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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122618 Holley R. Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities and Stochastic Ising Models 1987ХХ
122634 Ding E.J., Hemmer P.C. Exact Treatment of Mode Locking for a Piecewise Linear Map 1987ХХ
122656 Hubmer G.F., Hubmer U.M. The Onsager-Casimir Relations Revisited 1987ХХ
122671 Ernst M.H. Time-Dependent Correlation Functions for Random Walks on Bond Disordered Cubic Lattices 1987ХХ
122737 Costa U.M.S., Herrmann H.J. Energy Transport in a Cellular Automaton 1987ХХ
122753 Ladd A.J.C., Alley W.E., Alder B.J. Structural Relaxation in Dense Hard-Sphere Fluids 1987ХХ
122801 Lee T.D. Difference Equations and Conservation Laws 1987ХХ
122848 Budimir J. On the Relationship Between T_1 and T_2 for Stochastic Relaxation Models 1987ХХ
122869 Maresehai M., Kestemont E. Order and Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Two-Dimensional Fluids 1987ХХ
122922 Heath D. L., Percus J. K. How Thick Is a Liquid-Vapor Interface? 1987ХХ
122931 Bonilla L. L., Casado J. M., Morillo M. Corrigendum to Self-Synchronization of Populations of Nonlinear Oscillators in the Thermodynamic Limit 1987ХХ
122954 Kuniba A., Yajima T. Local State Probabilities for Solvable Restricted Solid-on-Solid Models: A_n, D_n, D^(1)_n, and A^(1)_n 1987ХХ
122967 De Masi A., Ferrari P.A., Lebowitz J.L. Errata: Reaction-Diffusion Equations for Interacting Particle Systems 1987ХХ
122973 Pacault A., Ouyang Q., De Kepper P. Bistable and Oscillating Chemical Reactions 1987ХХ
122981 Constantinescu F., Felder G., Gawedzki K. Analyticity of Density of States in a Gauge-Invariant Model for Disordered Electronic Systems 1987ХХ
123022 Erik Aurell Errata: On the Metric Properties of the Feigenbaum Attractor 1987ХХ
123053 Charles M. Newman Another Critical Exponent Inequality for Percolation: beta> 2/delta 1987ХХ
123083 Forgacs G., Luck J. M. Exact Critical Behavior of Two-Dimensional Wetting Problems with Quenched Disorder 1987ХХ
123103 University of California, Berkeley, California 13th West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1987ХХ
123107 Gerhard C. Hegerfeidt, Henrik Schulze Quantum Shot Noise: Expansions in Powers Pulse Density 1987ХХ
123130 Gates D. J. Growth and Decrescence of Two-Dimensional Crystals: A Markov Rate Process 1987ХХ
123140 Janis V. Diagrammatic Expansion and Metastability in the Random-Field Ising Model 1987ХХ
123149 Borgs C., Nill F. The Phase Diagram of the Abelian Lattice Higgs Model. A Review of Rigorous Results 1987ХХ
123205 Bilaibegovic G., Svrakie N.M. Interfacial Free Energy of the Two-Dimensional lsing Model from the Renormalization Group 1987ХХ
123218 Owczarek A.L., Baxter R.J. A Class of Interaction-Round-a-Face Models and Its Equivalence with an Ice-Type Model 1987ХХ
123241 Australian National University, Canberra Program of Australian Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1987ХХ
123288 Hansel D., Maillard J.M., Oitmaa J. Analytical Properties of the Anisotropic Cubic Ising Model 1987ХХ
123313 Moshe Schwartz, Ram Brustein From Lagrangian to Brownian Motion 1987ХХ
123346 Nieuwenhuizen Th.M., Luck J.M. Lifshitz Singularities in Random Harmonic Chains: Periodic Amplitudes near the Band Edge and near Special Frequencies 1987ХХ
123352 Davies B. Yang-Baxter and Other Relations for Free-Fermion and lsing Models 1987ХХ
123360 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Fluctuations in Coagulating Systems 1987ХХ
123373 Batchelor M.T., Barber M.N., Pearce P.A. Bethe Ansatz Calculations for the Eight-Vertex Model on a Finite Strip 1987ХХ
123395 Streater R.F. A Boltzmann Map for Quantum Oscillators 1987ХХ
123407 Saleur H., Itzykson C. Two-Dimensional Field Theories Close to Criticality 1987ХХ
123412 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
123420 Vidal C. Experimental Study of Traveling Waves and Target Patterns in Oscillatory Reacting Media 1987ХХ
123465 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
123478 Dan C. Radulescu, Daniel F. Styer The Dobrushin-Shlosman Phase Uniqueness Criterion and Applications to Hard Squares 1987ХХ
123534 Ryter D. Noise-Induced Transitions in a Double-Well Potential at Low Friction 1987ХХ
123553 Lebowitz J.L., Schonmann R.H. On the Asymptotics of Occurrence Times of Rare Events for Stochastic Spin Systems 1987ХХ
123565 Book Review: An Introduction to Percolation Theory 1987ХХ
123583 Marchetti M.C., Kirkpatrick T.R., Dorfman J.R. Hydrodynamic Theory of Electron Transport in a Strong Magnetic Field 1987ХХ
123602 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1987ХХ
123647 Torney D., Goldstein B. Rates of Diffusion-Limited Reaction in Periodic Systems 1987ХХ
123671 Achilles M., Bendisch J. Metastable States in Homogeneous Ising Models 1987ХХ
123740 Fonk Y., Hilhorst H.J. Ground-State and Quenched-State Properties of a One-Dimensional Interacting Lattice Gas in a Random Potential 1987ХХ
123746 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
123768 van Kampen N.G. Intrinsic Fluctuations in Explosive Reactions 1987ХХ
123776 Hara T. A Rigorous Control of Logarithmic Corrections in Four-Dimensional (ф)^4 Spin Systems. II. Critical Behavior of Susceptibility and Correlation Length 1987ХХ
123825 Ta|kner P., Freidkin E. Discrete Dynamics and Metastability: Mean First Passage Times and Escape Rates 1987ХХ

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