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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
173863 Iorio R., Iorio V. Fourier analysis and partial differential equations: An Introduction 2001ХХ
172645 Iosifidis P. Public Television in the Digital Era: Technological Challenges and New Strategies for Europe 2007ХХ
141818 Iosifidis P. Public Television in the Digital Era: Technological Challenges and New Strategies for Europe 2007ХХ
183542 Iovine J. PIC Projects for Non-Programmers 2012ХХ
23714 Iovine J. PIC Robotics: A BeginnerТs Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro 2005ХХ
26822 Iovine J. Robots, Androids and Animatrons, Second Edition: 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build 2001 ХХХ
22661 Iozzo R.V. Proteoglycans: Structure, Biology and Molecular Interactions 2000ХХ
160598 Ip H., Smeulders A. Multimedia Information Analysis and Retrieval: IAPR International Workshop, MINAR '98, Hong Kong, China, August 13-14, 1998. Proceedings 1998ХХ
41112 Ip W.- H. (Ed) Advances in Geosciences: Planetary Science, Vol. 7 2007ХХ
40192 Ip W.-H., Park M. Advances in Geosciences: Hydrological Science, Vol. 6 2007ХХ
40190 Ip W.-H., Chen Y.-T. Advances in Geosciences Volume 1: Solid Earth (SE) 2006ХХ
40189 Ip W.-H., Duldig M. Advanced in Geosciences, V2: Solar Terrestrial(St) 2006ХХ
40194 Ip W.-H. (Ed), Duldig M. (Ed) Advances in Geosciences: Solar Terrestrial, Vol. 8 2007ХХ
29685 Ipatov V.P. Spread Spectrum and CDMA: Principles and Applications 2005ХХ
49439 Ipsen D.C. Units, Dimensions, and Dimensionless Numbers 1960ХХ
80648 Iqbal M. Science and Islam 2007ХХ
139688 Iqbal M. The Development of Metaphysics in Persia a Contribution to the History of Muslim Philosophy 2005ХХ
77069 Iqtidar Alam Khan Historical Dictionary of Medieval India 2008ХХ
18468 Iqubal K. (ed.), Sisodia S.S. (ed.), Winblad B. (ed.) Alzheimer's Disease : Advances in Etiology, Pathogenesis and Therapeutics 2001ХХ
50026 Ira R.Berry, Robert P.Martin The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process 2008 ХХХ
50027 Ira R.Berry Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process 2004ХХ
156144 Irani Z., Love P. Evaluating Information Systems: Public and Private Sector 2008ХХ
50585 Iranmanesh A., Khosravi B., Alavi S.H. A Characterization of PSU3(q) for q>5 2002ХХ
79556 Ireland B. Leyte Gulf 1944 (Campaign) 2006ХХ
84737 Ireland J. (ed.),, Young C.A. (ed.) Solar image analysis and visualization 2009 ХХХ
171091 Ireland L.R. Quality Management for Projects and Programs 2007ХХ
8441 Ireland R.E., Benson R.E., Johnson C.R. (eds.) Organic Syntheses (vol. 54) 1974ХХ
151048 Irena Lasiecka, Roberto Triggiani Differential and Algebraic Riccati Equations with Application to Boundary Point Control Problems: Continuous Theory and Approximation Theory (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 164) 1991ХХ
136016 Irena Rachunkova, Svatoslav Stanek, Milan Tvrdy Solvability of nonlinear singular problems for ordinary differential equations 2009 ХХХ
126917 Irena Swanson, Craig Huneke Integral closure of ideals, rings, and modules 2006 ХХХ
23644 Irene E.A. Electronic Materials Science 2005ХХ
195139 Irene Mcewen Occupational and Physical Therapy in Educational Environments 1995 ХХХ
135397 Irene Stemmler The Role of the Ocean in Global Cycling of Persistent Organic Contaminants: Refinement and Application of a Global Multicompartment Chemistry-Transport Model (Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs, 18) 2010 ХХХ
183651 Irikura K., Frurip D. Computational Thermochemistry. Prediction and Estimation of Molecular Thermodynamics 1998ХХ
52859 Irikura K.K., Frurip D.J. Computational Thermochemistry: Prediction and Estimatoin of Molecular Thermodynamics 1998ХХ
187755 Irish L. Relief carving workshop: techniques, projects & patterns for the beginner 2013ХХ
146470 Irish L.S. Great Book of Woodburning: Pyrography Techniques, Patterns & Projects for All Skill Levels 2006ХХ
177982 Irish V. Intellectual Property Rights for Engineers, 2nd Edition (IEE Management of Technology) 2005 ХХХ
156917 Irish V. Intellectual Property Rights for Engineers: The Legal Protection of Innovation (Iee Management Technology Series 16) 2005 ХХХ
39581 Irizarry R.A., Hobbs B., Collin F. Exploration, normalization, and summaries of high density oligonucleotide array probe level data 2003ХХ
17269 Irkhin V.Yu., Irkhin Yu.P. Electronic Structure, Correlation Effects and Physical Properties of d- and f-Transfinition Metals and Their Compounds n/aХХ
87540 Irodov I. Principes fondamentaux de la mécanique 1981ХХ
160199 Irodov I. Problems in general physics 1981ХХ
161600 Irodov I. Problems in atomic and nuclear physics 1976ХХ
126436 Irodov I. E . Problems in general physics 1988 ХХХ
116786 Irodov I.E. A collection of problems in atomic and nuclear physics 1966ХХ
76998 Irons E.A. Encyclopedia Of Buddhism 2008ХХ
149453 Irons F. Active Filters for Intergrated-Circuit Applications 2005ХХ
148389 Irons F. Active Filters for Intergrated-Circuit Applications 2005ХХ
146367 Irudayaraj J. Food Processing Operations Modeling 2001ХХ

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