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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
78704 Jolivet P., Verma K.K. Fascinating Insects: Some Aspects of Insect Life 2005ХХ
41106 Jolley D.W. (Ed) North Atlantic Igneous Province: Stratigraphy, Tectonic, Volcanic and Magmatic Processes 2002ХХ
111 Jolley L.B. Summation of Series 1961 ХХХ
6225 Jolliffe I.T., Stephenson D.B. Forecast verification 2003ХХ
12919 Jolliffe I.T. Principal Component Analysis 2002 ХХХ
57509 Jolly A. Innovation: Harnessing Creativity for Business Growth 2003ХХ
56846 Jolly A. The Growing Business Handbook 2008 ХХХ
59231 Jolly A., Philpott J. The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management: Developing, Managing and Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property 2007ХХ
58233 Jolly A. (ed.) The Secure Online Business: E-Commerce, IT Functionality and Business Continuity 2003 ХХХ
188224 Jolly C., Sattentau Q., Pohlmann S. Viral Entry into Host Cells 2013ХХ
46390 Jolly W.L. (ed.) Inorganic Synthesis. Volume 11 1968ХХ
48748 Jolyon M.de Freitas Digital Filter Design Solutions 2005ХХ
175743 Jomo K., Felker G., Rasiah R. Industrial Technology Development in Malaysia: Industry and Firm Studies (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia) 1999ХХ
135608 Jon Duckett Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) 2009ХХ
134643 Jon Elster Explaining Technical Change: A Case Study in the Philosophy of Science (Studies in Rationality and Social Change) 1983 ХХХ
48696 Jon Lang Urban Design: A Typology of Procedures and Products 2005ХХ
134098 Jon Lorsch Translation Initiation: Cell Biology, High-throughput and Chemical-based Approaches 2007 ХХХ
48714 Jon.Grossman Analysis of Air-Based Mechanization and Vertical Envelopment Concepts and Technologies 2001ХХ
128420 Jona-Lasinio G., Seneor R. Journal of Statistical Physics. Volume 83 (є5/6 1996). Study of Stochastic Differential Equations by Constructive Methods. I 1996ХХ
57647 Jonah C.D., Rao B.C.M. Radiation Chemistry, Volume 87: Present Status and Future Trends 2001 ХХХ
157236 Jonassen D.H., Harris P. Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology 2003 ХХХ
134091 Jonassen I., Kim J. Algorithms in Bioinformatics: 4th International Workshop, WABI 2004, Bergen, Norway, September 17-21, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
32107 Jonasz M., Fournier G. Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations 2007ХХ
32197 Jonasz M., Fournier J. Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations 2007ХХ
151049 Jonatha M. Gott RNA Interference, Editing, and Modification: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2004 ХХХ
122198 Jonathan C. Mattingly The Dissipative Scale of the Stochastics NavierЦStokes Equation: Regularization and Analyticity 2002ХХ
125993 Jonathan C. Mattingly, Toufic M. Suidan The Small Scales of the Stochastic NavierЦStokes Equations Under Rough Forcing 2004ХХ
194478 Jonathan D. H. Smith An introduction to quasigroups and their representations 2007 ХХХ
154588 Jonathan Ewbank, Eric Vivier Innate Immunity 2007 ХХХ
56908 Jonathan Hughes Ecology and Historical Materialism 2000 ХХХ
128775 Jonathan L. Gross, Jay Yellen Handbook of graph theory 2003 ХХХ
135821 Jonathan M. Borwein, Jon D. Vanderwerff Convex Functions: Constructions, Characterizations and Counterexamples (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) 2010ХХ
150318 Jonathan M. Borwein, William M. Farmer Mathematical Knowledge Management: 5th International Conference, MKM 2006, Wokingham, UK, August 11-12, 2006, Proceedings 2006 ХХХ
122253 Jonathan Machta, Raymond Greenlaw The Computational Complexity of Generating Random Fractals 1995ХХ
121940 Jonathan Maehta, Raymond Greenlaw The Parallel Complexity of Growth Models 1994ХХ
134516 Jonathan P. Bowen, Michael G. Hinchey, David Till ZUM'97: The Z Formal Specification Notation: 10th International Conference of Z Users, Reading, UK, April, 3-4, 1997, Proceedings 1997 ХХХ
134152 Jonathan R. Partington Linear operators and linear systems: An analytical approach to control theory 2004ХХ
133301 Jonathan Schaeffer, Martin Muller, Yngvi Bjornsson Computers and Games: Third International Conference, CG 2002, Edmonton, Canada, July 25-27, 2002, Revised Papers 2003 ХХХ
14055 Jones A. C# Programmer's Cookbook 2004ХХ
15565 Jones A., Macdonald M., Rajan R. Visual C# 2005 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach 2006ХХ
19219 Jones A., Ohlund J. Network Programming for Microsoft Windows 2002 ХХХ
23381 Jones A., Ohlund J., Olson L. Network Programming for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2004ХХ
22779 Jones A., Ohlund J. Network Programming for Microsoft Windows 1999ХХ
48964 Jones A. Chemistry: An Introduction for Medical and Health Sciences 2005 ХХХ
152899 Jones A., Gray A., Hutton R. Manifolds and Mechanics 1987ХХ
154445 Jones A., Stephens R., Plew R. SQL Functions Programmer's Reference 2005ХХ
177355 Jones A. String Theory For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)) 2010ХХ
178484 Jones A. Environmental Biology 1997ХХ
188012 Jones A., Stephens R., Plew R. SQL Functions Programmer's Reference 2005ХХ

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