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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41736 Wang X. 2-dimensional simple factors of J_0(N) 1995ХХ
41737 Betten D. 2-dimensionale differenzierbare projektive Ebenen 1971ХХ
41738 Kruglyakov I.Z. 2-families of lines in P_3 and pairs of congruent lines in P_3 n/aХХ
41739 de la Rue T. 2-fold and 3-fold mixing why 3-dot-type counterexamples are impossible in one dimension 2006ХХ
41740 Mazurov V.D. 2-groups with an odd-order automorphism that is the identity on involutions n/aХХ
41741 Ji L. 2-idempotent 3-quasigroups with a conjugate invariant subgroup consisting of a single cycle of length four 2008ХХ
41742 Holladay K. 2-isohedral triangulations n/aХХ
41743 Zhao S., Zhang R. 2^m*4^n designs with resolution III or IV containing clear two-factor interaction components 2008ХХ
41744 Blok W.J. 2^(x_o) varieties of Heyting algebras not generated by their finite members 1977ХХ
41745 Bodewig E. A Case of Streaming in a Valve 1927ХХ
41746 Warner A.H. A Comparison of the Thermionic and Photoelectric Work Functions for Clean Tungsten 1927ХХ
41747 Ruark A.E. A Critical Experiment on the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1928ХХ
41748 Lewis G.N., Mayer J.E. A Disproof of the Radiation Theory of Chemical Activation 1927ХХ
41749 Roos C.F. A Dynamical Theory of Economic Equilibrium 1927ХХ
41750 Lewis G.N. A New Equation for the Distribution of Radiant Energy 1927ХХ
41751 Bogert M.T., Chertcoff M. A New Group of Dyes from Poison Gases through the 2-Aminothiazoles as Intermediates The Preparation of Thiazole Dyes of Doebner Violet Type 1924ХХ
41752 Tolman R.C., Badger R.M. A New Kind of Test of the Correspondence Principle Based on the Prediction of the Absolute Intensities of Spectral Lines 1926ХХ
41753 Lewis G.N. A New Principle of Equilibrium 1925ХХ
41754 Hopf H. A New Proof of the Lefschetz Formula on Invariant Points 1928ХХ
41755 Simon A.W. A Note on Corona at High Humidity 1928ХХ
41756 Glenn O.E. A Note on the Abundance of Differential Combinants in a Fundamental System. 1925ХХ
41757 Fowler R.H., Milne E.A. A Note on the Principle of Detailed Balancing 1925ХХ
41758 Smith S. A Note on the Spectrum of Doubly Ionized Scandium 1927ХХ
41759 Slavenas P. A Note on the Triple System, lambda Tauri 1927ХХ
41760 Noyes A.A., Beckman A.O. A Periodic Table of the Structure of Atoms and Its Relation to Ion-Formation and Valence 1927ХХ
41761 Mohler F.L. A Photo-Ionization Experiment with Hydrogen 1926ХХ
41762 Bichowsky F.R., Urey H.C. A Possible Explanation of the Relativity Doublets and Anomalous Zeeman Effect by Means of a Magnetic Electron 1925ХХ
41763 Slavenas P. A Possible Way to Discuss the Fundamental Principles of Relativity 1926ХХ
41764 Hammar G.W. A Preliminary Report on the Magnetic Susceptibilities of Some Cases 1926ХХ
41765 Wulf O.R. A Progression Relation in the Molecular Spectrum of Oxygen Occurring in the Liquid and in the Gas at High Pressure 1928ХХ
41766 Wilder R.L. A Property Which Characterizes Continuous Curves 1925ХХ
41767 Dennison D.M. A Proposed Experiment on the Nature of Light 1928ХХ
41768 Heyl P.R. A Redetermination of the Newtonian Constant of Gravitation 1927ХХ
41769 Kennedy R.J. A Refinement of the Michelson-Morley Experiment 1926ХХ
41770 Stouffer E.B. A Simple Derivation of Kroneckers Relation among the Minors of a Symmetric Determinant 1925ХХ
41771 Gibbs R.C., Shapiro C.V. A Spectroscopic Criterion for the Benzenoid Structure in Some Types of Triphenylmethane Derivatives 1927ХХ
41772 Wilson E.B., Luyten W.J. A Statistical Discussion of Sets of Precise Astronomical Measurements III; Masses of the Stars 1924ХХ
41773 Wilson E.B., Luyten W.J. A Statistical Discussion of Sets of Precise Astronomical Measurements IV 1924ХХ
41774 Cox R.T., Hubbard J.C. A Statistical Quantum Theory of Regular Reflection and Refraction 1925ХХ
41775 Payne C.H. A Synopsis of the Ionization Potentials of the Elements 1927ХХ
41776 Kronig R. A Theorem on Space Quantization 1926ХХ
41777 Birkhoff G.D. A Theory of Matter and Electricity 1927ХХ
41778 A field approach to the description of gravitational interaction n/aХХ
41779 Khavinson S.Y. A problem regarding the exact majorant n/aХХ
41780 Clark D.N. A similarity problem for Toeplitz operators n/aХХ
41781 Badger R.M. Absolute Intensities in the Hydrogen-Chloride Rotation Spectrum 1927ХХ
41782 Wadlund A.P.R. Absolute X-Ray Wave-Length Measurements 1928ХХ
41783 Absolutely summing operators from the disc algebra n/aХХ
41784 Sponer H. Absorption Bands in Nitrogen 1927ХХ
41785 McCurdy W.H. Absorption and Resonance Radiation in Excited Helium and the Structure of the 3889 Line 1926ХХ

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