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research 2004ХХ
24803 Dornyei Z., Dornyei Z. Questionnaires in Second Language Research: Construction, Administration, and Processing 2002ХХ
96937 Basano L., Gamba A. Questions and answers 1971ХХ
99980 Clark M.G. Questions and Answers (1/4, 1969) 1969 ХХХ
100042 Questions and Answers (vol 2 є 2 1970) 1970ХХ
99517 Robert H. Swendsen Questions and answers Irreversibility and the thermodynamic limit 1974ХХ
99972 Shankar, R. Questions and answers. The feedback model of systems obeying quantum statistical mechanics 1972ХХ
113009 Tarasov L., Tarasova A. Questions and problems in school physics 1973ХХ

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