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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119913 Okninski A. Chaos in Discrete Maps, Deterministic Scattering, and Nondifferentiable Functions 1988ХХ
119914 Fife P.C., Lacey A.A. Motion by Curvature in Generalized Cahn-Allen Models 1994ХХ
119915 Benfatto G., Renn J. Nontrivial Fixed Points and Screening in the Hierarchical Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1992ХХ
119916 Wang J.-S., Swendsen R.H. Transition Matrix Monte Carlo Method 2002ХХ
119917 Pollicott M. A Note on the Artuso-Aurell-Cvitanovic Approach to the Feigenbaum Tangent Operator 1991ХХ
119918 Stratonovich R.L. Derivation of the Linear and Nonlinear Non-Markov Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations of the First Kind for a Dynamical Model 1988ХХ
119919 Tsonis A.A., Eisner J.B. Testing for Scaling in Natural Forms and Observables 1995ХХ
119920 EIoranta K., Nummelin E. The Kink of Cellular Automaton Rule 18 Performs a Random Walk 1992ХХ
119921 Pasquale F., Giampaolo S.M. Expansion around the Mean Field in Quantum Magnetic Systems 2004ХХ
119922 Zamponi F., Ruocco G., Angelani L. Fluctuations of Entropy Production in the Isokinetic Ensemble 2004ХХ
119923 Newman M.E.J., Barkema G.T. Book Review: Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics 1999ХХ
119924 McNamara G.R., Garcia A.L., Alder B.J. Stabilization of Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Models 1995ХХ
119925 Kapitulnik A., Deutscher G. Percolation Scale Effects in Metal-Insulator Thin Films 1984ХХ
119926 Benfatto G. An Iterated Mayer Expansion for the Yukawa Gas 1985ХХ
119927 Goles E., Martinez S. Erratum: The One-Site Distribution of Gibbs States on Bethe Lattice Are Probability Vectors of Period \< 2 for a Nonlinear Transformation 1996ХХ
119928 Koralov L. Transport by Vector Fields with Kolmogorov Spectrum 2000ХХ
119929 Graffi S., Lenci M. Localization in Infinite Billiards: A Comparison between Quantum and Classical Ergodicity 2004ХХ
119930 Joslin C.G., Egelstaff P.A. Computer Simulation of Some Dynamical Properties of the Lorentz Gas 1989ХХ
119931 Dahneke B.E. Book Review: Measurement of Suspended Particles by Quasi-Elastic Light Scattering 1984ХХ
119932 Muratov C.B., Vanden-Eijnden E. Breakup of Universality in the Generalized Spinodal Nucleation Theory 2004ХХ
119933 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1988ХХ
119934 Enter A.C.D. Stiffness Exponent, Number of Pure States, and Almeida-Thouless Line in Spin-Glasses 1990ХХ
119935 Buenzli P.R., Martin Ph.A. Microscopic Origin of Universality in Casimir Forces 2005ХХ
119936 Olarrea J., Parrondo J.M.R., Rubia F.J. Escape Statistics for Systems Driven by Dichotomous Noise. II. The Imperfect Pitchfork Bifurcation as a Case Study 1995ХХ
119937 Program of the 90th Statistical Mechanics Meeting Celebrating the 80th Birthday of Freeman Dyson and the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Lars Onsager 2004ХХ
119938 Noviek-Cohen A. The Nonlinear Cahn-Hilliard Equation: Transition from Spinodal Decomposition to Nucleation Behavior 1985ХХ
119939 Rundle J.B., Klein W. Scaling and Critical Phenomena in a Cellular Automaton Slider-Block Model for Earthquakes 1993ХХ
119940 Klumpp S., Lipowsky R. Traffic of Molecular Motors Through Tube-Like Compartments 2003ХХ
119941 Fannjiang A., Komorowski T. Fractional Brownian Motions and Enhanced Diffusion in a Unidirectional Wave-Like Turbulence 2000ХХ
119942 Debauche M., Giacomini H. Susceptibility of the Kagom Lattice Ising Model 1990ХХ
119943 Chechetkin V.R., Lutovinov V.S., Turygin A.Yu. Multifractal Structure of Fully Developed Hydrodynamic Turbulence. II. Intermittency Effects in the Distribution of Passive Scalar Impurities 1990ХХ
119944 Caginalp G. A Microscopic Derivation of Macroscopic Sharp Interface Problems Involving Phase Transitions 1990ХХ
119945 Zhang Y. Rate of Escape from Nonattracting Chaotic Sets 1996ХХ
119946 Chernov N. Advanced Statistical Properties of Dispersing Billiards 2006ХХ
119947 Bena I., Copelli M., Broeck C. Stokes' Drift: A Rocking Ratchet 2000ХХ
119948 Weiss G.H., DiMarzio E.A., Gaylord R.J. First Passage Time Densities for Random Walk Spans 1986ХХ
119949 Koscielny-Bunde E. Effect of Damage in Neural Networks 1990ХХ
119950 Program of the 58th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1988ХХ
119951 Bonilla L.L., Neu J.C., Spigler R. Nonlinear Stability of Incoherence and Collective Synchronization in a Population of Coupled Oscillators 1992ХХ
119952 Tailleur J., Tanase-Nicola S., Kurchan J. Kramers Equation and Supersymmetry 2006ХХ
119953 Braga G.A., Ferreira S.J., Barreto F.C. Upper Bounds on the Critical Temperature for the Two-Dimensional Blume-Emery-Griffiths Model 1994ХХ
119954 Movaghar B., Sauer G.W., Wiirtz D. Time Decay of Excitations in the One-Dimensional Trapping Problem 1982ХХ
119955 Graham R. An Improvement of the Griffiths-Hurst-Sherman Inequality for the Ising Ferromagnet 1982ХХ
119956 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
119957 Gallavotti G. Chaotic Hypothesis: Onsager Reciprocity and Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem 1996ХХ
119958 Hofstad R., Klenke A., König W. The Critical Attractive Random Polymer in Dimension One 2002ХХ
119959 Havlin S., Weiss G.H. A New Class of Long-Tailed Pausing Time Densities for the CTRW 1990ХХ
119960 Huber D.L., Ching W.Y. Effect of Disorder on the Trapping of Frenkel Excitons in Three-Dimensional Systems 1991ХХ
119961 Preface 1984ХХ
119962 Onody R.N., Neves U.P.C. Collapse Transition of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Animal 1996ХХ

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