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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122128 Tejero C.F. One-Dimensional lnhomogeneous Ising Model: A New Approach 1987ХХ
122127 Leutheusser E., Yip S., Alder B.J. Dynamical Correlations in a Hard-Disk Fluid: Generalized Enskog Theory 1983ХХ
122126 Benettin G., Gallavotti G. Stability of Motions near Resonances in Quasi-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems 1986ХХ
122125 Caracciolo S. Nonloeal Monte Carlo Algorithm for Self-Avoiding Walks with Fixed Endpoints 1990ХХ
122124 Erratum 1985ХХ
122123 Kivelson D. Depolarized Light Scattering from Liquids: Rotations, Collisions, and Hydrodynamics 1988ХХ
122122 Carlson J.M., Chayes J.T., Sethna J.P. Bethe Lattice Spin Glass: The Effects of a Ferromagnetic Bias and External Fields. II. Magnetized Spin-Glass Phase and the de Almeida-Thouless Line 1990ХХ
122121 Hsu W.-C., Pines D. Effective Interactions in Dilute Mixtures of 3^He in 4^He 1985ХХ
122120 Chatterji A., Pandit R. The Statistical Mechanics of Semiflexible Equilibrium Polymers 2003ХХ
122119 Watanabe H. Block Spin Approach to ‘^4_3 Field Theory 1989ХХ
122118 Hattori T., Tsuda T. Renormalization Group Analysis of the Self-Avoiding Paths on the d-Dimensional Sierpin´ski Gaskets 2002ХХ
122117 Bobylev A.V., Carrillo J.A., Gamba I.M. Erratum on ССOn Some Properties of Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations for Ineleastic InteractionsТТ 2001ХХ
122116 Felderhof B.U., Ford G.W., Cohen E.G.D. Cluster Expansion for the Dielectric Constant of a Polarizable Suspension 1982ХХ
122115 Lyberg I. The Fourth Virial Coefficient of a Fluid of Hard Spheres in Odd Dimensions 2005ХХ
122114 Zia R.K.P. Exact Equilibrium Shapes of Ising Crystals on Triangular/Honeycomb Lattices 1986ХХ
122113 Narkounskaia G., Huang J., Tureotte D.L. Chaotic and Self-Organized Critical Behavior of a Generalized Slider-Block Model 1992ХХ
122112 Xu J., Stell G. Bulk and Shear Viscosities of a Polydisperse Hard-Sphere Fluid 1989ХХ
122111 Croxton C.A. Book Reviews. Statistical Mechanics of the Liquid State 1982ХХ
122110 Fannes M., Vanheuverzwijn P., Verbeure A. Inhomogeneous Mean Field Models 1982ХХ
122109 Grosfils P., Boon J.P., Cohen E.G.D. Propagation and Organization in Lattice Random Media 1999ХХ
122108 Given J.A., Stell G. The Kirkwood-Salsburg Equations for Random Continuum Percolation 1990ХХ
122107 Ray T.S. Evidence for Spinodal Singularities in High-Dimensional Nearest-Neighbor Ising Models 1991ХХ
122106 Claus I., Gaspard P. Microscopic Chaos and Reaction-Diffusion Processes in the Periodic Lorentz Gas 2000ХХ
122105 Binder K., Wang J.-S. Finite-Size Effects at Critical Points with Anisotropic Correlations: Phenomenological Scaling Theory and Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
122104 Krattenthaler C., Guttmann A.J., Viennot X.G. Vicious Walkers, Friendly Walkers, and Young Tableaux. III. Between Two Walls 2003ХХ
122103 Cluster Structure of Collapsing Polymers 1998ХХ
122102 Fritz J. On the Hydrodynamic Limit of a One-Dimensional Ginzburg-Landau Lattice Model. The a Priori Bounds 1987ХХ
122101 Kolomeisky A.B., Widom B. A Simplified "Ratchet" Model of Molecular Motors 1998ХХ
122100 Jin B.-Q., Korepin V.E. Quantum Spin Chain, Toeplitz Determinants and the FisherЦHartwig Conjecture 2004ХХ
122099 Piasecki J. Dynamics of a Charged Test Particle in a Hard Rod Fluid 1984ХХ
122098 Lemarehand A., Lemarchand H., Sulpice E. Interaction of a Hopf Bifurcation and a Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcation: Stochastic Potential and Spatial Correlations 1988ХХ
122097 Baldwin P.R. A Convergence Exponent for Multidimensional Continued-Fraction Algorithms 1992ХХ
122096 Rodriguez R.F., Salinas-Rodriguez E., Dufty J.W. Fokker-Planck and Langevin Descriptions of Fluctuations in Uniform Shear Flow 1983ХХ
122095 Forrester P.J. Properties of an Exact Crystalline Many-Body Ground State 1994ХХ
122094 Radons G., Stoop R. Superpositions of Multifractals: Generators of Phase Transitions in the Generalized Thermodynamic Formalism 1996ХХ
122093 Dogbe C. Anomalous Diffusion Limit Induced on a Kinetic Equation 2000ХХ
122092 de Gennes P.-G. Errata: Brownian Motion with Dry Friction 2005ХХ
122091 Takahashi S., Tretyakov A.Yu., Konno N. On Some Harris-FKG Type Correlation Inequalities for a Non-Attractive Model 2001ХХ
122090 Havlin S., Nossal R., Shlesinger M. GEORGE HERBERT WEISS 1991ХХ
122089 Sachdev S. Quantum Impurity in a Magnetic Environment 2004ХХ
122088 Jezewski W. Chaotic Properties of Muitipoint Correlation Functions of an Ising Model with Long-Range Interactions on the Sierpifiski-Gasket Lattice 1996ХХ
122087 Vollmayr H. Cluster Hull Algorithms for Large Systems with Small Memory Requirement 1994ХХ
122086 Binder K. Static and Dynamic Critical Phenomena of the Two-Dimensional q-State Potts Model 1981ХХ
122085 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1983ХХ
122084 Mukhamedov F., Rozikov U. On Gibbs Measures of Models with Competing Ternary and Binary Interactions and Corresponding von Neumann Algebras II 2005ХХ
122083 Eckmann J.-P., Gat O. Hydrodynamic Lyapunov Modes in Translation-Invariant Systems 2000ХХ
122082 Prakash S., Nicolis G. Dynamics of the Schlogl Models on Lattices of Low Spatial Dimension 1997ХХ
122081 Duering E., Roman H.E. Corrections to Scaling for Diffusion Exponents on Three-Dimensional Percolation Systems at Criticality 1991ХХ
122080 Fritz J., Maes C. Derivation of a Hydrodynamic Equation for Ginzburg-Landau Models in an External Field 1988ХХ
122079 Rouet J.L., Feix M.R. A Generalization of the Collatz Problem. Building Cycles and a Stochastic Approach 2002ХХ

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