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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122283 Meeting Announcements 1983ХХ
122284 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. On the Dielectric Susceptibility of Classical Coulomb Systems. II 1987ХХ
122285 Fritter D., Knobler C.M., Roux D. Computer Simulations of the Growth of Breath Figures 1988ХХ
122286 Preface 2000ХХ
122287 Mathematics Department, University of Melbourne Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1985ХХ
122288 Peitgen H.O., Jurgens H., Saupe D. Book Review: Chaos and Fractals 1993ХХ
122289 Gielerak R., Olkiewicz R. Gentle Perturbations of the Free Bose Gas. I 1995ХХ
122290 lto H.M., Ogura Y., Tomisaki M. Stretched-Exponential Decay Laws of General Defect Diffusion Models 1992ХХ
122291 Rajagopal A.K., Ngai K.L., Rendell R.W. Nonexponential Decay in Relaxation Phenomena 1983ХХ
122292 Holovko M.F., Trokhymehuk A.D., Protsykevich I.A. The Laplace Transform of the MSA Pair Distribution Functions between Macroions in an Ion-Dipole Fluid 1993ХХ
122293 Presutti E., Wick W.D. Macroscopic Stochastic Fluctuations in a One-Dimensional Mechanical System 1988ХХ
122294 Walsh C., Ray T.S., Jan N. Anomalous Biennial Oscillations in a Fisher Equation with a Discretized Verhulst Term 1995ХХ
122295 Ge H., Jiang D.-Q., Qian M. A Simple Discrete Model of Brownian Motors: Time-periodic Markov Chains 2006ХХ
122296 France M.M. The Ising Chain with Nonconstant External Field 1986ХХ
122297 Dowell F. Overview of Partial Orientational and Positional Ordering in Concentrated Systems 1991ХХ
122298 Konno N., Katori M. Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model 2000ХХ
122299 Grassberger P., Scheunert M. Some More Universal Scaling Laws for Critical Mappings 1981ХХ
122300 Adler J., Meir Y., Aharony A. Low-Concentration Series in General Dimension 1990ХХ
122301 Kiessling M.K.-H. Electromagnetic Field Theory without Divergence Problems 2. A Least Invasively Quantized Theory 2004ХХ
122302 Tóth B., Valkó B. Onsager Relations and Eulerian Hydrodynamic Limit for Systems with Several Conservation Laws 2003ХХ
122303 Dale A.F., Vails O.T. The Role of Dimensionality in the Kinetic Ising Model of Spinodal Decomposition: Evidence from Zero-Temperature Quenches 1987ХХ
122304 Zou Q., Hou S., Doolen G.D. Analytical Solutions of the Lattice Boltzmann BGK Model 1995ХХ
122305 Mukhopadhyay S., Sahimi M. Scaling Behavior of Permeability and Conductivity Anisotropy near the Percolation Threshold 1994ХХ
122306 de Monvel-Berthier A.B., Dita P. Brownian Motion Near an Absorbing Sphere 1991ХХ
122307 Bao J.-D. Semi-Integral Scheme for Simulation of Langevin Equation with Weak Inertia 2000ХХ
122308 van der Sman R. G. M., Ernst M. H. Diffusion Lattice Boltzmann Scheme on a Orthorhombic Lattice 1998ХХ
122309 Corrado Falcolini, Rafael de la Llave A Rigorous Partial Justification of Greene's Criterion 1991ХХ
122310 Stuart A. M., Warren J. O. Analysis and Experiments for a Computational Model of a Heat Bath 1999ХХ
122311 B. Rider Fluctuations in the Thermodynamic Limit of Focussing Cubic Schrödinger 2003ХХ
122312 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2000ХХ
122313 Book Review: A Survey of Thermodynamics 1996ХХ
122314 Andrea Gamba, Igor V. Kolokolov Dissipation Statistics of a Passive Scalar in a Multidimensional Smooth Flow 1998ХХ
122315 Alan M. Ferrenberg, Landau D. P. Statistical and Systematic Errors in Monte Carlo Sampling 1990ХХ
122316 van Enter A. C. D., van Hemmen Absence of Phase Transitions in Certain One-Dimensional Long-Range Random Systems 1984ХХ
122317 Book Review: Approximation of Population Processes 1982ХХ
122318 Nigel Goldenfeld, Alan McKane, Qing Hou Block Spins for Partial Differential Equations 1998ХХ
122319 Book Review: Stability of Thermodynamic Systems 1983ХХ
122320 Abel Klein, Stanislav Molchanov Simplicity of Eigenvalues in the Anderson Model 2005ХХ
122321 Twelfth West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1986ХХ
122322 Eugene R. Speer Asymmetric Abelian Sandpile Models 1992ХХ
122323 Lübeck S., Willmann R. D. Universal Scaling Behavior of Directed Percolation around the Upper Critical Dimension 2003ХХ
122324 Philip W. Anderson, F. Duncan M. Haldane The Symmetries of Fermion Fluids at Low Dimensions 2000ХХ
122325 Márton Balázs Microscopic Shape of Shocks in a Domain Growth Model 2001ХХ
122326 M. Broidioi, M. Van Canneyt Scaling of Fluctuations and Critical Exponents 1995ХХ
122327 A. Comtet, J. Desbois, C. Monthus Asymptotic Laws for the Winding Angles of Planar Brownian Motion 1993ХХ
122328 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
122329 Snider R. F. A Reinterpretation of Dense Gas Kinetic Theory 1990ХХ
122330 Ilya Zaliapin, Vladimir Keilis-Borok, Michael Ghil A Boolean Delay Equation Model of Colliding Cascades. Part I: Multiple Seismic Regimes 2002ХХ
122331 Pesheva N. C., Yitzhak Shnidman, Zia R. K. P. A Maximum Entropy Mean Field Method for Driven Diffusive Systems 1992ХХ
122332 Book Review: Statistical Physics for Cosmic Structures 2006ХХ

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