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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40166 Dorlands C., Lasage R. Climate Change in Developing Countries 2006ХХ
40167 Bahr H., Heck B. Variance Component Estimation for Combination of Terrestrial Reference Frames 2007ХХ
40168 Zwieflhofer W., Kreitz N. Realizing Teracomputing: Proceedings of the Tenth Ecmwf Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computers in Meteorology 2003ХХ
40169 McNab C. Network Security Assessment 2007 ХХХ
40170 Rottman G.L. Soviet Field Fortifications 1941-1945 2007ХХ
40171 Boule P. Environmental Photochemistry. Part II 2005ХХ
40172 Conti P.S., Crowther P.A. From Luminous Hot Stars to Starburst Galaxies 2008 ХХХ
40173 Maa J. (Ed), Schoellhamer D. (Ed) Estuarine and Coastal Fine Sediment Dynamics: Intercoh 2003, Vol. 8 2006ХХ
40174  оллинз –. “ечение жидкостей через пористые материалы 1964ХХ
40175 Uspensky V.A. Post's Machine 1983ХХ
40176 Curtright T., Perlmutter A. Launching of la Belle Epoque of High Energy Physics and Cosmology 2005ХХ
40177 Mezzacappa A. Open Issues in Core Collapse Supernova Theory 2005ХХ
40178 Hudspeth R.T. Waves and Wave Forces on Coastal and Ocean Structures 2005ХХ
40179 Crowell L.B. Can Star Systems Be Explored? 2008ХХ
40180 Shapiro M.M. Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology, Proceedings of the 13th Course of the International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics 2004ХХ
40181 Colless M. The New Cosmology - Proceedings Of The 16th International Physics Summer School, Canberra 2005ХХ
40182 Kostelecky V.A. Third Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry 2005ХХ
40183 Carrigan R.A., Paver N. Non-Accelerator Astroparticle Physics 2005ХХ
40184 McCully J.C. Beyond the Moon: A Conversational, Common Sense Guide to Understanding the Tides 2006ХХ
40185 Barone M., Borchi E. Astroparticle, Particle and Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications 2006ХХ
40186 Choi H. Advanced in Geosciences, V5: Oceans and Atmosphe(OA) 2006ХХ
40187 Park N. Advanced in Geosciences, V4: Hydrological Science (HS) 2006ХХ
40188 Bhardwaj A. Advanced in Geoscience, V3: Planetary Science(Ps) 2006ХХ
40189 Ip W.-H., Duldig M. Advanced in Geosciences, V2: Solar Terrestrial(St) 2006ХХ
40190 Ip W.-H., Chen Y.-T. Advances in Geosciences Volume 1: Solid Earth (SE) 2006ХХ
40191 Rho M. Chiral Nuclear Dynamics II: From Quarks to Nuclei to Compact Stars 2008 ХХХ
40192 Ip W.-H., Park M. Advances in Geosciences: Hydrological Science, Vol. 6 2007ХХ
40193 Giovaninni M. A Primer on the Physics of the Cosmic Microwave Background 2008ХХ
40194 Ip W.-H. (Ed), Duldig M. (Ed) Advances in Geosciences: Solar Terrestrial, Vol. 8 2007ХХ
40195 Komarek A. A Bayesian analysis of multivariate doubly-interval-censored dental data 2005ХХ
40196 Van Kerkhove B., Lewis G.F. Dark Matter In Astroparticle and Particle Physics, Dark 2007: Proceedings of the 6th International Heidelberg Conference, University of Sydney, Australia 24 - 28 September 2007 2008ХХ
40197 Morris J.S. A Bayesian analysis of colonic crypt structure and coordinated response to carcinogen exposure incorporating missing crypts 2002ХХ
40198 Hithcock F.L. A Classification of Quadratic Vector Functions n/aХХ
40199 Denham M.C., Whittaker J. A Bayesian approach to disease gene location using allelic association 2003ХХ
40200 Ridpath I. (Ed) Dictionary of Astrononmy 1998 ХХХ
40201 Parson A.L. A Highly Sensitive Electrometer n/aХХ
40202 Johnson T.D. A Bayesian change-point analysis of electromyographic data: detecting muscle activation patterns and associated applications 2003ХХ
40203 Pedroza C. A Bayesian forecasting model: predicting U.S. male mortality 2006ХХ
40204 Noyes W.A. A Kinetic Hypothesis to Explain the Function of Electrons in the Chemical Combination of Atoms n/aХХ
40205 Johnson T.D., Taylor J.M.G. A Bayesian mixture model relating dose to critical organs and functional complication in 3D conformal radiation therapy 2005ХХ
40206 Bhowmick D., Davison A.C. A Laplace mixture model for identification of differential expression in microarray experiments 2006ХХ
40207 Davis B.M. A Method of Obtaining Complete Germination of Seeds in Oenothera and of Recording the Residue of Sterile Seed-Like Structures n/aХХ
40208 Moore R.L. A Character of Jordan Regions by Properties Having no Reference to Their Boundaries 1918ХХ
40209 Miller B.I. A New Canonical Form of the Elliptic Integral n/aХХ
40210 Bridgman P.W. A Comparison of Certain Electrical Properties of Ordinary and Uranium Lead 1919ХХ
40211 A New Instrument for Measuring Pressures in a Gun n/aХХ
40212 Bliss G.A. A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Existence of a Stieltjes Integral 1917ХХ
40213 Seares F.H. A Notation for use in the Discussion of Star Colors n/aХХ
40214 Wilson E.B. A General Theory of Surfaces 1916ХХ
40215 Miner J.R. A Note on the Fitting of Parabolas n/aХХ

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