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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
156293 Brinzanescu V. Holomorphic Vector Bundles Over Compact Complex Surfaces 1996ХХ
156315 Laszlo M. Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics in C++ 1996ХХ
156327 Johnsen F. Consolidated B-24 Liberator (WarbirdTech Vol.1) 1996ХХ
156482 Woodcock J., Davies J. Using Z: Specification, Refinement, and Proof 1996ХХ
156486 Morgan J. The Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds. (MN-44) 1996ХХ
156562 Shafer G. Probabilistic expert systems 1996ХХ
156585 Ѕел€ев ≈.ё., √идаспов Ѕ.¬. јроматические нитрозосоединени€ 1996ХХ
156721 Gross R. Advances in Lipobiology, Volume 1 (Advances in Lipobiology) 1996ХХ
156792 ≈лютин ѕ.¬., „ижов √.ј. —ловарь-справочник по элементарной физике.„асть 3.  олебани€ и волны. ќптика. —пециальна€ теори€ относительности.  вантова€ теори€. 1996ХХ
156809 Manger J. Essential Java: Developing Interactive Applications for the World-Wide Web 1996ХХ
156899 Connolly T., Begg C., Strachan A. Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management 1996ХХ
157000 Amundsen M., Smith C. Teach Yourself Database Programming With Visual Basic 4 in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself) 1996ХХ
157016 Ben-Ari M. Understanding Programming Languages 1996ХХ
157070 Joyner W. Mathematics of the Rubik's cube 1996ХХ
157074 Waite G. Nietzsche's Corps e: Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life (Post-Contemporary Interventions) 1996ХХ
157188 Bell S. Learning with Information Systems: Analysis and Design in Developing Countries (Routledge Studies in Information and Library Management Systems, 1) 1996 ХХХ
157221 Kottelat M., Whitten T. Freshwater Biodiversity in Asia: With Special Reference to Fish (World Bank Technical Paper) 1996ХХ
157252 Perrin G., Darte A. The Data Parallel Programming Model: Foundations, HPF Realization, and Scientific Applications 1996ХХ
157258 Kostrikin A., Shafarevich I., Cohn P. Algebra 9.. finite groups of Lie type, finite dimensional division algebras 1996ХХ
157308 Fedosov B. Deformation quantization and index theory 1996ХХ
157310 Wermter S., Riloff E., Scheler G. Connectionist, Statistical and Symbolic Approaches to Learning for Natural Language Processing: Proceedings of the Ijcai `95 Workshop, Montreal, ... 1996ХХ
157361 Shanker S. Routledge History of Philosophy: Philosophy of Science, Logic and Mathematics in the 20th Century (Pt.1) 1996ХХ
157509 Melucci A. Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies) 1996ХХ
157551 Rachel M. Ayres D. Duncan Mara Analysis of Wastewater for Use in Agriculture: A Laboratory Manual of Parasitological and Bacteriological Techniques 1996ХХ
157604 Buck J.R., Daniel M.M., Singer A.C. Computer Explorations in Signals and Systems Using MATLAB 1996ХХ
157662 Alferes J., Pereira L. Reasoning with Logic Programming 1996ХХ
157860 Bicknell R. Endothelial Cell Culture (Handbooks in Practical Animal Cell Biology) 1996ХХ
157902 Fletcher C. Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 1: Fundamental and General Techniques, 2nd edition 1996 ХХХ
157920 D'Eath P. Supersymmetric quantum cosmology 1996ХХ
157984 Beauville A. Complex algebraic surfaces 1996 ХХХ
157999 Schaft A. L2-Gain and Passivity Techniques in Nonlinear Control (1st edition) 1996ХХ
158009 Morandi P. Field and Galois theory 1996ХХ
158010 Fornberg B. A Practical Guide to Pseudospectral Methods (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics) 1996ХХ
158131 Dedekind R. Theory of Algebraic Integers (Cambridge Mathematical Library) 1996ХХ
158153 Kutateladze S. Fundamentals of functional analysis 1996ХХ
158217 Ћебедева Ќ.—. Ќюрнбергский процесс: —борник материалов в 8 томах.“ом 6. 1996ХХ
158231 Martin D. Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications 1996 ХХХ
158326 Gringauz A. Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry : How Drugs Act and Why 1996ХХ
158375 Gaudel M., Woodcock J. FME '96: Industrial Benefit and Advances in Formal Methods: Third International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe Co-Sponsored by IFIP WG 14.3, ... 1996ХХ
158380 Dodson C., Parker P. A user's guide to algebraic topology 1996ХХ
158390 Tuan R. Recombinant Gene Expression Protocols 1996ХХ
158419 Hasan W. Optimization of SQL Queries for Parallel Machines 1996ХХ
158437 Latour B. Aramis, or the Love of Technology 1996ХХ
158513 Goldrei D. Classic set theory: For guided independent study 1996ХХ
158525 Puschnigg M. Asymptotic Cyclic Cohomology 1996ХХ
158548 Goodaire E., Jespers E., Milies C. Alternative Loop Rings, Volume 184 (North-Holland Mathematics Studies) 1996ХХ
158549 Jaffar J., Yap R. Concurrency and Parallelism, Programming, Networking, and Security: Second Asian Computing Science Conference, ASIAN '96, Singapore, December 2 - 5, ... 1996ХХ
158552 Dongarra J., Madsen K., Wasniewski J. Applied Parallel Computing. Computations in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Science: Second International Workshop, PARA '95, Lyngby, Denmark, ... 1996ХХ
158627 Gordon M. Introduction to functional programming 1996ХХ
158762 Martini M. These de Doctorat es Sciences Mathematiques 1996ХХ

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