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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123802 Evangelou S.N., Katsanos D.E. Energy Level Statistics in Disordered Metals with an Anderson Transition 1996ХХ
123835 Franscini C. Symposium on Classical and Quantum Billiards 1996ХХ
123880 Franz S., Ritort F. Glassy Mean-Field Dynamics of the Backgammon Model 1996ХХ
123906 Martin Ph.A., Piasecki J. Aggregation Dynamics in a Self-Gravitating One-Dimensional Gas 1996ХХ
123916 Contucci P. An Analyticity Bound for Two-Dimensional Ising Model at Low Temperature 1996ХХ
123951 Ledrappier F., Porzio A. On the Muitifractal Analysis of Bernoulli Convolutions. I. Large-Deviation Results 1996ХХ
124027 Katori M., Inui N., Komatsu G. Hypergeometric Series in a Series Expansion of the Directed-Bond Percolation Probability on the Square Lattice 1996ХХ
124036 Chaikin P.M. Principles of Condensed Matter Physics 1996ХХ
124061 Shui Feng, lan Iscoe, Timo Seppalainen A Class of Stochastic Evolutions That Scale to the Porous Medium Equation 1996ХХ
124080 Baesens C., MacKay R.S. Effect of Temperature on Polaronic and Bipolaronic Structures of the Adiabatic Holstein Model 1996ХХ
124085 Benois O., Koukkous A., Landim C. Diffusive Behavior of Asymmetric Zero-Range Processes 1996ХХ
124091 Bogomolny E., Bohigas O., Leboeuf P. Quantum Chaotic Dynamics and Random Polynomials 1996ХХ
124159 Harris A.B., Micheletti C., Yeomans J.M. Complete Wetting in the Three-Dimensional Transverse Ising Model 1996ХХ
124165 Kacperski K., Holyst J.A. Phase Transitions and Hysteresis in a Cellular Automata-Based Model of Opinion Formation 1996ХХ
124242 Bazhenov M., Rabinovich M. Time-Periodic Spatial Chaos in the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation 1996ХХ
124248 McCoy B., Orrick W. Analyticity and lntegrability in the Chiral Potts Model 1996ХХ
124282 Fioriani E., Grigolini P. A Dynamical Approach to Anomalous Conductivity 1996ХХ
124312 Fernandez B. Existence and Stability of Steady Fronts in Bistable Coupled Map Lattices 1996ХХ
124355 Bravo Yuste S., Lindenberg K. Order Statistics for First Passage Times in One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes 1996ХХ
124377 Ishio H. Quantum Transport and Classical Dynamics in Open Billiards 1996ХХ
124389 Salas J., Sokal A. Dynamic Critical Behavior of a Swendsen-Wang-Type Algorithm for the Ashkin-Teller Model 1996ХХ
124485 Bunimovich L. A. On Localization of Vorticity in Lorentz Lattice Gases 1996ХХ
124517 De Simone C., Diehl M. Exact Ground States of Two-Dimensional +/- J Ising Spin Glasses 1996ХХ
124596 Slemrod M. Metastable Fluid Flow Described via a Discrete-Velocity Coagulation-Fragmentation Model 1996ХХ
124603 Macris N., Nachtergaele B. On the Flux Phase Conjecture at Half-Filling: An Improved Proof 1996ХХ
124621 Baxter R.J. Free Energy of the Chiral Potts Model in the Scaling Region 1996ХХ
124626 Ruelle D. Positivity of Entropy Production in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 1996ХХ
124648 Hailer K., Kennedy T. Absence of Renormalization Group Pathologies Near the Critical Temperature. Two Examples 1996ХХ
124711 Levy O., Bergman D.J. Weakly Nonlinear Conductivity of Random Composites: A Series Expansion Approach 1996ХХ
124729 Koza Z. The Long-Time Behavior of Initially Separated A + B -> 0 Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Arbitrary Diffusion Constants 1996ХХ
124730 Elston T.C., Doering C.R. Numerical and Analytical Studies of Nonequilibrium Fluctuation-Induced Transport Processes 1996ХХ
124758 Luczka J., Rudnicki R. Randomly Flashing Diffusion: Asymptotic Properties 1996ХХ
124790 Schonmann R., Shlosman S. Constrained Variational Problem with Applications to the Ising Model 1996ХХ
124953 Giacometti A., Maritan A. Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem and the Dynamical Renormalization Group 1996ХХ
124972 Kawashima N. Cluster Algorithms for Anisotropic Quantum Spin Models 1996ХХ
125010 Volkhard Buchholtz, Thorsten P6schel Avalanche Statistics of Sand Heaps 1996ХХ
125166 Orlandini E., Janse van Rensburg E.J. A Monte Carlo Algorithm for Lattice Ribbons 1996ХХ
125211 Drossel B. Energy Barriers for Flux Lines in Three Dimensions 1996ХХ
125225 Leung K.-T., Zia R.K.P. Subtleties in Data Analysis Related to the Size of Critical Region 1996ХХ
125253 Koiller J., Markarian R. Static and Time-Dependent Perturbations of the Classical Elliptical Billiard 1996ХХ
125276 Gamba A., Kolokolov I. The Lyapunov Spectrum of a Continuous Product of Random Matrices 1996ХХ
125297 Reimann P. Noisy One-Dimensional Maps Near a Crisis. I. Weak Gaussian White and Colored Noise 1996ХХ
125396 Meng-She, Cohen E. G. D. Scaling of Particle Trajectories on a Lattice 1996ХХ
125399 Dorthe Solvason, Henrik G. Petersen Error Estimates for the Fast Multipole Method 1996ХХ
125403 Cassandro M ., Marra R ., Presutti E . Upper Bounds on the Critical Temperature for Kac Potentials 1996ХХ
125411 Cliff Z.-W. Liu, Irwin Oppenheim Spatial Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluid Systems 1996ХХ
125418 Yakov Pesin, Howard Weiss A Multifractal Analysis of Equilibrium Measures for Conformal Expanding Maps and Moran-like Geometric Constructions 1996ХХ
125458 Bhaduri R.K., Bhalerao R.S., Murthy M.V.N. Haldane Exclusion Statistics and the Boltzmann Equation 1996ХХ
125498 Ѕелокопытов √.¬., Ѕелов ј.ј., »ванов ».¬. ќсновы радиофизики 1996ХХ
125525 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ

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