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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123882 Roux S., Hansen A. Propagation of Order in the Dilute Antiferromagnetic Three-State Potts Model 1989ХХ
123893 Wang J.-S., Binder K., Lebowitz J.L. Computer Simulation of Driven Diffusive Systems with Exchanges 1989ХХ
123901 Kirillov A.B., Radulescu D.C., Styer D.F. Vasserstein Distances in Two-State Systems 1989ХХ
123927 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
123928 Cichocki B., Felderhof B.U. Three-Body Problem in the Theory of the Dielectric Constant 1989ХХ
123944 Domb C., Lebowitz J.L. Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena 1989ХХ
123953 Ford G.W. Canonical Commutator and Mass Renormalization 1989ХХ
124003 Rytov S.M. Principles of Radiophysics 1989ХХ
124005 Durhuus B. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Lattice Models of Two-Dimensional Membranes 1989ХХ
124044 Souletie J. Chance and Matter 1989ХХ
124077 Jacobs A. E., David Mukamel Universal Incommensurate Structures 1989ХХ
124089 Forrester P.J. Exact Results for Correlations in a Two-Component Log-Gas 1989ХХ
124098 Newman T. J., Bray A. J., McKane A. J. Inertial Effects on the Escape Rate of a Particle Driven by Colored Noise: An Instanton Approach 1989ХХ
124135 De Coninck J., de Gottal P., Menu F. A Meniscus Where Three Phases Coexist at Equilibrium: Microscopic Derivation of the Herring Relations 1989ХХ
124176 Day W.A. A Commentary on Thermodynamics 1989ХХ
124198 Tabor M. Book Review: Chaos and Integrabifity in Nonlinear Dynamics 1989ХХ
124222 Toshiyuki Gotoh Brownian Motion in a Rotating Flow 1989ХХ
124256 Schlijper A.G., Smit B. Two-Sided Bounds on the Free Energy from Local States in Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
124270 Duarte J.A.M.S. Relaxation Monte Carlo for 3D Branched Polymers: The Leading Confluence Exponent 1989ХХ
124281 Statistical Mechanics on the 45th Parallel II 1989ХХ
124295 Hanggi P., Jung P., Marchesoni F. Escape Driven by Strongly Correlated Noise 1989ХХ
124313 Preface 1989ХХ
124395 Ernst M.H., van Velzen G.A. Long-Time Tails in Lattice Lorentz Gases 1989ХХ
124404 Axel F. Spectrum and Extended States in a Harmonic Chain with Controlled Disorder: Effects of the Thue-Morse Symmetry 1989ХХ
124468 d'Espagnat B. Are There Realistically Interpretable Local Theories? 1989ХХ
124477 Klein D., Yang W.-S. Some Correlation Inequalities for Ising Antiferromagnets 1989ХХ
124478 Loss D., Schoeller H. A New Quantum Statistical Evaluation Method for Time Correlation Functions 1989ХХ
124521 Murilo P., de Oliveira C., Barreto F.C.S. Renormalization Group Studies of the Ashkin-Teiler Model 1989ХХ
124538 Sokal A.D., Thomas L.E. Exponential Convergence to Equilibrium for a Class of Random-Walk Models 1989ХХ
124568 Staaden U., Fahnle M. Comment on the Calculation of Thermal Averages by Long-Time Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
124571 Papatriantafillou C., Issigoni M.E., Paraskevaidis C.E. Influence of Disorder on the Interface Sharpness of an Ising Ferromagnetic System 1989ХХ
124581 Nielaba P., Lebowitz J.L., Spohn H. Behavior of a Quantum Particle in Contact with a Classical Heat Bath 1989ХХ
124602 Dufty J.W., Boercker D.B. Classical and Quantum Kinetic Equations with Exact Conservation Laws 1989ХХ
124701 Krieg R., Schmitt K.-J., Toepffer C. m-Particle Correlations in the N-Particle McKean Model 1989ХХ
124709 Yip S. Commentary on the Self-Consistent Mode-Coupling Approximation 1989ХХ
124710 Lopez de Haro M. Chapman-Enskog Velocity Distribution for Tracer Diffusion 1989ХХ
124714 Aslangul C., Bouchaud J.-P., Georges A. Exact Results and Self-Averaging Properties for Random-Random Walks on a One-Dimensional Infinite Lattice 1989ХХ
124724 Fifteenth West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1989ХХ
124763 Felderhof B.U., Cichocki B. Generalization of the Foidy-Lax Formula for the Self-Energy of a Wave Propagating in a Disordered System of Scatterers 1989ХХ
124764 Tejero C. F. Zero-Frequency Elastic Moduli of Uniform Fluids 1989ХХ
124813 Lebowitz J.L. Editors' Preface 1989ХХ
124829 Madras N., Orlitsky A., Shepp L. A. Monte Carlo Generation of Self-Avoiding Walks with Fixed Endpoints and Fixed Length 1989ХХ
124831 Kincaid J.M., Shon K.B. New Methods for Calculating the Dew/Bubble Curves of Classical Model Fluids 1989ХХ
124840 Gaives A., Martinelli F. Large-Density Fluctuations for the One-Dimensional Supercritical Contact Process 1989ХХ
124847 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
124869 Dudynski M. On the Linearized Relativistic Boltzmann Equation. II. Existence of Hydrodynamics 1989ХХ
124894 Pandey R.B. Computer Simulation of a Cellular Automata Model for the Immune Response in a Retrovirus System 1989ХХ
124897 Collet P., Lesne A. Renormalization Group Analysis of Some Dynamical Systems with Noise 1989ХХ
124933 Poland D. The Kinetics of Adsorption to a One-Dimensional Lattice with Nearest-Neighbor Exclusion: A Series Expansion Study 1989ХХ
124940 Grcenberg W., Polewczak J. A Global Existence Theorem for the Nonlinear BGK Equation 1989ХХ

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