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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121447 Laughton S.N., Coolen A.C.C. Macroscopic Lyapunov Functions for Separable Stochastic Neural Networks with Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
83358 Laughton M.A. (ed.) Renewable energy sources 2003ХХ
7804 Laughton M.A., Warne D.J. Electrical Engineer's Reference Book 2003 ХХХ
157135 Laughlin R. A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down 2005ХХ
58960 Laughlin F.L. Good Governance for Nonprofits: Developing Principles and Policies for an Effective Board 2007ХХ
143204 Lauf P., Adragna N. Cell Volume and Signaling 2005ХХ
160186 Lauesen S. Software Requirements: Styles & Techniques 2002ХХ
178754 Lauesen S. Software Requirements: Styles & Techniques 2002ХХ
106513 Lauermann T., Straub R. Statistische Mechanik 2006ХХ
140570 Lauer P.E. Functional Programming, Concurrency, Simulation and Automated Reasoning 1993ХХ
43897 Laue T., Plagens A. Named Organic Reactions 2005 ХХХ
20058 Laue R. Informatik III. Datenbanken 1992ХХ
20047 Laue R. Informatik IV. Compilerbau 1992ХХ
185050 Laue J., Seward L., Springman S. Physical modelling in geotechnics: 7th ICPMG '10: proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics--7th ICPMG'10, Zurich, Switzerland, 28 June-1 July 2010 2010ХХ
147810 Laudon K.C., Laudon J.P. Management Information Systems 2005 ХХХ
36373 Laudet M., Lacombe D., Nolin L. (eds.) Symposium on Automatic Demonstration 1970ХХ
24427 Laudati P. Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE 2003ХХ
4425 Laudal O.A. (ed.), Piene R. (ed.) The Legacy of Niels Henrik Abel 2004ХХ
18084 Laudal O.A. Formal Moduli of Algebraic Structures 1979ХХ
36372 Laudal O.A., Pfister G. Local Moduli and Singularities 1988ХХ
176498 Laudal O., Pfister G. Local Moduli and Singularities 1988ХХ
177496 Laubichler M., Maienschein J. Form and Function in Developmental Evolution 2009ХХ
177191 Laubichler M., Maienschein J. From Embryology to Evo-Devo: A History of Developmental Evolution (Dibner Institute Studies in the History of Science and Technology) 2007ХХ
177848 Lau Y., Chan W. The Y Chromosome and Male Germ Cell Biology in Health and Diseases 2007ХХ
23831 Lau V.K.N., Kwok Y.K.R. Channel-Adaptive Technologies and Cross-Layer Designs for Wireless Systems with Multiple Antennas: Theory and Applications 2006ХХ
135185 Lau R., Li Q. Advances in Web-Based Learning - ICWL 2005: 4th International Conference, Hong Kong, China, July 31 - August 3, 2005, Proceedings 2005ХХ
173593 Lau R., Redlawsk D. How Voters Decide: Information Processing in Election Campaigns (Cambridge Studies in Public Opinion and Political Psychology) 2006ХХ
146824 Lau L.-F., Brodney M.A. Alzheimer's Disease 2008ХХ
24711 Lau L. Managing Business with SAP: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation 2005ХХ
127084 Lau Kung-Kiu Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Logic Based Program Synthesis and Transformation, 10 conf., LOPSTR 2000 2001ХХ
78208 Lau K.Y. Ultra-high frequency linear fiber optic systems 2009ХХ
151674 Lau K.-K., Clement T.P. Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation: Proceedings of LOPSTR 92, International Workshop on Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation, University ... 2-3 July 1992 1993ХХ
150520 Lau K.-K., Banach R. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 7th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2005, Manchester, UK, November 1-4, 2005, 2005ХХ
16894 Lau J.Y.N., Hamatake R.K. Hepatitis B and D Protocols: Immunology, Model Systems, and Clinical Studies (vol. 2) 2004ХХ
25306 Lau J.Y.-N. (ed), Bonino F., Agapov E.V. Hepatitis C Protocols 1998 ХХХ
16808 Lau J.N.Y., Hamatake R.K. Hepatitis B and D Protocols: Detection, Genotypes, and Characterization (vol. 1) 2004ХХ
46825 Lau J.H., Lee R.S. Microvias: For Low Cost, High Density Interconnects 2001ХХ
142782 Lau J. Low Cost Flip Chip Technologies for DCA, WLCSP, and PBGA Assemblies 2000ХХ
29228 Lau H.T. A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization 2006ХХ
5117 Lau H.T. A numerical library in C for scientists and engineers 1995ХХ
182102 Lau H. A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization 2007ХХ
180304 Lau H. A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization 2007ХХ
171430 Lau H. A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization 2007ХХ
183042 Lau D. Grundbegriffe der Mathematik, algebraische Strukturen 1, lineare Algebra und analytische Geometrie, numerische Algebra 2004ХХ
144078 Lau D. Function Algebras on Finite Sets. A Basic Course on Many-Valued Logic and Clone Theory 2006ХХ
77533 Lau D. Algebra und Diskrete Mathematik 2: Lineare Optimierung, Graphen und Algorithmen, Algebraische Strukturen und Allgemeine Algebra mit Anwendungen 2004 ХХХ
77088 Lau D. Algebra und Diskrete Mathematik 1: Grundbegriffe der Mathematik, Algebraische Strukturen 1, Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie, Numerische Algebra 2004ХХ
80863 lau D. Uebungsbuch zur Linearen Algebra und analytischen Geometrie 2007ХХ
33929 Lau D. Function Algebras on Finite Sets 2006ХХ
104452 Latz L.(ed.) The Institute of Mathematical Statistics bulletin. Vol.18, No.1, Issue No. 102, January/February 1989 1989ХХ

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