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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
82873 Tringali C. Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources: Isolation, Characterization and Biological Properties 2000ХХ
82872 Sakawa M. Genetic algorithms and fuzzy multiobjective optimization 2002 ХХХ
82871 Bies D.A., Hansen C.H. Engineering noise control: theory and practice 2003 ХХХ
82870 Day K.W. Concrete mix design, quality control, and specification 1999 ХХХ
82869 Enderlein R. Fundamentals of semiconductor physics and devices 1997ХХ
82868 Tiampo K.F., Weinstein S.A., Weatherley D.K. Earthquakes: Simulations, Sources and Tsunamis 2008ХХ
82867 Sebestyen G. Construction - Craft to Industry 1998ХХ
82866 Tilley R.J.D. Defects in solids 2008ХХ
82865 Reiher M. Atomistic approaches in modern biology: from quantum chemistry to molecular simulations 2007ХХ
82864 Mattingly J.D. Elements of propulsion: gas turbines and rockets 2006 ХХХ
82863 Berns H. Ferrous Materials: Steels and Cast Iron 2008 ХХХ
82862 Fujita R. Early Cancer of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Endoscopy, Pathology, and Treatment 2006ХХ
82861 MacDougall D. (ed.) Colour in food: improving quality 2002 ХХХ
82860 Aarts R. (ed.), Aynsley M. (ed.), Bailey J.E. (ed.) Bioprocess design and control 1993ХХ
82859 Mihailovic-Vucinic V., Sharma O.P. Atlas of sarcoidosis: pathogenesis, diagnosis, and clinical features 2005 ХХХ
82858 Kutz M. (ed.) Environmentally conscious manufacturing 2007ХХ
82857 Prosperetti A.(ed.), Tryggvason G. (ed.) Computational Methods for Multiphase Flow 2007ХХ
82856 Spratt C., Lajbcygier P. (ed.) E-learning technologies and evidence-based assessment approaches 2009ХХ
82855 Morse J.W., Mackenzie F.T. Geochemistry of sedimentary carbonates 1990 ХХХ
82854 Florey K. (ed.) Analytical profiles of drug substances and excipients.Volume 13 1984ХХ
82853 German Solar Energy Society (DGS), Ecofys Planning and installing bioenergy systems: a guide for installers, architects, and engineers 2005ХХ
82852 Candelise L. (ed.), Hughes R.(ed.), Liberat A. (ed.) Evidence-based neurology: management of neurological disorders 2007ХХ
82851 Schulz R. Handbook on dementia caregiving 2000ХХ
82850 Lundblad R.L. Application of solution protein chemistry to biotechnology 2009ХХ
82849 de Lemos R. (ed.), Gacek C.(ed.), Romanovsky A. (ed.) Architecting dependable systems 2003ХХ
82848 Sonntag C. Free-radical-induced DNA damage and its repair. 2006ХХ
82847 Kaupp G. Atomic force microscopy, scanning nearfield optical microscopy and nanoscratching. Application to rough and natural surfaces 2006ХХ
82846 Hartsuijker C., Welleman J.W. Engineering mechanics. Volume 2. Stresses, strains, displacements 2006ХХ
82845 Konig L.F., Weiss J.F. Groundwater. Modelling, management and contamination 2009ХХ
82844 Pavelka M., Roth J. Functional ultrastructure: an atlas of tissue biology and pathology 2005ХХ
82843 Ibrahimbegoviс A. (ed.), Brank B. (ed.) Internati International journal for computer-aided engineering and software. (є22 2005) 2005ХХ
82842 Angibaud P., Bradbury R.H. Cancer. Topics in medicinal chemistry 1 2007ХХ
82841 Dingwall H.M. A history of Scottish medicine: themes and influences 2003ХХ
82840 Huang Y. Automation for food engineering: food quality quantization and process control 2001ХХ
82839 Goldberg K. (ed.), Siegwart R. (ed.) Beyond Webcams: an introduction to online robots 2001ХХ
82838 Leondes C.T. Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems 2004ХХ
82837 Driess M., Nöth H. Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements 2004ХХ
82836 Stumm W. Chemistry of the solid-water interface: processes at the mineral-water and particle-water interface in natural systems 1992ХХ
82835 Tomlinson M. J., Boorman R. Foundation design and construction 2001 ХХХ
82834 Chen C.L. Foundations for guided-wave optics 2006ХХ
82833 Mumford C.L., Jain L.C. Computational intelligence collaboration, fusion and emergence 2009ХХ
82832 Luque A., Andreev V.M. Concentrator photovoltaics 2007ХХ
82831 Bajgoric N. Continuous computing technologies for enhancing business continuity 2008ХХ
82830 —терина Ќ.ƒ.(ред.) »ллюстрированна€ хронологи€ истории –оссийского √осударства в портретах 1990 ХХХ
82829 Takasaki K. Glissonean pedicle transection method for hepatic resection 2007ХХ
82828  оллектив авторов  линическа€ ультразвукова€ диагностика патологии вен нижних конечностей. –уководство дл€ врачей n/aХХ
82827 ‘он “иппельскирх  . »стори€ ¬торой мировой войны 1999ХХ
82826 —пивак ћ.».  аталог почтовых марок ———–. 1987 год 1988ХХ
82825 „ел€бинска€ городска€ ƒума  ак управл€ть своим домом. ѕам€тка дл€ собственников жиль€ 2007ХХ
82824 Ћихачев Ќ.». и др.  анализаци€ населенных мест и промышленных предпри€тий. —правочник проектировщика 1981 ХХХ

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