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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40760 Webster A.G. On the Springfield Rifle and the Leduc Formula 1920ХХ
40287 Webster A.G. Acoustical Impedance and the Theory of Horns and of the Phonograph 1919ХХ
40728 Webster A.G. On a Condition for Helmholtzs Equation Similar to Lames 1902ХХ
40737 Webster A.G. On the Connection of the Specific Heats with the Equation of State of a Gas 1920ХХ
40734 Webster A.G. On the Angle of Repose of Wet Sand 1919ХХ
40541 Webster A.G. Experiments on the Vibration of Air in Conical Horns 1920ХХ
168265 Webster A. New Technologies in Health Care: Challenge, Change and Innovation (Health, Technology and Society) 2006ХХ
44261 Websrer D.L. The Emission Quanta of Characteristic X-Rays 1916ХХ
44280 Websrer D.L., Clark H. The Intensities of X-Rays of the L Series 1917ХХ
120943 Webman I. Propagation and Trapping of Excitations on Percolation Clusters 1984ХХ
188135 Weberrub V. Universality in Statistical Physics and Synergetics: A Comprehensive Approach to Modern Theoretical Physics 1993ХХ
8763 Weber W.W., Cronin M.T. Pharmacogenetic Testing 2000ХХ
107880 Weber W. Die Pellsche Gleichung 1939ХХ
165974 Weber U., Thiele H. NMR-Spectroscopy: Modern Spectral Analysis 1998ХХ
133829 Weber S., Dixon S. Growing Up Online: Young People and Digital Technologies 2007 ХХХ
108130 Weber R. —11: Statistics 2001ХХ
10795 Weber M.J. Handbook of lasers 2001ХХ
23373 Weber M.J. Invasion of Privacy: Big Brother and the Company Hackers 2004ХХ
50193 Weber M.J. Handbook of Lasers 2000ХХ
80461 Weber M., Simons M., Lafontaine C. The Generic Development Language Deva.. Presentation and Case Studies 1993 ХХХ
130846 Weber M. Dynamical Systems and Processes 2009ХХ
138370 Weber M. Philosophy of Experimental Biology 2004ХХ
149462 Weber M. Handbook of Laser Wavelengths 1999ХХ
156897 Weber M., Simons M., Lafontaine C. The Generic Development Language Deva: Presentation and Case Studies (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 1993ХХ
168630 Weber K., Frew A., Hitz M. International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (13: 2001) 2002ХХ
79134 Weber J., Hafkesbring V. Bauwerksabdichtung in der Altbausanierung 2008ХХ
82455 Weber J. Automotive Development Processes: Processes for Successful Customer Oriented Vehicle Development 2009 ХХХ
136920 Weber I. Semantic Methods for Execution-level Business Process Modeling: Modeling Support Through Process Verification and Service Composition (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing) 2009ХХ
55968 Weber H.J., Arfken J.B. Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists 2003ХХ
80276 Weber H., Herziger G., Poprawe R. Laser physics and applications. Subvolume A. Laser fundamentals 2005ХХ
135434 Weber H., Nakazawa M. Ultrahigh-Speed Optical Transmission Technology (Optical and Fiber Communications Reports) 2007ХХ
106491 Weber H., Dedekind R. Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte mathematische Werke und Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass 1876ХХ
190131 Weber H., Harris F., Arfken G. Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists: and Engineers 2003ХХ
152121 Weber H., Herziger G., Poprawe R. Laser Physics and Applications. Fundamentals 2005ХХ
148724 Weber H., Arfken G. Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists 2003ХХ
182341 Weber H., Arfken G. Essential mathematical methods for physicists 2003 ХХХ
1187 Weber H. Lehrbuch der algebra (band 1) 1898ХХ
1143 Weber H. Lehrbuch der algebra (band 3) 1908ХХ
1135 Weber H. Lehrbuch der algebra (band 2) 1899ХХ
19890 Weber F. Briefe an Behörden. Regeln, Tips und Musterbriefe. 1995ХХ
114249 Weber E. Electromagnetic Fields - Theory and Applications (Volume 1 - Mapping of Fields) 1950ХХ
114656 Weber E. Electromagnetic Fields-Theory and Applications 1950ХХ
128816 Weber E. Design of Organic Solids 1998ХХ
194083 Weber E., Galan A. Supramolecular Chemistry II - Host Design and Molecular Recognition 1995ХХ
148070 Weber E. Supramolecular Chemistry I--Directed Synthesis and Molecular Recognition 1993ХХ
24358 Weber Ch. Uncertainty in the Electric Power Industry: Methods and Models for Decision Support 2005ХХ
77442 Weber C. International Relations Theory: A Critical Introduction 2004 ХХХ
32511 Weber A. Heat Kernel Estimates and L^p-Spectral Theory of Locally Symmetric Spaces 2007ХХ
133808 Webby B., Paris F. The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event 2004ХХ
9260 Webber R.E. Analysis of quadtree algorithms 1985ХХ

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