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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122766 Baake M., Lowe M. Comment on: Curious Properties of Simple Random Walks 2004ХХ
122786 Biskup M., Chayes L., Kotecky R. A Proof of the GibbsЦThomson Formula in the Droplet Formation Regime 2004ХХ
122805 Kager W., Nienhuis B., Kadanoff L.P. Exact Solutions for Loewner Evolutions 2004ХХ
122814 Ciccotti G. Simulation of a Diatomic Liquid Using Hard Spheres Model 2004ХХ
122825 Dyson F. ElliottТs World: From Square Ice to Cubic Jellium 2004ХХ
122951 Samaj L. Is the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma Exactly Solvable? 2004ХХ
123033 Lynden-Bell D., Lynden-Bell R. M. Relaxation to a Perpetually Pulsating Equilibrium 2004ХХ
123061 Baxter R.J. The Six and Eight-Vertex Models Revisited 2004ХХ
123081 Book Review: Entropy 2004ХХ
123082 Kenneth S. Alexander, Marek Biskup, Lincoln Chayes Colligative Properties of Solutions: I. Fixed Concentrations 2004ХХ
123151 Jancovici B., Téllez G. Charge Fluctuations for a Coulomb Fluid in a Disk on a Pseudosphere 2004ХХ
123160 Nozières Ph. Can a Metal-Insulator Transition Induce s-Wave Superconductivity? 2004ХХ
123164 Bardos C., Golse F., Gottlieb A.D. Accuracy of the Time-Dependent HartreeЦFock Approximation for Uncorrelated Initial States 2004ХХ
123260 Dotsenko V. Infinite Range Interaction Model of a Structural Glass 2004ХХ
123307 L. Samaj, J. Wagner, P. Kalinay Translation Symmetry Breaking in the One-Component Plasma on the Cylinder 2004ХХ
123331 Gérard G. Emch Interactive Modelling 2004ХХ
123341 Gruber C., Pache S., Lesne A. On the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Piston Problem 2004ХХ
123347 Gesztesy F., Simon B. Connectedness of the Isospectral Manifold for One-Dimensional Half-Line Schrödinger Operators 2004ХХ
123351 Swendsen R.H. Response to NagleТs Criticism of My Proposed Definition of the Entropy 2004ХХ
123369 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123379 Eizenberg A., Kifer Y. Large Deviations for Probabilistic Cellular Automata II 2004ХХ
123387 de Aguiar M.A.M. Invasion and Extinction in the Mean Field Approximation for a Spatial Host-Pathogen Model 2004ХХ
123424 Fiala J., Kleban P. Thermodynamics of the Farey Fraction Spin Chain 2004ХХ
123429 de Zárate J.M.O., Sengers J.V. On the Physical Origin of Long-Ranged Fluctuations in Fluids in Thermal Nonequilibrium States 2004ХХ
123497 Elcio Lebensztayn, Fabio P. Machado, Serguei Popov An Improved Upper Bound for the Critical Probability of the Frog Model on Homogeneous Trees 2004ХХ
123517 Donald St. P. Richards Total Positivity Properties of Generalized Hypergeometric Functions of Matrix Argument 2004ХХ
123532 Netocny K., Redig F. Large Deviations for Quantum Spin Systems 2004ХХ
123557 Bauke H., Mertens S. Pseudo Random Coins Show More Heads Than Tails 2004ХХ
123594 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123614 Molchan G., Khokhlov A. Small Values of the Maximum for the Integral of Fractional Brownian Motion 2004ХХ
123621 De Masi A., Gobron T. Liquid-Vapor Interfaces and Surface Tension in a Mesoscopic Model of Fluid with Nonlocal Interactions 2004ХХ
123634 Ciliberti S., Marinari E. A Quantitative Clustering Approach to Ultrametricity in Spin Glasses 2004ХХ
123652 Biskup M., Borgs C. Partition Function Zeros at First-Order Phase Transitions: PirogovЦSinai Theory 2004ХХ
123659 Dobrovolny C., Laanait L., Ruiz J. Surface Transitions of the Semi-Infinite Potts Model II: The Low Bulk Temperature Regime 2004ХХ
123677 Miekisz J. Stochastic Stability in Spatial Games 2004ХХ
123680 Contucci P. Monotonicity and Thermodynamic Limit for Short Range Disordered Models 2004ХХ
123681 Pugh C., Shub M. Partial Differentiability of Invariant Splittings 2004ХХ
123693 Montei T. A Counter-Example to the Theorem of Hiemer and Snurnikov 2004ХХ
123727 Gier J., Nienhuis B. The Raise and Peel Model of a Fluctuating Interface 2004ХХ
123749 Baxter R.J. Transfer Matrix Functional Relations for the Generalized τ2(tq) Model 2004ХХ
123758 Romito M. Ergodicity of the Finite Dimensional Approximation of the 3D NavierЦStokes Equations Forced by a Degenerate Noise 2004ХХ
123764 Lefevere R., Schenkel A. Perturbative Analysis of Anharmonic Chains of Oscillators Out of Equilibrium 2004ХХ
123778 Jackson R.K., Weinstein M.I. Geometric Analysis of Bifurcation and Symmetry Breaking in a GrossЦPitaevskii Equation 2004ХХ
123789 Albeverio S., Mazzucchi S. Some New Developments in the Theory of Path Integrals, with Applications to Quantum Theory 2004ХХ
123804 Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123815 Dmitry Ostrovsky Limit Lognormal Multifractal as an Exponential Functional 2004ХХ
123852 Jakob Yngvason Elliott Lieb and the Art of Mathematical Physics 2004ХХ
123867 Toral R. On the Nonextensivity of the Long Range X-Y Model 2004ХХ
123883 Benjamin Lindner Moments of the First Passage Time under External Driving 2004ХХ
123905 Freidlin M. Some Remarks on the SmoluchowskiЦKramers Approximation 2004ХХ

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