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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
33912 Friedlander E.M., Stein M.R. Algebraic K-Theory 1981ХХ
33913 R.Goebel, A.Mader, L.Lady Abelian Group Theory 1983ХХ
33914 R.Goebel, E.Walker Abelian Group Theory 1981ХХ
33915 Jacobsen M. Point Process Theory and Applications: Marked Point and Piecewise Deterministic Processes 2006ХХ
33916 Leng M. (ed.), Paseau A. (ed.), Potter M. (ed.) Mathematical Knowledge 2008ХХ
33917 Kappraff J. Beyond Measure: A Guided Tour through Nature, Myth, and Number 2002ХХ
33918 Jager W. (ed.), Warnatz J. (ed.) Reactive Flows, Diffusion and Transport: From Experiments Via Mathematical Modeling to Numerical Simulation and Optimization 2006ХХ
33919 Kanatani K. Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice 1996ХХ
33920 Kato K., Kurokawa N., Saito T. Number Theory I. Fermat's Dream 1996ХХ
33921 Radzevich S.P. Kinematic Geometry of Surface Machining 2007ХХ
33922 Leugering C., Kunisch K., Sprekels J. Control of Coupled Partial Differential Equations 2007ХХ
33923 Kunz E. Introduction to Plane Algebraic Curves 2007ХХ
33924 Mishura Y.S. Stochastic Calculus for Fractional Brownian Motion and Related Processes 2008ХХ
33925 Haran S.M.J. Arithmetical Investigations: Representation Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Quantum Interpolations 2008ХХ
33926 Caffarelli L., Crandall M.G., Evans L.C. Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Lectures Given at the C. I. M. E. Summer School Held in Cetraro, Italy, June 27-July 2 2005 2008ХХ
33927 Auroux D., Catanese F., Manetti M. Symplectic 4-Manifolds and Algebraic Surfaces 2008ХХ
33928 Walters P. Ergodic Theory: Introductory Lectures 1975ХХ
33929 Lau D. Function Algebras on Finite Sets 2006ХХ
33930 Cremona L. Graphical Statics, Two Treatises on the Graphical Calculus and Reciprocal Figures in Graphical Statics 1890ХХ
33931 Roussarie R.H., Dumortier F., Sotomayor J. Bifurcations of Planar Vector Fields: Nilpotent Singularities and Abelian Integrals 1991ХХ
33932 Griffiths P.A., Morgan J.W. Rational Homotopy Theory and Differential Forms 1981ХХ
33933 Gross B.H. Arithmetic on Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication 1980ХХ
33934 Fichera G. Linear elliptic differential systems and eigenvalue problems 1965ХХ
33935 Treil S. Linear Algebra Done Wrong 2004ХХ
33936 Hansen G.A., Zardecki A., Douglass R.A. Mesh Enhancement: Selected Elliptic Methods, Foundations and Applications 2005ХХ
33937 Dieudonne J. Topics in Local Algebra 1967ХХ
33938 Luo A.C. (ed.), Dai L. (ed.), Hamidzadeh H.R. (ed.) Nonlinear Science and Complexity 2006ХХ
33939 Lynch S. Dynamical Systems with Applications Using MathematicaЃ 2007ХХ
33940 Cooper J. A Matlab Companion for Multivariable Calculus 2000ХХ
33941 Herz-Fischler R. A Mathematical History of the Golden Number 1998ХХ
33942 Herz-Fischler R. Shape of the Great Pyramid 2000ХХ
33943 Jackowski S. (ed.), Oliver R. (ed.), Pawalowski K. (ed.) Algebraic Topology, Poznan 1989 1991ХХ
33944 G.Labelle, Pierre Leroux Combinatoire Enumerative 1985ХХ
33945 Thompson J.E. Algebra for the Practical Man 1962 ХХХ
33946 Mache D.H., Szabados J., de Bruin M.G. Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation 2005ХХ
33947 Thompson J.E. Arithmetic for the Practical Man 1962 ХХХ
33948 Thompson J.E. Calculus for the Practical Man 1946 ХХХ
33949 MacNeil D.B. Modern Mathematics for the Practical Man 1963ХХ
33950 Thompson J.E. Trigonometry for the Practical Man 1962ХХ
33951 Simon M. Probability Distributions Involving Gaussian Random Variables 2002ХХ
33952 Mathematical Formula Tables 1999 ХХХ
33953 Capriz G. (ed.), Giovine P. (ed.), Mariano P.M. (ed.) Mathematical Models of Granular Matter 2008ХХ
33954 Jager W. Mathematics Key Technology for the Future: Joint Projects between Universities and Industry 2004 -2007 2008ХХ
33955 Livsic M.S., Waksman L.L. Commuting Nonselfadjoint Operations in Hilbert Space 1980ХХ
33956 McCarthy J.M., Wiggins S. (Ed), Sirovich L. Geometric Design of Linkages 2000 ХХХ
33957 Light W.A., Cheney E.W. Approximation Theory in Tensor Product Spaces 1985ХХ
33958 Mennicke J.L. Burnside Groups 1980ХХ
33959 McAvaney K.L. (Ed) Combinatorial Mathematics: Proceedings 1981ХХ
33960 Searcid M. Metric Spaces 2006ХХ
33961 Chueshov I. Monotone Random Systems: Theory and Applications 2002ХХ

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