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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
32362 General relativity and gravitation Vol. 4 1973ХХ
32361 General relativity and gravitation Vol. 3 1972ХХ
32360 General relativity and gravitation Vol. 2 1971ХХ
32359 General relativity and gravitation Vol. 1 1970ХХ
32358 Thome J.R. Wolverine Engineering Data Book III 2006ХХ
32357 Thome J.R. Wolverine Engineering Data Book II 2001ХХ
32356 Müller-Kirsten J.W. Electrodynamics 2004ХХ
32355 Connell B. Basic Math for Process Control 2002ХХ
32354 Daintith J., Martin E. A Dictionary of Science (Oxford Paperback Reference Series) 2005 ХХХ
32353 Shen Y.R. The Principles of Nonlinear Optics 1984ХХ
32352 Buerger M.J. X-Ray Crystallography 1958ХХ
32351 Sloss A. How to Draw Celtic Key Patterns: A Practical Handbook 1997ХХ
32350 Callender C., Huggett N. Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale: Contemporary Theories in Quantum Gravity 2001ХХ
32349 James D., Gonzalez V. Draw Your Own Celtic Designs 2003ХХ
32348 Weigel H. Chiral Soliton Models for Baryons 2008ХХ
32347 Morfill G.E., Thomas H.M. Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas 2008ХХ
32346 Maudlin T. Metaphysics within Physics 2007ХХ
32345 Burgess C.P., Moore G.D. Standard Model: A Primer 2006ХХ
32344 Kaltschmitt M., Wiese A., Streicher F. Renewable Energy: Technology, Economics and Environment 2007ХХ
32343 Flanagan G.P., Begich N. Pyramid Power: The Millennium Science 1997ХХ
32342 Antsiferov V.V., Smirnov G.I. Physics of Solid-State Lasers 2005ХХ
32341 Yang G. Life Cycle Reliability Engineering 2007ХХ
32340 Kuster M., Lizzaraga B., Raffelt G. Axions: Theory, Cosmology, and Experimental Searches 2008ХХ
32339 Das A., Ferbel T. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics 2003ХХ
32338 Kellert S.H., Longino H., Waters C.K. Scientific Pluralism 2006ХХ
32337 Franc J.-P., Michel J.-M. Fundamentals of Cavitation 2004ХХ
32336 Fehske H. Computational Many-Particle Physics 2008ХХ
32335 Featherstone R. Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms 2007 ХХХ
32334 Ianelli J. Characteristics Finite Element Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006ХХ
32333 Domb C.M., Green M. Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena: Series Expansion for Lattice Models, Vol. 3 1974ХХ
32332 Cowan B. Topics In Statistical Mechanics 2005ХХ
32331 Bunch B.H. The History of Science and Technology: A Browser's Guide to the Great Discoveries, Inventions, and the People Who Made Them from the Dawn of Time to Today 2004ХХ
32330 Bruus H. Theoretical Microfluidics 2007ХХ
32329 Magnitskii N.A., Sidorov S.V. New Methods for Chaotic Dynamics 2006ХХ
32328 Rahvar S. Mathematical Physics - Proceedings Of The XI Regional Conference 2005ХХ
32327 Blackmore D.L., Krause E., Tung C. Vortex Dominated Flows: A Volume Celebrating Lu Ting's 80th Birthday 2005ХХ
32326 Boffi S., Covello A., Di Toro M. Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Italy: Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Problems in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Cortona, Italy 6 - 9 October 2004 2005ХХ
32325 Aerts D. Worldviews, Science and Us: Redemarcating Knowledge and Its Social and Ethical Implications 2005ХХ
32324 Samimy M., Breuer K., Leal G. Gallery of Fluid Motion 2004ХХ
32323 Meschede D. Optics, Light and Lasers: The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics 2004ХХ
32322 Politis V. Aristotle on Metaphysics 2004ХХ
32321 Lerner I.V., Altshuler B. Fundamental Problems of Mesoscopic Physics Interactions and Decoherence 2004ХХ
32320 Ollagnier J.M. Ergodic Theory and Statistical Mechanics 1985ХХ
32319 Oughstun K.E. Electromagnetic and Optical Pulse Propagation 1: Spectral Representations in Temporally Dispersive Media 2006ХХ
32318 Dressel M., Grüner G. Electrodynamics of Solids: Optical Properties of Electrons in Matter 2002ХХ
32317 Lewins J., Becker M. Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 25 1997ХХ
32316 Llor A. Statistical Hydrodynamic Models for Developed Mixing Instability Flows 2005ХХ
32315 Liebmann R. Statistical Mechanics of Periodic Frustrated Ising Systems 1986ХХ
32314 Born M. Atomic Physics 1937 ХХХ
32313 Ћупанов ќ.Ѕ. јсимптотические оценки сложности управл€ющих систем 1984ХХ

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