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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41899 Bramley A. Maxwells Equations and Atomic Dynamics 1926ХХ
41898 Hellfer B., Nier F. Maximal Microhypoellipticity for Systems and Applications to Witten Laplacians 2005ХХ
41897 ћикалко ћ. “ренинг интеллекта n/aХХ
41896 Baryshev Y. Discovery of Cosmic Fractals 2003ХХ
41895 Crocker D. Dictionary of Aviation 2005 ХХХ
41894 Desaintfuscien M. Data Processing in Precise Time and Frequency Applications 2007ХХ
41893 French S. Celestial Sampler: 60 Small-Scope Tours for Starlit Nights 2007ХХ
41892 MacKenzie F.T. Carbon in the Geobiosphere: Earth's Outer Shell 2006ХХ
41891 Holberg J., Barstow M.A. Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy 2002ХХ
41890 Issar A.S. Climate Changes During the Holocene and their Impact on Hydrological Systems 2003ХХ
41889 Burchard H. Applied Turbulence Modelling in Marine Waters 2003ХХ
41888 “утубалин ¬.Ќ.  урс лекций по теории веро€тностей 2008ХХ
41887 Noyes W.A. Magnetic Hydrogen Atoms and Non-Magnetic Molecules 1927ХХ
41886 Loeb A., Ellis R.S., Ferrara A. First Light in the Universe: Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy 2008ХХ
41885 Douglas R.G. Localization of toeplitz operators n/aХХ
41884 Palamodov V.P. Localization of polynomial submodules in certain spaces of analytic functions and the solvability of -equations n/aХХ
41883 Vosilius R.V. Integrability of nonholonomic differential-geometric structures. Lithuanian Mathematical Journal, Volume 27, Number 3 1987ХХ
41882 Barus C. Linear Elements of the Electromagnetic Pinhole Graphs 1927ХХ
41881 Bateman H. Lagrangian Functions and Schrodingers Rule 1927ХХ
41880 Kiechle H. K-loops from the General Linear Groups over Rings n/aХХ
41879 Webster D.L. K-Electron Ionization by Direct Impact of Cathode Rays 1928ХХ
41878 Belmonte J.A. Extrasolar Planets 2007ХХ
41877 Jahre Frauen in der Wissenschaft - Renate Tobies and Annette Vogt 1996ХХ
41876 Giddings G.W. Ionization of Mercury Vapor as a Function of the Intensity of Exciting Light 1926ХХ
41875 Brewer A.K. Ionization in Reacting Gases n/aХХ
41874 Ionic Mobilities in Ammonia-Hydrogen Mixtures and an Anomalous Effect of Ammonia 1926ХХ
41873 Shamoyan F.A. Invariant subspaces of a shift operator in certain spaces of analytic functions n/aХХ
41872 Interpretation of Deviations from Ohms Law n/aХХ
41871 Schafer H.- W. Internationale Woche der Elektronik in der Versicherung n/aХХ
41870 Vosilius R.V. Integrability of nonholonomic differential-geometric structures. Lithuanian Mathematical Journal, Volume 27, Number 4 1987ХХ
41869 International Congress for Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science 1964ХХ
41868 International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science 1960 n/aХХ
41867 Doebner H.D. Irreversibility and Causality: Semigroups and Rigged Hilbert Spaces : A Selection of Articles Presented at the 21st International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics 1998 ХХХ
41866 Swaddle Th.W. Inorganic Chemistry: An Industrial and Environmental Perspective 1997ХХ
41865 Vosilius R.V. Integrability of nonholonomic differential-geometric structures n/aХХ
41864 Hammar G.W. A Possible Explanation on the Glaser Effect 1926ХХ
41863 Finlay W.H. Concise Catalog of Deep-sky Objects 2003ХХ
41862 Whyburn G.T. Concerning Plane Closed Point Sets Which Are Accessible from Certain Subsets of Their Complements 1927ХХ
41861 Dershem E. Dispersion of Long Wave-Length X-Rays in Platinum and Calcite 1928ХХ
41860 Eisenhart L.P. Displacements in a Geometry of Paths Which Carry Paths into Paths 1927ХХ
41859 Gibbs R.C. Displacement of Certain Multiplets and Multiple Levels for Elements in the First Long Period 1927ХХ
41858 Webster D.L. Direct and Indirect Production of Characteristic X-Rays 1927ХХ
41857 Kiechle H. Derivations n/aХХ
41856 Webster D.L. Direct and Indirect Characteristic X-Rays Their Ratio as a Function of Cathode-Ray Energy 1928ХХ
41855 Ammari H., Kang H. Derivation of Asymptotic Formulae n/aХХ
41854 Witmer E.E. Critical Potentials and the Heat of Dissociation of Hydrogen as Determined from Its Ultra-Violet Band Spectrum 1926ХХ
41853 Burstall F.E. Darboux transforms 2002ХХ
41852 Smyth M.R., West T.T. Decomposition of Riesz operators n/aХХ
41851 Dickinson R.G. Decomposition of Ammonia by Optically Excited Mercury Atoms 1926ХХ
41850 Silsbee F.B. Current Distribution in Supraconductors 1927ХХ

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