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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
849 Goswami J.C., Chan A.K. Fundamentals of Wavelets : Theory, Algorithms, and Applications 1999ХХ
16486 Goszczynska T., Serfontein J.J., Serfontein S. Introduction to Practical Phytobacteriology 2000ХХ
123071 Gotoh T., Nakano T. Role of Pressure in Turbulence 2003ХХ
59522 Gotsill G., Natchez M. From Resistance to Acceptance: How to Implement Change Management 2007ХХ
134279 Gott J.M. (ed.) RNA Interference, Editing, and Modification 2004ХХ
39882 Gottardo R., Besag J. Probabilistic segmentation and intensity estimation for microarray images 2006ХХ
39215 Gottardo R. Statistical analysis of microarray data: a Bayesian approach 2003ХХ
108846 Gottfert R. Acceleration of Niederreiter factorization in characteristic 2 1994ХХ
53517 Gottfried B. Shape from Positional-Contrast 2007ХХ
26892 Gottfried B.S. Schaum's Outline of Visual Basic 2001 ХХХ
27484 Gottfried B.S. Schaum's Outline of Programming with C 1996 ХХХ
9608 Gottfried B.S. Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Programming With Visual Basic 2001ХХ
38836 Gottfried K., Weisskopf V.F. Concepts of Particle Physics 1984ХХ
6070 Gottfried K., Weisskopf V.F. Concepts of particle physics (volume 2) 1986ХХ
166250 Gottfried K., Weisskopf V. Concepts of particle physics. Volume 1. 1984ХХ
192448 Gottfried K., Weisskopf V. Concepts of Particle Physics. Volume 2 1986ХХ
122010 Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Kunihiko Kaneko Spatiotemporal Chaos and Noise 1988ХХ
126691 Gottler H., Schneider H.-J. Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science 1988ХХ
156896 Gottlieb A., Pfeiffer R. Lectures on physics 1964ХХ
119714 Gottlieb A.D. Examples of Bosonic de Finetti States over Finite Dimensional Hilbert Spaces 2005ХХ
188434 Gottlieb D., Orszag S. Numerical analysis of spectral methods: theory and applications 1977ХХ
160353 Gottlieb D., Orszag S. Numerical Analysis of Spectral Methods : Theory and Applications (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics) 1977ХХ
179599 Gottlieb D., Orszag S. Numerical Analysis of Spectral Methods : Theory and Applications 1977ХХ
41200 Gottlieb E.S. (1,k)-configuration facets for the generalized assignment problem - Elsie Sterbin Gottlieb and M. R. Rao 1990ХХ
58554 Gottlieb I. Practical Transformer Handbook 1998ХХ
57951 Gottlieb I.M. Regulated Power Supplies 1992 ХХХ
28947 Gottlieb J., Raidl G. Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization: 6th European Conference, Evocop 2006, Budapest, Hungary, April 10-12, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
92748 Gottlieb J. (editor), Raidl G.R. (editor) Evolutionary computation in combinatorial optimization. 4th european conference, EvoCOP 2004, Coimbra, Portugal, april 5-7, 2004 2005ХХ
81661 Gottlieb J. (Editor), Raidl G.R. (Editor) Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization, 6 conf., EvoCOP 2006 2006 ХХХ
122777 Gottlob A.P., Hasenbusch M. The XY Model and the Three-State Antiferromagnetic Potts Model in Three Dimensions: Critical Properties from Fluctuating Boundary Conditions 1994ХХ
127639 Gottlob G., Grandjean E., Seyr K. Computer Science Logic 1999ХХ
155114 Gottlob G., Vardi M. Database Theory - ICDT '95: 5th International Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, January 11 - 13, 1995. Proceedings 1995ХХ
193703 Gottlob G., Nejdl W. Expert Systems in Engineering: Principles and Applications 1990ХХ
161852 Gottman J.M., Murray J.D., Swanson C. The Mathematics of Marriage: Dynamic Nonlinear Models 2003ХХ
58564 Gottschalk B., Kalmbach R. Mastering Automotive Challenges 2007ХХ
141793 Gottschalk G. Methods in Microbiology: Volume 18 1985ХХ
163308 Gottschalk P., Solli-Saether H. E-Government Interoperability and Information Resource Integration: Frameworks for Aligned Development (Premier Reference Source) 2009ХХ
189210 Gottschalk P., Solli-Sæther H. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology 2005ХХ
168226 Gottschalk P. Knowledge Management Systems in Law Enforcement: Technologies And Techniques 2007ХХ
58875 Gottschalk P. CIO and Corporate Strategic Management: Changing Role of CIO to CEO 2007ХХ
28894 Gottschalk P. E-Business Strategy, Sourcing, and Governance 2005ХХ
29401 Gottschalk P. Knowledge Management Systems: Value Shop Creation 2006ХХ
29129 Gottschalk P. Knowledge Management Systems in Law Enforcement: Technologies and Techniques 2006ХХ
26676 Gottschalk P., Solli-Saether H. Managing Successful It Outsourcing Relationships 2005ХХ
25182 Gottschalk P. Strategic Knowledge Management Technology 2005ХХ
137733 Gottschalk P. Business Dynamics in Information Technology 2007ХХ
83590 Gottschalk U. Process scale purification of antibodies 2009ХХ
131669 Gottscheber A., Enderle S., Obdrzalek D. Research and Education in Robotics -- EUROBOT 2008: International Conference, Heidelberg, Germany, May 22-24, 2008. Revised Selected Papers 2009ХХ
49391 Gottstein G. (ed.) Integral Materials Modeling: Towards Physics-Based Through-Process Models 2007 ХХХ
167504 Gottweis H., Salter B., Waldby C. Global Politics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Science (Health Technology and Society Series) 2009ХХ

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