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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123908 Monti F., Jauslin H.R. Master Equations for Subordinated Processes 1990ХХ
123909 Claes I., Van den Broeck C. Random Walk with Persistence 1987ХХ
123910 Keskin M., Meijer P. Evaluation and Comparison of Critical Lines for Various Models of Gas-Liquid Binary Systems 1992ХХ
123911 Erpenbeck J., Wood W. Molecular Dynamics Calculations of Shear Viscosity Time-Correlation Functions for Hard Spheres 1981ХХ
123912 Bishop A.R. The Cavity Method for the Rigidity Transition 2005ХХ
123913 Tuyen D.Q. Ergodie Properties of the Multidimensional Rayleigh Gas with a Semipermeable Barrier 1990ХХ
123914 Shen H. Stationary Turbulent Closure via the Hopf Functional Equation 1991ХХ
123915 Hut P., Heggie D.C. Orbital Divergence and Relaxation in the Gravitational N-Body Problem 2002ХХ
123916 Contucci P. An Analyticity Bound for Two-Dimensional Ising Model at Low Temperature 1996ХХ
123917 Coninck J.D., Dunlop F. Fluctuation Susceptibility Relations for Classical Spin Systems 1985ХХ
123918 Garrido P.L., Labarta A. Stationary Nonequilibrium States in the Ising Model with Locally Competing Temperatures 1987ХХ
123919 Devillard P. Interface Motion in a Two-Dimensional Ising Model with a Field 1991ХХ
123920 Collet P., Galves A. Statistics of Close Visits to the Indifferent Fixed Point of an Interval Map 1993ХХ
123921 Kenkre V.M. Master Equation Techniques for Exciton Motion, Relaxation, Capture, and Annihilation 1983ХХ
123922 Baxter R.J. Addendum to: УTransfer Matrix Functional Relations for the Generalized τ2(tq) Model, Journal of Statistical Physics 117, 1Ц25 (2004)Ф 2006ХХ
123923 Appignanesi G., Montani R. Glassy Relaxation Dynamics and Ruggedness beyond the Ultrametric Limit 1998ХХ
123924 Wojtkiewicz J. Phase Diagram of the Two-dimensional tЦt' Falicov-Kimball Mode 2006ХХ
123925 Mandelbrot B.B. Comment on the Equivalence between Fracton/Spectral Dimensionality, and the Dimensionality of Recurrence 1984ХХ
123926 Singh H.B. Structure and Thermodynamics of the Classical One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
123927 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
123928 Cichocki B., Felderhof B.U. Three-Body Problem in the Theory of the Dielectric Constant 1989ХХ
123929 de la Selva S.M.T., Lindenberg K. Correlated Random Walks 19888ХХ
123930 Benioff P. Quantum Mechanical Hamiltonian Models of Turing Machines 1982ХХ
123931 Nambu Y. Spontaneous Breaking of Lie and Current Algebras 2004ХХ
123932 Dimits A., Krommes J. Stochastic Particle Acceleration and Statistical Closures 1986ХХ
123933 Weinstein E., Benaroya H. The van Kampen Expansion for the Fokker-Planck Equation of a Duffing Oscillator Excited by Colored Noise 1994ХХ
123934 Kuksin S. The Eulerian Limit for 2D Statistical Hydrodynamics 2004ХХ
123935 Imbrie J.Z., Spencer T. Diffusion of Directed Polymers in a Random Environment 1988ХХ
123936 Okabe Y. On the Theory of Brownian Motion with the Alder-Wainwright Effect 1986ХХ
123937 Prodan E., Nordlander P. On the Kohn-Sham Equations with Periodic Background Potentials 2003ХХ
123938 Benfatto G., Mastropietro V. Ward Identities and Vanishing of the Beta Function for d =1 Interacting Fermi Systems 2004ХХ
123939 Bach V., Moller J. Correlation at Low Temperature: II. Asymptotics 2004ХХ
123940 Del Rio J.L. Regression Law and the Renormalization of the Transport Coefficients 1984ХХ
123941 Bandyopadhyay M., Dattagupta S. Dissipative DiamagnetismЧA Case Study for Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 2006ХХ
123942 Johnson W., Voorhees P.W. Interfacial Stress, Interfacial Energy, and Phase Equilibria in Binary Alloys 1999ХХ
123943 Cavallaro G., Marchioro C., Spitoni C. Dynamics of Infinitely Many Particles Mutually Interacting in Three Dimensions via a Bounded Superstable Long-Range Potential 2005ХХ
123944 Domb C., Lebowitz J.L. Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena 1989ХХ
123945 Martin Ph.A., Piasecki J. One-Dimensional Ballistic Aggregation: Rigorous Long-Time Estimates 1994ХХ
123946 Chang S.-C., Jacobsen J. Exact Potts Model Partition Functions for Strips of the Triangular Lattice 2004ХХ
123947 Ziegler D. Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations 1993ХХ
123948 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 70th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1994ХХ
123949 Steif J. Two Applications of Percolation to Cellular Automata 1995ХХ
123950 Cacciuto A., Gregory E. The Renormalization Group and Its Finite Lattice Approximations 1999ХХ
123951 Ledrappier F., Porzio A. On the Muitifractal Analysis of Bernoulli Convolutions. I. Large-Deviation Results 1996ХХ
123952 Dambrine S., Moreau M. On the Stationary Distribution of a Stochastic Chemical Process without Detailed Balance 1981ХХ
123953 Ford G.W. Canonical Commutator and Mass Renormalization 1989ХХ
123954 Belinicher V. Computing the Scaling Exponents in Fluid Turbulence from First Principles: Demonstration of Multiscaling 1998ХХ
123955 Cerchiai B. L. Knot Invariants Associated with a Particular N -> inf Continuous Limit of the Baxter-Bazhanov Model 1995ХХ
123956 Delyon F., Foulon P. Adiabatic Theory, Liapunov Exponents, and Rotation Number for Quadratic Hamiltonians 1987ХХ
123957 Ferrari P., Lebowitz J.L. On the Positivity of Correlations in Nonequilibrium Spin Systems 1988ХХ

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