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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123557 Bauke H., Mertens S. Pseudo Random Coins Show More Heads Than Tails 2004ХХ
123594 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123614 Molchan G., Khokhlov A. Small Values of the Maximum for the Integral of Fractional Brownian Motion 2004ХХ
123621 De Masi A., Gobron T. Liquid-Vapor Interfaces and Surface Tension in a Mesoscopic Model of Fluid with Nonlocal Interactions 2004ХХ
123634 Ciliberti S., Marinari E. A Quantitative Clustering Approach to Ultrametricity in Spin Glasses 2004ХХ
123652 Biskup M., Borgs C. Partition Function Zeros at First-Order Phase Transitions: PirogovЦSinai Theory 2004ХХ
123659 Dobrovolny C., Laanait L., Ruiz J. Surface Transitions of the Semi-Infinite Potts Model II: The Low Bulk Temperature Regime 2004ХХ
123677 Miekisz J. Stochastic Stability in Spatial Games 2004ХХ
123680 Contucci P. Monotonicity and Thermodynamic Limit for Short Range Disordered Models 2004ХХ
123681 Pugh C., Shub M. Partial Differentiability of Invariant Splittings 2004ХХ
123693 Montei T. A Counter-Example to the Theorem of Hiemer and Snurnikov 2004ХХ
123727 Gier J., Nienhuis B. The Raise and Peel Model of a Fluctuating Interface 2004ХХ
123749 Baxter R.J. Transfer Matrix Functional Relations for the Generalized τ2(tq) Model 2004ХХ
123758 Romito M. Ergodicity of the Finite Dimensional Approximation of the 3D NavierЦStokes Equations Forced by a Degenerate Noise 2004ХХ
123764 Lefevere R., Schenkel A. Perturbative Analysis of Anharmonic Chains of Oscillators Out of Equilibrium 2004ХХ
123778 Jackson R.K., Weinstein M.I. Geometric Analysis of Bifurcation and Symmetry Breaking in a GrossЦPitaevskii Equation 2004ХХ
123789 Albeverio S., Mazzucchi S. Some New Developments in the Theory of Path Integrals, with Applications to Quantum Theory 2004ХХ
123804 Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123815 Dmitry Ostrovsky Limit Lognormal Multifractal as an Exponential Functional 2004ХХ
123852 Jakob Yngvason Elliott Lieb and the Art of Mathematical Physics 2004ХХ
123867 Toral R. On the Nonextensivity of the Long Range X-Y Model 2004ХХ
123883 Benjamin Lindner Moments of the First Passage Time under External Driving 2004ХХ
123905 Freidlin M. Some Remarks on the SmoluchowskiЦKramers Approximation 2004ХХ
123931 Nambu Y. Spontaneous Breaking of Lie and Current Algebras 2004ХХ
123934 Kuksin S. The Eulerian Limit for 2D Statistical Hydrodynamics 2004ХХ
123938 Benfatto G., Mastropietro V. Ward Identities and Vanishing of the Beta Function for d =1 Interacting Fermi Systems 2004ХХ
123939 Bach V., Moller J. Correlation at Low Temperature: II. Asymptotics 2004ХХ
123946 Chang S.-C., Jacobsen J. Exact Potts Model Partition Functions for Strips of the Triangular Lattice 2004ХХ
123963 Jancovici B. Microscopic Calculation of the Dielectric Susceptibility Tensor for Coulomb Fluids II 2004ХХ
124008 Kupferman R. Fractional Kinetics in KacЦZwanzig Heat Bath Models 2004ХХ
124013 Derrida B., Enaud C., Lebowitz J.L. The Asymmetric Exclusion Process and Brownian Excursions 2004ХХ
124030 Xuguang Lu On Isotropic Distributional Solutions to the Boltzmann Equation for Bose-Einstein Particles 2004ХХ
124060 De Sanctis L., Isopi M. On the ССMatrix ApproachТТ to Interacting Particle Systems 2004ХХ
124087 Akira Sakai Mean-Field Behavior for the Survival Probability and the Percolation Point-to-Surface Connectivity 2004ХХ
124090 Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Christina Forster, Harald A. Posch Lyapunov Modes in Hard-Disk Systems 2004ХХ
124125 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2004ХХ
124127 Chabanol M.-L., Duchon J. Markovian Solutions of Inviscid Burgers Equation 2004ХХ
124208 Albert Reiner Infinite Compressibility States in the Hierarchical Reference Theory of Fluids. I. Analytical Considerations 2004ХХ
124247 Cipriani P., Politi A. An Open-System Approach for the Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Chaos 2004ХХ
124259 Reich H., Schmidt M. Replica Density Functional Study of One-Dimensional Hard Core Fluids in Porous Media 2004ХХ
124330 Balinsky A., Laptev A. Generalized Hardy Inequality for the Magnetic Dirichlet Forms 2004ХХ
124331 Ueltschi D. Segregation in the Asymmetric Hubbard Model 2004ХХ
124345 Orlandini E., Stella A.L. Loose, Flat Knots in Collapsed Polymers 2004ХХ
124353 Narnhofer H., Thirring W. On the Relation between Strong Subadditivity and Entanglement 2004ХХ
124368 Benedetto D., Castella F. Some Considerations on the Derivation of the Nonlinear Quantum Boltzmann Equation 2004ХХ
124373 Bianchi A., Contucci P. Stochastically Stable Quenched Measures 2004ХХ
124412 Heilmann O. Exact Solution of 1D Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Variable Cluster Size 2004ХХ
124435 Dudnikova T.V., Komech A.I., Mauser N.J. On Two-Temperature Problem for Harmonic Crystals 2004ХХ
124436 Derrida B., Enaud C., Landim C. Fluctuations in the Weakly Asymmetric Exclusion Process with Open Boundary Conditions 2004ХХ
124440 Di Castro C., Raimondi R. Renormalization Group and Ward Identities in Quantum Liquid Phases and in Unconventional Critical Phenomena 2004ХХ

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