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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121708 Remo Badii, Antonio Politi Statistical Description of Chaotic Attractors: The Dimension Function 1984ХХ
121709 Oliver Penrose, George Stell Close to Close Packing 1999ХХ
121710 Bru J.-B., Zagrebnov V. A. On Condensations in the Bogoliubov Weakly Imperfect Bose Gas 1999ХХ
121711 Zhdanov V. P., Kasemo B. Surface Restructuring, Kinetic Oscillations, and Chaos in Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions 1999ХХ
121712 Helen Au-Yang, Bai-Qi Jin Wavevector-Dependent Susceptibility in Quasiperiodic Ising Models 2000ХХ
121713 Brosa U. Turbulence without Strange Attractor 1988ХХ
121714 John J. Kozak Random Walks on a Fractal Solid 2000ХХ
121715 Christian Gruber, Séverine Pache Deterministic Motion of the Controversial Piston in the Thermodynamic Limit 2001ХХ
121716 Thomas Erneux, Gregory Kozyreff Nearly Vertical Hopf Bifurcation for a Passively Q-Switched Microchip Laser 2000ХХ
121717 Alan D. Sokal Mean-Field Bounds and Correlation Inequalities 1982ХХ
121718 Alberto Frigerio Simulated Annealing and Quantum Detailed Balance 1989ХХ
121719 Burton Voorhees Determination of Fixed Points and Shift Cycles for Nearest Neighbor Cellular Automata 1991ХХ
121720 J. Piasecki, D. Levesque From Monotonic to Oscillatory Decay of Correlations: Analytical Approximation for the Two-Dimensional, One-Component Plasma 1986ХХ
121721 D. Holcman, Z. Schuss Escape Through a Small Opening: Receptor Trafficking in a Synaptic Membrane 2004ХХ
121722 Ruud van Damme, Bernard J. Geurts Complexes of Block Copolymers in Solution: A Graph-Theoretical Approach 1989ХХ
121723 Cristopher Moore, Newman M. E. J. Height Representation, Critical Exponents, and Ergodicity in the Four-State Triangular Potts Antiferromagnet 1999ХХ
121724 Peter Grassberger, Holger Kantz On a Forest Fire Model with Supposed Self-Organized Criticality 1990ХХ
121725 Bruce M. Forrest, RaOl Toral The Phase Diagram of the Flory-Huggins-de Gennes Model of a Binary Polymer Blend 1994ХХ
121726 Bidhan Chandra Bag, Deb Shankar Ray A Semiclassical Theory of a Dissipative HenonHeiles System 1999ХХ
121727 Brosa U., Stauffer D. Simulation of Flow Through a Two- Dimensional Random Porous Medium 1990ХХ
121728 Landauer R. Dissipation and Noise Immunity in Computation, Measurement, and Communication 1989ХХ
121729 Zhang J. Stability of Attractive BoseEinstein Condensates 2000ХХ
121730 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. On the Swendsen-Wang Dynamics. I. Exponential Convergence to Equilibrium 1991ХХ
121731 Butta P. On the Validity of an Einstein Relation in Models of Interface Dynamics 1993ХХ
121732 Hryniv O., Kotecky R. Surface Tension and the OrnsteinЦZernike Behaviour for the 2D BlumeЦCapel Model 2002ХХ
121733 Simpelaere D. Correlation Dimension 1998ХХ
121734 Kruglikov B., Rypdal M. Dynamics and Entropy in the Zhang Model of Self-Organized Criticality 2006ХХ
121735 Compagner A. The Hierarchy of Correlations in Random Binary Sequences 1991ХХ
121736 Program of the 69th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1993ХХ
121737 Aldana M., Huepe C. Phase Transitions in Self-Driven Many-Particle Systems and Related Non-Equilibrium Models: A Network Approach 2003ХХ
121738 Manning A., Simon K. A Short Existence Proof for Correlation Dimension 1998ХХ
121739 Katz T.M. Spherical Models with a Gates-Penrose-Type Phase Transition 1985ХХ
121740 Vincenzi D. The KraichnanЦKazantsev Dynamo 2002ХХ
121741 Choquard Ph., Favre P., Gruber Ch. On the Equation of State of Classical One-Component Systems with Long-Range Forces 1980ХХ
121742 Saied E.A., El-Rahman R.G.A. Analytic Solutions for Asymmetric Model of a Rod in a Lattice Fluid 1999ХХ
121743 Havlin S. Transport in Random Correlated Fields 1990ХХ
121744 Gallavotti G. The Luttinger Model: Its Role in the RG-Theory of One Dimensional Many Body Fermi Systems 2001ХХ
121745 Le Mehaute A. Transfer Processes in Fractal Media 1984ХХ
121746 Book Review: Random Fluctuations and Pattern Growth: Experiments and Models 1989ХХ
121747 Hermisson J., Wagner H., Baake M. Four-State Quantum Chain as a Model of Sequence Evolution 2001ХХ
121748 Mezincescu G.A. Distribution of Roots of Random Real Generalized Polynomials 1997ХХ
121749 Meurice Y., Niermann S. From Nonlinear Scaling Fields to Critical Amplitudes 2002ХХ
121750 Tamarit F.A., Curado E.M.F. Pair-Correlated Patterns in Hopfield Model of Neural Networks 1991ХХ
121751 Klein D., Yang W.-S. Absence of First-Order Phase Transitions for Antiferromagnetic Systems 1993ХХ
121752 Ojima I. Entropy Production and Nonequilibrium Stationarity in Quantum Dynamical Systems. Physical Meaning of van Hove Limit 1989ХХ
121753 Selinger J.V. The Kinetic Boundary Layer for the Klein- Kramers Equation; A New Numerical Approach 1984ХХ
121754 Amaro de Matos J.M.G., Perez J.F. Fluctuations in the Curie-Weiss Version of the Random Field Ising Model 1991ХХ
121755 Frohlich J., Spencer T. On the Statistical Mechanics of Classical Coulomb and Dipole Gases 1981ХХ
121756 Turova T.S. Phase Transitions in Dynamical Random Graphs 2006ХХ
121757 Ben-Av R., Kandel D., Katzneison E. Critical Acceleration of Lattice Gauge Simulations 1990ХХ

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