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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123648 Chopard B., Droz M. Cellular Automata Model for the Diffusion Equation 1991ХХ
123647 Torney D., Goldstein B. Rates of Diffusion-Limited Reaction in Periodic Systems 1987ХХ
123646 Jones G. Density Functional Theory of Homogeneous States 1989ХХ
123645 Sergeev S.M. Thermodynamic Limit for a Spin Lattice 2006ХХ
123644 Pul J.V., Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V.A. Peierls-Friihlich Instability and Kohn Anomaly 1994ХХ
123643 Kaplan T.A. The Chemical Potential 2006ХХ
123642 Gofman M., Adler J., Aharony A. Series and Monte Carlo Study of High-Dimensional Ising Models 1993ХХ
123641 Lippi A., Livi R. Heat Conduction in Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Lattices 2000ХХ
123640 Ramshaw J.D. Augmented Langevin Approach to Fluctuations in Nonlinear Irreversible Processes 1985ХХ
123639 Shirai T. Large Deviations for the Fermion Point Process Associated with the Exponential Kernel 2006ХХ
123638 Zurek W.H., Schieve W.C. Deviations from the Poisson Behavior of Equilibrium Fluctuations in a Closed System 1980ХХ
123637 Ivanchenko Yu.M., Lisyansky A.A., Filippov A.A New Renormalization Procedure for Eliminating Redundant Operators 1992ХХ
123636 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
123635 Machta J. The Computational Complexity of Pattern Formation 1993ХХ
123634 Ciliberti S., Marinari E. A Quantitative Clustering Approach to Ultrametricity in Spin Glasses 2004ХХ
123633 Sinai Y. Power Series for Solutions of the 3D-Navier-Stokes System on R^3 2005ХХ
123632 Baker G. The Markov Property Method Applied to lsing Model Calculations 1994ХХ
123631 Machta J. Anomalous Long Time Tails Due to Trapping 1986ХХ
123630 Raghavan R., Henley C. New Two-Color Dimer Models with Critical Ground States 1997ХХ
123629 Finjord J. Structure Functions in a Model of Turbulent Energy Dissipation 1992ХХ
123628 Chudnovsky E.M. Thermodynamics of Natural Selection 1985ХХ
123627 Vugmeister B.E., Huber D.L. Freezing Temperature in Dilute Ising Spin Glasses with Long-Range Interactions 1998ХХ
123626 Comtet A., Nechaev S. Multifractality in Uniform Hyperbolic Lattices and in Quasi-Classical Liouville Field Theory 2001ХХ
123625 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
123624 Vogelsang R., Hoheisel C. The Friction Coefficient of a Lennard-Jones Fluid from the Random Force Autocorrelation Function Determined as a Memory Function by Molecular Dynamics Calculations 1989ХХ
123623 Majumdar S., Krishnamurthy S. Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in a Model of Diffusion, Aggregation, and Fragmentation 2000ХХ
123622 Barbaroux J.M., Joye A. Expectation Values of Observables in Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics 1998ХХ
123621 De Masi A., Gobron T. Liquid-Vapor Interfaces and Surface Tension in a Mesoscopic Model of Fluid with Nonlocal Interactions 2004ХХ
123620 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
123619 Tanaka T. Methods of Statistical Physics. Book review 2003ХХ
123618 Chayes L., Coniglio A. Mean-Field Theory for Percolation Models of the Ising Type 1999ХХ
123617 Dimock J., Hurd T.R. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Correlation Functions for the Dipole Gas 1992ХХ
123616 Bessis D., Paladin G. Generalized Dimensions, Entropies, and Liapunov Exponents from the Pressure Function for Strange Sets 1988ХХ
123615 Redner S. A Guide to First-Passage Processes 2002ХХ
123614 Molchan G., Khokhlov A. Small Values of the Maximum for the Integral of Fractional Brownian Motion 2004ХХ
123613 Van Assche W. On the Nature of the Lee-Yang Measure for Ising Ferromagnets 1986ХХ
123612 Gitterman M. Phase Equilibria and Critical Phenomena in Closed Reactive Systems 1990ХХ
123611 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
123610 Lima A.R., Penna T.J.P. Reply to a Comment on ССA Comparison Between Broad Histogram and Multicanonical MethodsТТ 2001ХХ
123609 Lebowitz J.L., Spohn H. Microscopic Basis for Fick's Law for Self-Diffusion 1982ХХ
123608 Crisanti A., Rieger H. Random-Bond lsing Chain in a Transverse Magnetic Field: A Finite-Size Scaling Analysis 1994ХХ
123607 Mastropietro V. Rigorous Proof of Luttinger Liquid Behavior in the 1d Hubbard Model 2005ХХ
123606 Cohen E.G.D. Addendum: Note on Transport Processes in Dense Colloidal Suspensions 1991ХХ
123605 Moore G.T. Frontiers of Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 1988ХХ
123604 Patrascioiu A., Seiler E. Critical Behavior in a Model of Correlated Percolation 1992ХХ
123603 Program of the Third Statistical Physics Days 1997ХХ
123602 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1987ХХ
123601 McConnell J. Rotational Brownian Motion and Dielectric Theory 1982ХХ
123600 Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Markov Chains with Exponentially Small Transition Probabilities: First Exit Problem from a General Domain. I. The Reversible Case 1995ХХ
123599 Asorey M., Esteve J.G. First-Order Transitions in One-Dimensional Systems with Local Couplings 1991ХХ

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