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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123984 van Kampen N.G. Onsager Relations for Transport in Inhomogeneous Media 1991ХХ
123985 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1988ХХ
123986 Machacek M. Dynamical Systems with Relaxation Time 1987ХХ
123987 Hinrichsen E., Feder J. Geometry of Random Sequential Adsorption 1986ХХ
123988 Penna T.J.P., de Oliveira P.M.C. Fully Parallel Code for Monte Carlo Simulation 1990ХХ
123989 Schulman L.S. Time's Arrows and Quantum Measurement 1998ХХ
123990 Gacs P. A Toom Rule That Increases the Thickness of Sets 1990ХХ
123991 Bandt C., Pompe B. The Entropy Profilem - A Function Describing Statistical Dependences 1993ХХ
123992 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2003ХХ
123993 Cahn J.W., Novick-Cohen A. Evolution Equations for Phase Separation and Ordering in Binary Alloys 1994ХХ
123994 Mandelbrot B.B. The (mis)Behavior of Markets 2006ХХ
123995 Toth B. Upper Bound on the Condensate in the Hard-Core Bose Lattice Gas 1991ХХ
123996 Zumofen G., Klafter J., Blumen A. Trapping Aspects in Enhanced Diffusion 1991ХХ
123997 Boukraa S., Maillard J.-M. Let's Baxterise 2001ХХ
123998 Aqua J.-N., Cornu F. Density Profiles in a Classical Coulomb Fluid Near a Dielectric Wall. II. Weak-Coupling Systematic Expansions 2001ХХ
123999 Gravner J., McDonald E. Bootstrap Percolation in a Polluted Environment 1997ХХ
124000 Coninck J.D., Dunlop F., Menu F. Exact Results for a Meniscus in a Three-Phase System Within an SOS-Type Approximation 1990ХХ
124001 Zinn-Justin P. The Dilute Potts Model on Random Surfaces 2000ХХ
124002 Dieterich W. Superionic Conductors 1985ХХ
124003 Rytov S.M. Principles of Radiophysics 1989ХХ
124004 Lefever R., Turner J.Wm., Lugiato L.A. Influence of Frequency Noise on Nascent Hysteresis in Optical Bistability 1987ХХ
124005 Durhuus B. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Lattice Models of Two-Dimensional Membranes 1989ХХ
124006 George C. Vacuum Subdynamics in Large Quantum Systems 1987ХХ
124007 Camus B. Spectral Fluctuations of Schrodinger Operators Generated by Critical Points of the Potential 2006ХХ
124008 Kupferman R. Fractional Kinetics in KacЦZwanzig Heat Bath Models 2004ХХ
124009 Ould-Lemrabott M. Effect of the Block-Spin Configuration on the Location of b_c in Two-Dimensional Ising Models 1997ХХ
124010 Heumann M. Generalization of an Aging Model 1995ХХ
124011 Bobylev A., Cercignani C. On the Rate of Entropy Production for the Boltzmann Equation 1999ХХ
124012 Shklovskii B.I., Spivak B.Z. Effect of Impurity Scattering of a Tunneling Electron on Variable-Range Hopping Conduction 1985ХХ
124013 Derrida B., Enaud C., Lebowitz J.L. The Asymmetric Exclusion Process and Brownian Excursions 2004ХХ
124014 Lebowitz J.L. Simple Models of Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Phenomena 1988ХХ
124015 Roy R., Sarkar A., White D. Backbends in Directed Percolation 1998ХХ
124016 O'Connor D., Stephens C.R., Bray A.J. Dimensional Crossover in the Large-N Limit 1997ХХ
124017 Constantinescu F. The Supersymmetric Transfer Matrix for Linear Chains with Nondiagonal Disorder 1988ХХ
124018 Dotsenko VI.S. Critical Behavior and Associated Conformal Algebra of the Z_3 Potts Model 1984ХХ
124019 Stillinger F., Lubachevsky B. Crystalline-Amorphous Interface Packings for Disks and Spheres 1993ХХ
124020 Valli A., Koponen A., Vesala T. Simulations of Water Flow Through Bordered Pits of Conifer Xylem 2002ХХ
124021 Riela G. Transitions Tori-Chaos Through Collisions with Hyperbolic Orbits 1985ХХ
124022 Preliberg T., Owczarek A.L. Stacking Models of Vesicles and Compact Clusters 1995ХХ
124023 Wu F.Y. Two-Dimensional Ising Model with Crossing and Four-Spin Interactions and a Magnetic i(pi/2) kT 1986ХХ
124024 Ruelle D. Positivity of Entropy Production in the Presence of a Random Thermostat 1997ХХ
124025 Livi R., Maritan A., Ruffo S. The Spectrum of a One-Dimensional Hierarchical Model 1988ХХ
124026 Roepstorff G., Schulman L. S. Metastability and Analyticity in a Dropletlike Model 1983ХХ
124027 Katori M., Inui N., Komatsu G. Hypergeometric Series in a Series Expansion of the Directed-Bond Percolation Probability on the Square Lattice 1996ХХ
124028 OТConnell R. F. Does the Third Law of Thermodynamics Hold in the Quantum Regime? 2006ХХ
124029 Szatzschneider W. The Motion of a Tagged Particle and Nonhomogeneous Media in R 1993ХХ
124030 Xuguang Lu On Isotropic Distributional Solutions to the Boltzmann Equation for Bose-Einstein Particles 2004ХХ
124031 Lucilla de Arcangelis, Antonio Coniglio Infinite Hierarchy of Exponents in a Two-Component Random Resistor Network 1987ХХ
124032 Future Contributions to Journal of Stadstical Physics 1984ХХ
124033 Author Index for Journal of Statistical Physics (2000) 2000ХХ

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