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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121425 Borckmans P., Dewel G., Walgraef D. The Search for Turing Structures 1987ХХ
121448 Livi R., Pettini M., Ruffa S. Chaotic Behavior in Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems and Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics 1987ХХ
121489 Duplantier B. Critical Exponents of Manhattan Hamiltonian Walks in Two Dimensions, from Potts and O(n) Models 1987ХХ
121501 Murmann M.G. The Hydrodynamic Limit of a One-Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Gradient System 1987ХХ
121517 Kesten H., Zhang Y. Strict Inequalities for Some Critical Exponents in Two-Dimensional Percolation 1987ХХ
121529 Zhabotinsky A.M., Rovinsky A.B. Mechanism and Nonlinear Dynamics of an Oscillating Chemical Reaction 1987ХХ
121544 Kottalam J., West B. Analogy Between the Lorenz Strange Attractor and a Bistable Stochastic Oscillator 1987ХХ
121545 Kottalam J., West B., Lindenberg K. Extension of Statistical Replacement to Systems with Time-Correlated Fluctuations 1987ХХ
121556 Lebowitz J.L. Programs of the 56th and 57th Statistical Mechanics Meetings 1987ХХ
121575 Balazs N.L., Schmit C., Voros A. Spectral Fluctuations and Zeta Functions 1987ХХ
121581 Szasz D. A Dynamical Theory of Brownian Motion for the Rayleigh Gas 1987ХХ
121618 Henin F., Jeener J. Star-Unitary Transformations As a Tool in Single-Atom Pulse Spectroscopy 1987ХХ
121646 Valles J.L., Marro J. Nonequilibrium Second-Order Phase Transitions in Stochastic Lattice Systems: A Finite-Size Scaling Analysis in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
121670 Coninck J.D. Gaussian Fluctuations for the Magnetization of Lee-Yang Ferromagnets at Zero External Field 1987ХХ
121792 Jancovici B., Macris N., Martin Ph.A. Time-Dependent Correlations for a One-Component Plasma in a Uniform Magnetic Field 1987ХХ
121815 B. Sriram Shastry Decorated Star-Triangle Relations and Exact Integrability of the One-Dimensional Hubbard Model 1987ХХ
121916 Mario Feingold, Leo P. Kadanoff Passive Scalars, Three-Dimensional Volume-Preserving Maps, and Chaos 1987ХХ
121923 Aizenman M., Chayes J. T. Discontinuity of the Magnetization in One-Dimensional 1/Ix _y|^2 Ising and Potts Models 1987ХХ
121929 V. Privman Restoration of Universality for the Rod-to-Coil Transition Scaling in the Infinite-Dimensionality Limit: Exact Results for Directed Walks 1987ХХ
121932 Lam P. M. A Percolation Approach to the Kauffman Model 1987ХХ
121948 Marro J., Valles J. L. Nonequilibrium Discontinuous Phase Transitions in a Fast Ionic Conductor Model: Coexistence and Spinodal Lines 1987ХХ
121957 O. F. de Aleantara Bonfim Monte Carlo Study of Tricritical Dynamics in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
121981 Hubmer G. F., Titulaer U. M. Onsager-Casimir Symmetry Properties of the Burnett Equations 1987ХХ
121991 Fedchenia I. I. A Two-Dimensional Fokker-Pianek Equation Degenerating on a Straight Line 1987ХХ
122015 Misra B. Fields as Kolmogorov Flows 1987ХХ
122058 Szulga J., Woyezynski W.A., Ycart B. The Phase Transition in a One-Dimensional Lattice of Axisymmetric Bodies 1987ХХ
122068 Chen Y.-C. A New Method for Quantum Processes in Fermionic Heat Baths 1987ХХ
122072 Kholopov E.V. Melting of Microinclusions Close Packed in an Elastic Matrix 1987ХХ
122102 Fritz J. On the Hydrodynamic Limit of a One-Dimensional Ginzburg-Landau Lattice Model. The a Priori Bounds 1987ХХ
122128 Tejero C.F. One-Dimensional lnhomogeneous Ising Model: A New Approach 1987ХХ
122136 Breen S. Large-Order Estimates for Ground-State Energy Perturbation Series 1987ХХ
122137 Kondo K.-i. More Correlation Inequalities for a Class of Even Ferromagnets 1987ХХ
122138 Noskowicz S.H., Goidhirsch I. Distribution Functions for Random Walk Processes on Networks: An Analytic Method 1987ХХ
122140 Dunning-Davies J., Landsberg P.T. Problems of Nonextensivity in Hadron Thermodynamics 1987ХХ
122168 Eckmann J.-P., Wittwer P. A Complete Proof of the Feigenbaum Conjectures 1987ХХ
122180 Gawedzki K., Kotecky R., Kupiainen A. Coarse-Graining Approach to First-Order Phase Transitions 1987ХХ
122248 PaI Rujan Cellular Automata and Statistical Mechanical Models 1987ХХ
122284 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. On the Dielectric Susceptibility of Classical Coulomb Systems. II 1987ХХ
122303 Dale A.F., Vails O.T. The Role of Dimensionality in the Kinetic Ising Model of Spinodal Decomposition: Evidence from Zero-Temperature Quenches 1987ХХ
122338 Angel Alastuey Mean Field Kinetic Theory of a Classical Electron Gas in a Periodic Potential. II. Qualitative Analysis of the Mean-Field Solution in One Dimension 1987ХХ
122339 Neal Madras, Alan D. Sokal Nonergodicity of Local, Length-Conserving Monte Carlo Algorithms for the Self-Avoiding Walk 1987ХХ
122343 Book Review: Evolution, Games, and Learning 1987ХХ
122356 Pablo A. Ferrari Invariance Principle for a Solid-on-Solid Interface Model 1987ХХ
122416 Ben-Avraham D. Discrete Fluctuations and Their Influence on Kinetics of Reactions 1987ХХ
122479 Schlogl F. Addendum: The Variance of Information Loss as a Characteristic Quantity of Dynamical Chaos 1987ХХ
122493 Aizenstadt V.V., Malyshev V.A. Spin Interaction with an Ideal Fermi Gas 1987ХХ
122507 Stadje W. The Exact Probability Distribution of a Two-Dimensional Random Walk 1987ХХ
122551 Gorecki J., Gryko J. The Adiabatic Thermal Explosion in a Small System: Comparison of the Stochastic Approach with the Molecular Dynamics Simulation 1987ХХ
122561 Goldstein S. Stochastic Mechanics and Quantum Theory 1987ХХ
122574 Maier R. Bounds on the Density of States of Random Schrodinger Operators 1987ХХ

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