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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122475 Machta J. Renormalization Group Approach to Random Walks on Disordered Lattices 1983ХХ
122476 Dereudre D., Roelly S. Propagation of Gibbsianness for Infinite-dimensional Gradient Brownian Diffusions 2005ХХ
122477 Havlin S., Ben-Avraham D., Movshovitz D. Percolation on Infinitely Ramified Fractals 1984ХХ
122478 Horita V., Viana M. Hausdorff Dimension of Non-Hyperbolic Repellers. I: Maps with Holes 2001ХХ
122479 Schlogl F. Addendum: The Variance of Information Loss as a Characteristic Quantity of Dynamical Chaos 1987ХХ
122480 Fantoni R., Jancovici B., Téllez G. Pressures for a One-Component Plasma on a Pseudosphere 2003ХХ
122481 Zumofen G., Klafter J., Blumen A. Transient A + B -> 0 Reaction on Fractals: Stochastic and Deterministic Aspects 1991ХХ
122482 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1997ХХ
122483 Salas J. Low-Temperature Series for Renormalized Operators: The Ferromagnetic Square-Lattice Ising Model 1995ХХ
122484 Anh V.V., Leonenko N.N. Spectral Analysis of Fractional Kinetic Equations with Random Data 2001ХХ
122485 Deem M., Chandler D. Classical Diffusion in Strong Random Media 1994ХХ
122486 Babovsky H. On Knudsen Flows within Thin Tubes 1986ХХ
122487 Buisara, A.R., Lindenberg K., Shuler K.E. Spectral Analysis of a Nonlinear Oscillator Driven by Random and Periodic Forces. I. Linearized Theory 1982ХХ
122488 Gibson W.G. Third Virial Coefficient for Quantum Hard Spheres: Two-Point Pad Approximants for Direct and Exchange Parts 1981ХХ
122489 Korshunov S.E., Uimin G.V. Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Uniformly Frustrated XY Models. I. Antiferromagnetic Model on a Triangular Lattice 1986ХХ
122490 Jacobsen J.L., Kondev J. Transition from the Compact to the Dense Phase of Two-Dimensional Polymers 1999ХХ
122491 van Kampen N.G. Brownian Motion on a Manifold 1986ХХ
122492 Kiefer J., Visscher P.B. Tail Shortening by Discrete Hydrodynamics 1982ХХ
122493 Aizenstadt V.V., Malyshev V.A. Spin Interaction with an Ideal Fermi Gas 1987ХХ
122494 Boley C.D., Scully M.O. The Statistical Mechanical Resolution of a Thermodynamic "Paradox '' 1981ХХ
122495 Mikhailov A.S. Quantum Field Methods in the Theory of Diffusion-Controlled Reactions 1985ХХ
122496 Hasenbusch M., Meyer S., Putz M. The Roughening Transition of the Three-Dimensional Ising Interface: A Monte Carlo Study 1996ХХ
122497 Posch H.A., Narnhofer H. Externally Perturbed Unstable Systems 1991ХХ
122498 Meunier C., Verga A.D. Noise and Bifurcations 1988ХХ
122499 Book Review: The Noisy Oscillator 2006ХХ
122500 Phythian R., Curtis W.D. A Variational Approach to Stochastic Nonlinear Problems 1986ХХ
122501 Michel J., Robert R. Statistical Mechanical Theory of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter 1994ХХ
122502 Roncaglia R., Bonci L., Grigolini P. Chaos and Quantum Irreversibility 1992ХХ
122503 Book Review: BoseЦEinstein Condensation 2004ХХ
122504 Goldberg A. Medium-Dependent Dynamics in Fermi Systems from a Pair-Composite Viewpoint 1983ХХ
122505 Book Review: Path Integrals in Physics 2003ХХ
122506 Stroock D., Zegarlinski B. On the Ergodic Properties of Glauber Dynamics 1995ХХ
122507 Stadje W. The Exact Probability Distribution of a Two-Dimensional Random Walk 1987ХХ
122508 Nummelin E. Kink Movements and Percolation in the Binary Additive Cellular Automaton 1994ХХ
122509 Posazhennikova A.I., Indekeu J.O. Cross-Over Between First-Order and Critical Wetting at the Liquid-Vapour Interface of n-Alkane/Methanol Mixtures: Tricritical Wetting and Critical Prewetting 2003ХХ
122510 Slemrod M. Renormalization of the Chapman-Enskog Expansion: Isothermal Fluid Flow and Rosenau Saturation 1998ХХ
122511 DuBois D.F., Pesme D. Stability of Ion Acoustic Turbulent States 1985ХХ
122512 Dermoune A. The Inviscid Burgers Equation with Initial Value of Poissonian Type 1997ХХ
122513 Kooiman A., van Leeuwen J.M.J. Free Fermion Approximation for the Ising Model with Further-Neighbor Interactions on a Triangular Lattice 1992ХХ
122514 Figotin A. The Localization Properties of a Random Steady Flow on a Lattice 1992ХХ
122515 Baxter R.J. Superintegrable Chiral Potts Model: Thermodynamic Properties, an "Inverse" Model, and a Simple Associated Hamiltonian 1989ХХ
122516 Schrader R. On the Euler Characteristics of Random Surfaces 1985ХХ
122517 Zhang M.Q., Percus J.K. Inhomogeneous Ising Model on a Multiconnected Network 1989ХХ
122518 Karner G. Quantum and Classical Evolutions of a Nonautonomous Dynamical System - A Comparison 1999ХХ
122519 Rice S.A. Active Control of Molecular Dynamics: Coherence versus Chaos 2000ХХ
122520 Figari R., Holden H., Teta A. A Law of Large Numbers and a Central Limit Theorem for the Schriidinger Operator with Zero-Range Potentials 1988ХХ
122521 Radin C. Symmetries of Quasicrystals 1999ХХ
122522 Book Review: Statistical MechanicsЦA Survival Guide 2002ХХ
122523 Percus O.E., Percus J.K. Phase Transition in a Four-Dimensional Random Walk with Application to Medical Statistics 1983ХХ
122524 E W., Liu D. Gibbsian Dynamics and Invariant Measures for Stochastic Dissipative PDEs 2002ХХ

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