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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41319 Gohm R. Extensions and Dilations 2004ХХ
41318 MavNair W.A., Ellett A. Explanation of the Incomplete Polarization of Mercury Resonance Radiation 1927ХХ
41317 Barus C. Experiments with Modified Mucronate Electrodes 1928ХХ
41316 Millikan R.A., Cameron G.H. Evidence That the Cosmic Rays Originate in Interstellar Space 1928ХХ
41315 Euler equations on semisimple Lie algebras n/aХХ
41314 Miller D.C. Ether-Drift Experiments at Mount Wilson 1925ХХ
41313 Isac G. 0 - Epi families of mappings, topological degree, and optimization 1984ХХ
41312 Millikan R.A., Bowen I.S. Energy Relationships and Ionization Potentials of Atoms of the First Row of the Periodic Table in All Stages of Ionization 1927ХХ
41311 Kueker D.W. Elementarily equivalent models of power w1 n/aХХ
41310 Farnsworth H.E. Electronic Bombardment of Nickel 1922ХХ
41309 Rainich G.Y. Electrodynamics in the General Relativity Theory 1924ХХ
41308 Einsteins theory of gravitation n/aХХ
41307 Eisenhart L.P. Einsteins Recent Theory of Gravitation and Electricity 1925ХХ
41306 Eisenhart L.P. Einstein Static Fields Admitting a Group G2 of Continuous Transformations into Themselves 1921ХХ
41305 Wilson E.B. Electric Conduction Halls Theory and Perkins Phenomenon 1923ХХ
41304 Nettleton L.L. Effective Radii of Gas Molecules 1924ХХ
41303 Hertel K.L. Effects of an Electric Field upon the Radiating Hydrogen Atom 1926ХХ
41302 Evans G.C. Economics and the Calculus of Variations 1924ХХ
41301 Kotlyakov V., Komarova A. Elsevier's Dictionary of Geography: in English, Russian, French, Spanish and German 2006ХХ
41300 Shapiro S.A. Elastic Waves in Random Media: Fundamentals of Seismic Stratigraphic Filtering 1998ХХ
41299 Hinkelmann R. Efficient Numerical Methods and Information-Processing Techniques for Modeling Hydro- and Environmental Systems 2005ХХ
41298 Schiewer U. Ecology of Baltic Coastal Waters 2008ХХ
41297 Icon Health Publications Earthquakes - a Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References 2004ХХ
41296 Richter B. E-structure for Q(R)Q(R) 2000ХХ
41295 Herrlich H. E-kompakte Raume 1966ХХ
41294 Kantha L.H., Clayson C.A. Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid Flows 2000ХХ
41293 Girifalco L. The Universal Force 2007ХХ
41292 Neugebauer H.J., Simmer C. Dynamics of Multiscale Earth Systems 2003ХХ
41290 Eddington A.S. Stellar Movements and Structure of Universe 1914ХХ
41289 Eddington A.S. Stars and Atoms 1927ХХ
41288 Eddington A.S. Space Time and Gravitation 1953ХХ
41287 Eddington A.S. Science and the Unseen World 1929ХХ
41286 Eddington A.S. Rotation of the Galaxy 1930ХХ
41285 Eddington A.S. Philosophy of Physical Science 1939ХХ
41284 Eddington A.S. New Pathways in Science 1935ХХ
41283 Eddington A.S. Nature of the Physical World 1929ХХ
41282 Eddington A.S. Mathematical Theory of Relativity 1930ХХ
41281 Certini G., Scalenghe R. Soils: Basic Concepts and Future Challenges 2006 ХХХ
41280 Hiemer M. Model based detection and reconstruction of road traffic accidents 2005ХХ
41279 Tolera H. Suitability of Local Materials to Purify Akaki Sub-Basin Water 2007ХХ
41278 Heveling M. Bijective point maps, point-stationarity and characterization of Palm measures 2006ХХ
41277 Roof C.F. Dynamical Economics 1927ХХ
41276 Gertan J. (*,s)-Dualities 2003ХХ
41275 Ainouche A., Schiermeyer I. 0-Dual Closures for Several Classes of Graphs 2003ХХ
41274 Gibbs R.C., White H.E. Doublets of Stripped Atoms of the Potassium Type 1926ХХ
41273 Seares F.H., van Rhijn P.J. Distribution of the Stars with Respect to Brightness and Distance from the Milky Way 1925ХХ
41272 Groh H. Dimensional orbits in flat projective planes 1971ХХ
41271 1+1 Dimensional Integrable Systems n/aХХ
41270 Glocker G. Diffusion of Electrons 1926ХХ
41269 Oliva W.M. Differentiable manifolds 2002ХХ

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