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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122910 J. Piasecki Approach to Field-Induced Stationary State in a Gas of Hard Rods 1992ХХ
121720 J. Piasecki, D. Levesque From Monotonic to Oscillatory Decay of Correlations: Analytical Approximation for the Two-Dimensional, One-Component Plasma 1986ХХ
123101 J. Piasecki Drift Velocity Induced by Collisions 2001ХХ
96895 J. Patera Incompatibility of gauge invariance and nonrelativistic locality in path integral formulation 1972ХХ
96913 J. P. Stark On the quasi-chemical theory of solutions 1971ХХ
196509 J. P. Serre Topics in Galois Theory (Research Notes in Mathematics, Volume 1) (Research Notes in Mathematics) 1992ХХ
196745 J. Oosten Realizability, Volume 152: An Introduction to its Categorical Side (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics) 2008ХХ
196249 J. Nehmer Experiences with Distributed Systems: International Workshop, Kaiserslautern, FRG, September 28-30, 1987. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 1988ХХ
195718 J. N. Parker (editor) Prion Disease - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians Patients and Genome Researchers 2007ХХ
194474 J. Michael Hollas Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, 2002 ХХХ
197138 J. Maeda The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life) 2006ХХ
195620 J. M.L.M. Palma, J. Dongarra, V. Hernandez High Performance Computing for Computational Science - VECPAR 2002: 5th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 26-28, 2002. Selected Papers 2003 ХХХ
195077 J. M.G. Fell, R. S. Doran Representations of *-Algebras, Locally Compact Groups, and Banach *-Algebraic Bundles --- Volume 2: Banach *-Algebraic Bundles, Induced Representations, and the Generalized Mackey Analysis (Pure and Applied Mathematics, 126) 1988ХХ
196592 J. M.Farr America's Fastest Growing Jobs: Detailed Information on the 141 Fastest Growing Jobs in Our Economy (America's Fastest Growing Jobs) 2002 ХХХ
195546 J. M. Nicholas, H. Steyn Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology, Third Edition 2008 ХХХ
196646 J. M. Jay Modern Food Microbiology, 6th Edition (Aspen Food Science Text Series) 2000 ХХХ
121219 J. M. J. van Leeuwen, E. H. Hauge The Effective Interface Potential for a Superconducting Layer 1996ХХ
195915 J. M. Garrido Object-Oriented Programming (From Problem Solving to JAVA) (Programming Series) 2003ХХ
196759 J. M. Firestone Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management (KMCI Press) 2002ХХ
196258 J. M. Diego, L. J. Goicoechea Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics V (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings) 2010ХХ
196053 J. M. Carcione Wave Fields in Real Media, Volume 38, Second Edition: Wave Propagation in Anisotropic, Anelastic, Porous and Electromagnetic Media (Handbook of Geophysical ... Exploration: Seismic Exploration) 2007 ХХХ
196267 J. M. Borwein, Qi.Zhu Techniques of Variational Analysis (CMS Books in Mathematics) 2005ХХ
64710 J. Luis Guasch Labor Market Reform and Job Creation. The Unfinished Agenda in Latin American and Caribbean Countries 1999ХХ
123092 J. Luczka Relaxation Problem with Quadratic Noise 1986ХХ
195428 J. Lemm Molecular and Cell Endocrinology 1998 ХХХ
195664 J. L. Mate, A. Silva Requirements Engineering for Sociotechnical Systems 2005ХХ
99523 J. L. Lebowitz, J. Sykes The velocity autocorrelation function of a finite model system 1972ХХ
195183 J. L. Hennessy, D. A. Patterson, and H. S. Lin. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR COUNTERTERRORISM 2003ХХ
195631 J. L. Heilbron Geometry Civilized: History, Culture, and Technique 2000ХХ
96936 J. L. del Rio, L. S. García-Colín A unified approach for deriving kinetic equations in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. II. Approximate results 1978ХХ
197166 J. L. Atwood, J. W. Steed Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry 2004ХХ
195485 J. L. Person A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics : How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators (Wiley Trading) 2004ХХ
196547 J. Koppitz, K. Denecke M-Solid Varieties of Algebras (Advances in Mathematics) 2006ХХ
110677 J. Kaufmann, K. Schwitters College Algebra n/aХХ
196404 J. K. Truss Foundations of mathematical analysis MCet 1997ХХ
99535 J. K. E. Tunaley A theory of 1/f current noise based on a random walk model 1976ХХ
99484 J. K. E. Tunaley Moments of the Montroll-Weiss continuous-time random walk for arbitrary starting time 1976ХХ
196616 J. Junqua, J.l Haton Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition: Fundamentals and Applications 1995ХХ
194766 J. Jost Geometry and Physics 2009ХХ
196934 J. Jorge, N.J. Nunes, J. F. Cunha Interactive Systems. Design, Specification, and Verificationrs 2003ХХ
121970 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andre s Santos Kinetic Models for Granular Flow 1999ХХ
122016 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andres Santos Dissipative Dynamics for Hard Spheres 1996ХХ
121793 J. Jackle, K. Frobose Size Dependence of Self-Diffusion in the Hard-square Lattice Gas 1990ХХ
99540 J. J. Vieceli, H. Reiss Further application of the statistical thermodynamics of curved surfaces to scaled particle theory 1973ХХ
100021 J. J. Vieceli, H. Reiss Application of the thermodynamics of curved boundary layers to the scaled particle theory of hard-sphere fluids 1973ХХ
195427 J. J. Merelo, P. Adamidis, H.-G. Beyer Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN VII: 7th International Conference, Granada, Spain, September 7-11, 2002, Proceedings 2002 ХХХ
196948 J. J. Chico, E. Macii Integrated Circuit and System Design. 13th International Workshop, PATMOS 2003 2003ХХ
196867 J. I. Penrod, A.F. Harbor Designing and Implementing a Learning Organization-Oriented Information Technology Planning and Management Process n/aХХ
194872 J. Hoste Mathematica Demystified 2008ХХ
99469 J. Hoshen, P. Klymko, R. Kopelman Percolation and cluster distribution. III. Algorithms for the site-bond problem 1979ХХ

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