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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
196296 J.W. McPherson Reliability Physics and Engineering: Time-To-Failure Modeling 2010 ХХХ
196159 J.W. Muchow Core J2ME Technology 2001ХХ
195898 J.W. Park, Tag-Gon Kim, Yun-Bae Kim AsiaSim 2007: Asia Simulation Conference 2007, Seoul, Korea, October 10-12, 2007, Proceedings (Communications in Computer and Information Science) 2008ХХ
196426 J.Wiedermann, G. Tel, J. Pokorny, M.Bielikova, J. Stuller SOFSEM 2006: Theory and Practice of Computer Science: 32nd Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Merin, Czech Republic, ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2006ХХ
152812 Jaakko Hintikka Philosophy of Mathematics 1969ХХ
117392 Jaakko Hintikka Aspects of Inductive Logic 1966ХХ
19765 Jaakkola H. Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XIV 2003ХХ
29380 Jaakkola H. (ed.), Kiyoki Y. (ed.) Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XV, Vol. 105 2004ХХ
177221 Jaatun M., Zhao G., Rong C. Cloud Computing: First International Conference, CloudCom 2009, Beijing, China, December 1-4, 2009, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science ... Networks and Telecommunications) 2009ХХ
119549 Jabin P.-E. The VlasovЦPoisson System with Infinite Mass and Energy 2001ХХ
126512 Jablan S., Sazdanovic R. LinKnot: knot theory by computer 2007ХХ
193943 Jablan S., Sazdanovic R. Linknot: Knot Theory by Computer (Series on Knots and Everything) 2007ХХ
33811 Jablan S.V. Symmetry, Ornament and Modularity 2002ХХ
189127 Jablonka E., Lamb M. Evolution in Four Dimensions: Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life 2005ХХ
156840 Jablonka E., Lamb M. Evolution in Four Dimensions: Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology) 2005ХХ
80649 Jablonsk S. T-34/85 2006ХХ
48153 Jablonski R., Turkowski M., Szewczyk R. Recent Advances in Mechatronics 2007 ХХХ
50470 Jablonski S. Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations Book 2004 ХХХ
199750 Jaboyedoff M. Slope tectonics 2011ХХ
170682 Jabri Y. The Mountain Pass Theorem: Variants, Generalizations and Some Applications (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) 2003ХХ
163714 Jabri Y. The mountain pass theorem. Variants, generalizations and some applications 2003ХХ
35105 Jabri Y., Rota G.C. (Ed) The Mountain Pass Theorems: Variants, Generalizations and some Applications 2003 ХХХ
123457 Jacco H. Snoeijer, van Leeuwen J. M. J. Force Relaxation in the q -Model for Granular Media 2002ХХ
48710 Jacek F.Gieras Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless Machines 2008ХХ
121214 Jacek Miekisz The Global Minimum of Energy Is Not Always a Sum of Local Minima--A Note on Frustration 1991ХХ
125619 Jacek Polewczak, William Greenberg Some Remarks about Continuity Properties of Local Maxweilians and an Existence Theorem for the BGK Model of the Boltzmann Equation 1983ХХ
120447 Jacek Polewczak, George Stell Transport Coefficients in Some Stochastic Models of the Revised Enskog Equation 2002ХХ
125086 Jacek Wojtkiewicz, Andreas Klumper Distribution of Energies for the Two-Dimensional Ising Model 1999ХХ
125059 Jacek Wojtkiewicz Stability of Ground States of 2d Strongly Asymmetric Correlated-Hopping Hubbard Model 2003ХХ
136663 Jacimovic M. (ed.) The International Conference Nonlinear analysis and optimization problems October 6-10, 2008, Budva, Montenegro 2009ХХ
199727 Jack B. Kuipers Quaternions 1999ХХ
154250 Jack Burnham Beyond Modern Sculpture: the Effects of Science and Technology on the Sculpture of the Century 1969ХХ
55825 Jack G., Phipps A. Tourism And Intercultural Exchange: Why Tourism Matters 2005ХХ
108891 Jack H. Dynamic system modeling and control 2004ХХ
109961 Jack H. Dynamic Systems Modeling and Control 2003ХХ
56857 Jack K. Instant Access 2008ХХ
75283 Jack K. Video Demystified. Handbook for the Digital Engineer 2005 ХХХ
50090 Jack K. Video Demystified. A Handbook for the Digital Engineer 2007 ХХХ
9597 Jack K. A handbook for the digital engineer. Video demystified 2001 ХХХ
179882 Jack K., Tsatsoulin V. Dictionary of Video & Television Technology 2002ХХ
133311 Jack Ralph Kloppenburg Jr. First the Seed: The Political Economy of Plant Biotechnology (Science and Technology in Society) 2005 ХХХ
23257 Jack T. CCNP: Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks Study Guide (642-811) 2003ХХ
131365 Jack W. Dini Electrodeposition. The Materials Science of Coatings and Substrates 1994 ХХХ
103337 Jacka S. Stochastics and stochastics report 1997ХХ
109421 Jackendoff R.S., Bloom P., Wynn K. Language, Logic And Concepts 2002ХХ
109705 Jackendoff R.S. (Ed.), Bloom P. (Ed.), Wynn K. (Ed.) Language, Logic And Concepts 2002ХХ
50803 Jackiw R. Functional evaluation of the effective potential 1974ХХ
6423 Jackiw R. Schroedinger picture for boson and fermion quantum field theories 1988ХХ
6422 Jackiw R. Quantum meaning of classical field theory 1977ХХ

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