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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123358 Deutsch H.-P. Optimized Analysis of the Critical Behavior in Polymer Mixtures from Monte Carlo Simulations 1992ХХ
123359 Alberti P.M., Crell B. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and H Theorems 1984ХХ
123360 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Fluctuations in Coagulating Systems 1987ХХ
123361 Boukraa S., Maillard J.-M., Rollet G. Discrete Symmetry Groups of Vertex Models in Statistical Mechanics 1995ХХ
123362 Abraham D.B., Smith E.R. An Exactly Solved Model with a Wetting Transition 1986ХХ
123363 Liverani C., Turchetti G. Improved KAM Estimates for the Siegel Radius 1986ХХ
123364 Brender C., Ben-Avraham D., Havlin S. Study of Monte Carlo Methods for Generating Self-Avoiding Walks 1983ХХ
123365 Levesque D., Weis J.J. Surface Properties of the Three-Dimensional One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
123366 Owczarek A.L., Preilberg T., Brak R. The Tricritical Behavior of Self-Interacting Partially Directed Walks 1993ХХ
123367 Kirkpatrick T.R., Belitz D., Sengers J.V. Long-Time Tails, Weak Localization, and Classical and Quantum Critical Behavior 2002ХХ
123369 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2004ХХ
123370 Mogilner A., Verzi D.W. A Simple 1-D Physical Model for the Crawling Nematode Sperm Cell 2003ХХ
123371 Dobrushin R.L., Kotecky R., Shlosman S.B. A Microscopic Justification of the Wulff Construction 1993ХХ
123372 Taucher T., Frankel N.E. Quenched n-Vector p-Spin Model 1993ХХ
123373 Batchelor M.T., Barber M.N., Pearce P.A. Bethe Ansatz Calculations for the Eight-Vertex Model on a Finite Strip 1987ХХ
123374 Serrano M., Espanol P., Zuniga I. Voronoi Fluid Particle Model for Euler Equations 2005ХХ
123375 Alastuey A., Ballenegger V., Cornu F. Screened Cluster Expansions for Partially Ionized Gases 2003ХХ
123376 Racz Z. Presence of Energy Flux in Quantum Spin Chains: An Experimental Signature 2000ХХ
123377 The Linear Fokker-Planck Equation for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process as an (Almost) Nonlinear Kinetic Equation for an Isolated N-Particle System 2006ХХ
123378 Costa-Santos R., \McCoy B.M. Finite Size Corrections for the Ising Model on Higher Genus Triangular Lattices 2003ХХ
123379 Eizenberg A., Kifer Y. Large Deviations for Probabilistic Cellular Automata II 2004ХХ
123380 Snider R.F. Conversion Between Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy in the Classical Nonlocal Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
123381 Bramson M. Random Walk in Random Environment: A Counterexample without Potential 1991ХХ
123382 Liu Q.-H., Tan B., Wen Z.-X. Measure Zero Spectrum of a Class of Schrödinger Operators 2002ХХ
123383 Eliazar I., Klafter J. Lévy-Driven Langevin Systems: Targeted Stochasticity 2003ХХ
123384 Datta N., Messager A., Nachtergaele B. Rigidity of Interfaces in the Falicov-Kimball Model 2000ХХ
123385 Fitzgerald M., Picard R.R., Silver R.N. Monte Carlo Transition Dynamics and Variance Reduction 2000ХХ
123386 Brydges D.C., Imbrie J.Z. Dimensional Reduction Formulas for Branched Polymer Correlation Functions 2003ХХ
123387 de Aguiar M.A.M. Invasion and Extinction in the Mean Field Approximation for a Spatial Host-Pathogen Model 2004ХХ
123388 Ershov S.V. Asymptotic Theory of Multidimensional Chaos 1992ХХ
123389 Conlan F.J. The Sub Master Equation 1982ХХ
123390 Seta T., Takahashi R. Numerical Stability Analysis of FDLBM 2002ХХ
123391 ben-Avraham D., Kohler J. The Dimer-Trimer Model for Heterogeneous Catalysis 1991ХХ
123392 Book Review: Order with& Chaos 1988ХХ
123393 Mukamel S. On the Expansion of Linear Response Functions-- Application to Electrical Conductivity of Disordered Metals 1982ХХ
123394 Dufty J.W., Brey J.J. GreenЦKubo Expressions for a Granular Gas 2002ХХ
123395 Streater R.F. A Boltzmann Map for Quantum Oscillators 1987ХХ
123396 Georgii H.-O. Spontaneous Magnetization of Randomly Dilute Ferromagnets 1981ХХ
123397 Matkowsky B.J., Schuss Z., Tier C. Uniform Expansion of the Transition Rate in Kramers' Problem 1984ХХ
123398 Golden K., Goldstein S., Lebowitz J.L. Diffusion in a Periodic Potential with a Local Perturbation 1988ХХ
123399 Lima R., Naudts J. Spontaneous Translation Symmetry Breakdown for Quantum Lattice Systems 1985ХХ
123400 Jullien R., Kolb M., Herrmann H. CECAM-Workshop on Kinetic Models for Cluster Formation: Orsay, September 17-28, 1984 1985ХХ
123401 Ritchie T.L. Construction of the Thermodynamic Jamming Limit for the Parking Process and Other Exclusion Schemes on Z^d 2006ХХ
123402 Book Review 1982ХХ
123403 Frosali G., van der Mee C.V.M. Scattering Theory Relevant to the Linear Transport of Particle Swarms 1989ХХ
123404 Addendum and Erratum 1986ХХ
123405 Dedication 1990ХХ
123406 Pandey R.B. Computer Simulation of Irreversible Kinetic Gelation: Crossover between Random and Kinetic Growth, Radical Conservation, Poisons, and Chain-Preferred Reactions 1984ХХ
123407 Saleur H., Itzykson C. Two-Dimensional Field Theories Close to Criticality 1987ХХ

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