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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
135466 Nicolas Reynolds Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society: IFIP TC 3 International Conference, KCKS 2010, Held as Part of WCC 2010, Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, ... in Information and Communication Technology) 2010 ХХХ
152968 Nicoleta Neagu Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Agent-Based Reasoning 2005 ХХХ
43568 Nicoletti G., Ritelli D., Silimbani M. A 3-dimensional Eulerian array 2006ХХ
160013 Nicoletti M., Jain L. Computational Intelligence Techniques for Bioprocess Modelling Supervision and Control 2009ХХ
50324 Nicolici N., Al-Hashimi B.M. Power-Constrained Testing Of Vlsi Circuits 2007ХХ
83261 Nicolini C.N. Nanobiotechnology & nanobiosciences 2009ХХ
121677 Nicolis C. Long-Term Climatic Transitions and Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
124753 Nicolis G., Malek-Mansour M. Systematic Analysis of the Multivariate Master Equation for a ReactionlDiffusion System 1980ХХ
125510 Nicolis G., Nicolis C., Nicolis J.S. Chaotic Dynamics, Markov Partitions, and Zipf's Law 1989ХХ
123982 Nicolis G., Baras F. Intrinsic Randomness and Spontaneous Symmetry-Breaking in Explosive Systems 1987ХХ
124735 Nicolis G., Nicolis C., McKernan D. Stochastic Resonance in Chaotic Dynamics 1993ХХ
97095 Nicolis G., Malek-Mansour M., Kitahara K. The onset of instabilities in nonequilibrium systems 1976ХХ
112037 Nicolis G. Introduction to nonlinear science n/aХХ
164734 Nicolis G., Nicolis C. Foundations of complex systems: Nonlinear dynamic, statistical physics, information and prediction 2007ХХ
152562 Nicolis G. Aspects of Chemical Evolution 1984ХХ
11897 Nicolis G., Prigogine I. Self-organization in nonequilibrium systems 1977ХХ
74641 Nicolis G. Foundations of Complex Systems: Nonlinear Dynamic Statistical Physics Information and Prediction 2007ХХ
79527 Nicolle D., Hook C. The Third Crusade 1191: Richard the Lionheart, Saladin and the battle for Jerusalem 2005ХХ
80296 Nicolle D., Hook Chr. (Illustrator) Knight of Outremer AD 1187-1344 1996ХХ
79626 Nicolle D., Hook C. (Illustrator) Nicopolis 1396 2001ХХ
80057 Nicolle D., McBride A. The Normans 1987ХХ
79893 Nicolle D. Lake Peipus 1242 Battle of the Ice 1997ХХ
79513 Nicolle D. Warrior Series. 10. Saracen Faris AD 1050-1250 1994ХХ
79484 Nicolle D., Turner G. (Illustrator) Poitiers 1356: The Capture Of A King 2004ХХ
79807 Nicolle D., McBride A. (Illustrator) Granada 1492 1998ХХ
79585 Nicolle D., Hook R. The Crusades 1988ХХ
79875 Nicolle D., McBride A. (Illustrator) Atilla and the Nomad Hordes 1990ХХ
80233 Nicolle D. Fornovo 1495: France's bloody fighting retreat 1996ХХ
79625 Nicolle D., Turner G. (Illustrator) Acre 1291: Bloody sunset of the Crusader states 2005ХХ
79747 Nicolle D. Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria 2005ХХ
79773 Nicolle D., Spakovsky V., Korolkov (Illustrator) Kalka River 1223: Genghiz Khan's Mongols invade Russia 2001ХХ
80237 Nicolle D. Orléans 1429: France turns the tide 2001ХХ
80670 Nicolle D. The First Crusade 1096-99: Conquest of the Holy Land (Campaign) 2003ХХ
80762 Nicolle D. Crécy 1346: Triumph of the longbow (Campaign) 2000ХХ
80587 Nicolle D. Constantinople 1453: The end of Byzantium 2002ХХ
138199 Nicolle D., McBride A. Arthur And The Anglo-Saxon Wars 2000ХХ
19730 Nicolle D. The Crusades 2001ХХ
120116 Nicolo F., Radin C. A First-Order Phase Transition between Crystal Phases in the Shift Model 1982ХХ
180498 Nicolopoulou-Stamati P., Hens L., Howard C. Environmental Health Impacts of Transport and Mobility (Environmental Science and Technology Library) 2005ХХ
39826 Nicolopoulou-Stamati P. Reproductive Health and the Environment 2007ХХ
39825 Nicolopoulou-Stamati P. Congenital Diseases and the Environment 2007ХХ
74175 Nicolov N. Recent Advances In Natural Language Processing III: Selected Papers From RANLP 2003 (Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science, Series IV: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory) 2004ХХ
74733 Nicolov N.(ed.) Recent advances in natural language processing IV: selected papers from RANLP 2005 2007 ХХХ
11016 Nicolson D., Ayers H. Adolescent Problems 2004 ХХХ
25055 Nicopolitidis P., Pomportsis A.S., Obaidat M.S. Wireless Networks 2002ХХ
74345 Nicosia G., Cutello V., Bentley P.J., Timmis J.(eds.) Artificial immune systems: third international conference, ICARIS 2004, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 13-16, 2004: proceedings 2004ХХ
137952 Nicosia G., Cutello V., Bentley P. J. Artificial Immune Systems: Third International Conference, ICARIS 2004, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 13-16, 2004, Proceedings 2004 ХХХ
188937 Nicosia G., Cutello V., Bentley P. Artificial Immune Systems: Third International Conference, ICARIS 2004, Catania, Sicily, Italy, September 13-16, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
135371 Nicu Sebe, Michael S. Lew, Thomas S. Huang Computer Vision in Human-Computer Interaction: ICCV 2005 Workshop on HCI, Beijing, China, October 21, 2005, Proceedings 2005 ХХХ
55253 Niculescu C.P., Persson L.-E. Convex Functions and Their Applications: A Contemporary Approach 2006ХХ

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