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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122325 Márton Balázs Microscopic Shape of Shocks in a Domain Growth Model 2001ХХ
122326 M. Broidioi, M. Van Canneyt Scaling of Fluctuations and Critical Exponents 1995ХХ
122327 A. Comtet, J. Desbois, C. Monthus Asymptotic Laws for the Winding Angles of Planar Brownian Motion 1993ХХ
122328 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
122329 Snider R. F. A Reinterpretation of Dense Gas Kinetic Theory 1990ХХ
122330 Ilya Zaliapin, Vladimir Keilis-Borok, Michael Ghil A Boolean Delay Equation Model of Colliding Cascades. Part I: Multiple Seismic Regimes 2002ХХ
122331 Pesheva N. C., Yitzhak Shnidman, Zia R. K. P. A Maximum Entropy Mean Field Method for Driven Diffusive Systems 1992ХХ
122332 Book Review: Statistical Physics for Cosmic Structures 2006ХХ
122333 Cummings P. T., Wright C. C. Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike Equation for a Soft- Core Yukawa Fluid. III. A Restricted Model for Electrolytes and Fused Salts 1980ХХ
122334 Program of the 75th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1997ХХ
122335 Meunier C. Nonlinear Coupling of Waves in a Plasma in a Strong Dissipation Limit 1985ХХ
122336 Yasuhiro Inoue, Yu Chen, Hirotada Ohashi Development of a Simulation Model for Solid Objects Suspended in a Fluctuating Fluid 2001ХХ
122337 Weron A., Weron K., Woyczynski W. A. Relaxation Functions in Dipolar Materials 1994ХХ
122338 Angel Alastuey Mean Field Kinetic Theory of a Classical Electron Gas in a Periodic Potential. II. Qualitative Analysis of the Mean-Field Solution in One Dimension 1987ХХ
122339 Neal Madras, Alan D. Sokal Nonergodicity of Local, Length-Conserving Monte Carlo Algorithms for the Self-Avoiding Walk 1987ХХ
122340 Bernard Helffer, Johannes Sjostrand On the Correlation for Kac-like Models in the Convex Case 1993ХХ
122341 Batchelor M. T., Guan X.-W., Oelkers N. Quantum Phase Diagram of an Exactly Solved Mixed Spin Ladder 2003ХХ
122342 Cichocki B., Felderhof B. U. Renormalized Cluster Expansion for Multiple Scattering in Disordered Systems 1988ХХ
122343 Book Review: Evolution, Games, and Learning 1987ХХ
122344 Sergei Kuksin, Oliver Penrose A Family of Balance Relations for the Two-Dimensional NavierЦStokes Equations with Random Forcing 2004ХХ
122345 Miiller V. F. One-Dimensional Chiral Models with First-Order Phase Transitions 1992ХХ
122346 Lauwers J., Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V. A. BoseЦEinstein Condensation for Homogeneous Interacting Systems with a One-Particle Spectral Gap 2003ХХ
122347 Chazottes J.-R., Redig F. Occurrence, Repetition and Matching of Patterns in the Low-temperature Ising Model 2005ХХ
122348 Blomberg C. Some Properties of Stochastic Equations for Coupled Chemical Reactions Far from Equilibrium 1979ХХ
122349 Gruber C., Ueltschi D. Molecule Formation and the Farey Tree in the One-Dimensional Falicov-Kimball Model 1994ХХ
122350 Author Index for Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
122351 M. Frankowicz, G. Nicolis Transient Evolution Towards a Unique Stable State: Stochastic Analysis of Explosive Behavior in a Chemical System 1983ХХ
122352 Frohlich J. The Phase Transition in the Discrete Gaussian Chain with l/r^2 Interaction Energy 1990ХХ
122353 Takashi Hara, Gordon Slade On the Upper Critical Dimension of Lattice Trees and Lattice Animals 1990ХХ
122354 Karl W. Kratky Explicit and Implicit Finiteness Corrections of Virial Coefficients 1984ХХ
122355 Book Review: Van der Waals Forces: A Handbook for Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, and Physicists 2006ХХ
122356 Pablo A. Ferrari Invariance Principle for a Solid-on-Solid Interface Model 1987ХХ
122357 Wolfram Just Equilibrium Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices: A Pedestrian Approach 2001ХХ
122358 Enrique Daniel Andjel, Maria Eulfilia Vares Hydrodynamic Equations for Attractive Particle Systems on Z 1986ХХ
122359 Carol Bezuidenhout, Geoffrey Grimmett Percolation and Minimal Spanning Trees 1997ХХ
122360 Newman C. M., Stein D. L. Equilibrium Pure States and Nonequilibrium Chaos 1998ХХ
122361 Marder M . Energies of a Kinked Crack Line 1998ХХ
122362 Olarrea J., Parrondo J. M. R. Escape Statistics for Systems Driven by Dichotomous Noise. I. General Theory 1994ХХ
122363 T. Szered Hard Chaos and Adiabatic Quantization: The Wedge Billiard 1995ХХ
122364 Joel L. Lebowitz, Harvey A. Rose Statistical Mechanics of the Nonlinear Schr6dinger Equation. II. Mean Field Approximation 1988ХХ
122365 Scott R. Anderson, Gene F. Mazenko Construction of Simple Approximants for the Structure Factor and Magnetization for the Simple Cubic Ising Model 1983ХХ
122366 Franc ois Germinet Dynamical Localization II with an Application to the Almost Mathieu Operator 1998ХХ
122367 Tirapegui E., Van den Broeck C. A Thermochemical Instability. II. Inhomogeneous Fluctuations 1986ХХ
122368 Carlen E. A., Carvalho M. C., Orlandi E. Algebraic Rate of Decay for the Excess Free Energy and Stability of Fronts for a Nonlocal Phase Kinetics Equation with a Conservation Law. I 1998ХХ
122369 Chernov N. I. Ergodic and Statistical Properties of Piecewise Linear Hyperbolic Automorphisms of the 2-Torus 1992ХХ
122370 Book Review: Moment Methods in Many-Fermion Systems 1982ХХ
122371 D. Dolgopyat Entropy of Coupled Map Lattices 1996ХХ
122372 Philip de Smedt The Effect of Repulsive Interactions on Bose-Einstein Condensation 1986ХХ
122373 Sergio Caracciolo, Giorgio Parisi, Andrea Pelissetto Random Walks with Short-Range Interaction and Mean-Field Behavior 1994ХХ
122374 Francois Bavaud Statistical Mechanics of Viscoelasticity 1986ХХ

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