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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124156 Dunlop F.M., Ferrari P.A., Fontes L.R.G. A Dynamic One-Dimensional Interface Interacting with a Wall 2002ХХ
124155 Kennedy T. A Lower Bound on the Partition Function for a Classical Charge Symmetric System 1982ХХ
124154 Schutz G.M. Exact Tracer Diffusion Coefficient in the Asymmetric Random Average Process 2000ХХ
124153 Bunimovich L.A., Troubetzkoy S.E. Recurrence Properties of Lorentz Lattice Gas Cellular Automata 1992ХХ
124152 Weiss G.H., Weissman H. A Measure of the Symmetry of Random Walks 1988ХХ
124151 Bezandry P.H., Fernique X. A Functional Central Limit Theorem for a Nonequilibrium Model of Interacting Particles with Unbounded Intensity 1993ХХ
124150 Doi S., Inoue J. Spectral Analysis of Stochastic Phase Lockings and Stochastic Bifurcations in the Sinusoidally Forced van der Pol Oscillator with Additive Noise 1998ХХ
124149 Glotzer S.C., Poole P.H., Jan N. Time-Dependent Thermodynamic Properties of the Ising Model from Damage Spreading 1992ХХ
124148 Vieillefosse P. Sum Rules and Perfect Screening Conditions for the One-Component Plasma 1985ХХ
124147 Poland D. Lattice Gas Activity Series from Secular Equations 1994ХХ
124146 Mürmann M. The Hydrodynamic Limit of a Deterministic Particle System with Conservation of Mass and Momentum 2001ХХ
124145 Brey J.J., Santos A. Solution of the BGK Model Kinetic Equation for Very Hard Particle Interaction 1984ХХ
124144 Rothman D.H., Keller J.M. Immiscible Cellular-Automaton Fluids 1988ХХ
124143 Arneodo A., Coullet P., Tresser C. Oscillators with Chaotic Behavior: An Illustration of a Theorem by Shil'nikov 1982ХХ
124142 Radons G. A New Transition for Projections of Multifractal Measures and Random Maps 1993ХХ
124141 Kotulski M. Asymptotic Distributions of Continuous-Time Random Walks: A Probabilistic Approach 1995ХХ
124140 Roskies R.Z., Sackett P.D. High-Temperature Expansions to Fifteenth Order 1987ХХ
124139 Benyoussef A., Laanait L., Laanaiti M. More Results on the Ashkin-Teller Model 1994ХХ
124138 Shalizi C.R., Crutchfield J.P. Computational Mechanics: Pattern and Prediction, Structure and Simplicity 2001ХХ
124137 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1999ХХ
124136 Fukushima N. A New Method of the High Temperature Series Expansion 2003ХХ
124135 De Coninck J., de Gottal P., Menu F. A Meniscus Where Three Phases Coexist at Equilibrium: Microscopic Derivation of the Herring Relations 1989ХХ
124134 Spohn H., Zwerger W. Decay of the Two-Point Function in One-Dimensional O(N) Spin Models with Long-Range Interactions 1999ХХ
124133 Lebowitz J.L. Atomic versus Ionized States in Many-Particle Systems and the Spectra of Reduced Density Matrices: A Model Study 1992ХХ
124132 Briemont J., Kupiainen A. The Hierarchical Random Field Ising Model 1988ХХ
124131 Mazo R.M. On the Brownian Motion of a Frequency- Modulated Oscillator 1981ХХ
124130 Sekimoto K., Kawasaki K. Aspects of Nucleation and Drift Processes in a One-Dimensional Model 1987ХХ
124129 den Hollander F., Naudts J. Long-Time Tails in a Random Diffusion Model 1992ХХ
124128 Burns K., Dolgopyat D., Pesin Ya. Partial Hyperbolicity, Lyapunov Exponents and Stable Ergodicity 2002ХХ
124127 Chabanol M.-L., Duchon J. Markovian Solutions of Inviscid Burgers Equation 2004ХХ
124126 Coupier D. Poisson Approximations for the Ising Model 2006ХХ
124125 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2004ХХ
124124 Simon B. Lifschitz Tails for the Anderson Model 1985ХХ
124123 O'Brien G.L. Monotonicity of the Number of Self-Avoiding Walks 1990ХХ
124122 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
124121 Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V.A. Gaussian, Non-Gaussian Critical Fluctuations in the Curie-Weiss Model 1994ХХ
124120 Ko L.F., Fisher M.E. The Shapes of Bowed Interfaces in the Two-Dimensional Ising Model 1990ХХ
124119 Balents L., Kardar M. Directed Paths on Percolation Clusters 1992ХХ
124118 Iyengar R.N. A Nonlinear System Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitation 1986ХХ
124117 Koprucki T., Wagner H.-J. New Exact Ground States for One-Dimensional Quantum Many-Body Systems 2000ХХ
124116 Montanero J.M., Santos A., Garzo V. Does the Gaussian Thermostat Maximize the Phase-Space Compression Factor? 1995ХХ
124115 Cercignani C. Weak Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation Without Angle Cutoff 2006ХХ
124114 Bonetto F., Cohen E.G.D., Pugh C. On the Validity of the Conjugate Pairing Rule for Lyapunov Exponents 1998ХХ
124113 Wu X.-X., Popov S.Yu. On AB Bond Percolation on the Square Lattice and AB Site Percolation on Its Line Graph 2003ХХ
124112 Salinas S.R., Wreszinski W.F. On the Mean-Field Ising Model in a Random External Field 1985ХХ
124111 Jancovici B. Classical Coulomb Systems: Screening and Correlations Revisited 1995ХХ
124110 Ernst M. H., Bussemaker H. J. Algebraic Spatial Correlations in Lattice Gas Automata Violating Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
124109 Li W. Mutual Information Functions versus Correlation Functions 1990ХХ
124108 Marek Dudyfiski, Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska Global Existence Proof for Relativistic Boltzmann Equation 1991ХХ
124107 Mazur P., Bedeaux D. An Electrothermal Instability in a Conducting Wire: Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Stationary States for an Exactly Solvable Model 1981ХХ

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