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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41673 Futorny V. S-subcategories in O 2000ХХ
113651 Futschek T. Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Clusters 2005ХХ
127087 Futterman J. A. H., Handler F. A., Matzner R.A. Scattering from Black Holes 1988ХХ
112136 Futterman J.A.H., Handler F.A., Matzner R.A. Scattering from Black Holes 1988ХХ
152088 Futuyma D., Antonovics J. Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology: Volume 8: 1991 (Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology) 1992ХХ
156301 Fuys D., Geddes D., Tischler R. The Van Hiele Model of Thinking in Geometry Among Adolescents (Journal of research in mathematics education, Monograph, No. 3) 1988ХХ
74862 Fuzhen Zhang Matrix theory: basic results and techniques 1999 ХХХ
39604 Fwa T.F. The Handbook of Highway Engineering 2005ХХ
71180 FXMAG.RU Forex magazine (»юль 2006, є126/26). ≈женедельное интернет-издание 2006ХХ
181905 Fyfe C., Tino P., Charles D. Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning -- IDEAL 2010: 11th International Conference, Paisley, UK, September 1-3, 2010, Proceedings ... Applications, incl. Internet Web, and HCI) 2010ХХ
184391 Fyfe C. Neural Networks And Information Theory 2000ХХ
173900 Fyfe C. Hebbian Learning and Negative Feedback Networks (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) 2005ХХ
9001 Fyfe C. Artificial Neural Networks 1996ХХ
29945 Fyfe C. Hebbian Learning and Negative Feedbach Networks 2004ХХ
20534 Fyfe C. Object Oriented Programming 1996 ХХХ
20281 Fyfe C. Artificial Neural Networks and Information Theory 2002ХХ
106710 Gärtner J. Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie I 2005ХХ
123331 Gérard G. Emch Interactive Modelling 2004ХХ
49258 Gómez-Romero P., Sanchez C. Functional Hybrid Materials 2004 ХХХ
55295 Göçmen D. The Adam Smith Problem: Human Nature and Society in The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations 2007ХХ
54823 Gödel K. On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems 1992ХХ
97871 Göran Lindblad Measurements and information for thermodynamic quantities 1974ХХ
54187 Göttsche L. Hilbert Schemes Of Zero-Dimensional Subschemes Of Smooth Varieties 1994ХХ
13359 Günther A. Large-scale Structures in Rayleigh-Benard Convection and Flow Over Waves 2001ХХ
121801 G. Baskaran, Yaotian Fu On the Statistical Mechanics of the Traveling Salesman Problem 1986ХХ
64747 G. Don Taylor (editor) Logistics Engineering Handbook 2007ХХ
163986 G. G. Joseph A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact 2009ХХ
122026 G. Hailer Universal Homoclinic Bifurcations and Chaos near Double Resonances 1996ХХ
155792 G. Kruger, R. Friehmelt Fachtagung Prozessrechner 1974: GFK-GI-GMR. Karlsruhe, 10.-11. Juni 1974 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (German and English Edition) 1974 ХХХ
120573 G. Manoj Phase Separation Driven by a Fluctuating Two-Dimensional Self-Affine Potential Field 2002ХХ
115978 G. N. Yakovliev Geometria 1985ХХ
112500 G. Nesis, A. Khalifman Tactics in the French Defence 2000ХХ
97707 G. Nicolis Fluctuations Around Nonequilibrium States in Open Nonlinear Systems 1971ХХ
122001 G. Oshanin, O. Bénichou, A. Blumen Exactly Solvable Model of Reactions on a Random Catalytic Chain 2003ХХ
96899 G. Roepstorff Bounds for a Bose condensate in dimensions v >= 3 1978ХХ
122196 G. W. Ford, M. Kac On the Quantum Langevin Equation 1986ХХ
155890 G. W. Gibbons, E. P. S. Shellard, S. J. Rankin Future of theoretical physics and cosmology (Proc. S.Hawking 60th bday symp.) 2003ХХ
156204 G. W. Leibniz, J. M. Child The Early Mathematical Manuscripts Of Leibniz 2005ХХ
123473 G. Zumofen, A. Blumen, J. Klafter Levy Walks for Turbulence: A Numerical Study 1988ХХ
33944 G.Labelle, Pierre Leroux Combinatoire Enumerative 1985ХХ
114434 G.P.A.G. Van Zijl, F.H. Wittmann Durability of Strain-Hardening Fibre-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) 2010ХХ
154716 G.R. Gobran, P.M. Huang Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere 2005ХХ
148665 G?nther Werth, Viorica N. Gheorghe, Fouad G. Major Charged particle traps II: Applications 2009 ХХХ
152396 Gaal S. Linear analysis and representation theory 1973ХХ
166926 Gaal S. Point Set Topology 1964ХХ
172291 Gabbay D., Goncharov S., Zakharyaschev M. Mathematical Problems from Applied Logic II: Logics for the XXIst Century (International Mathematical Series) 2007ХХ
161480 Gabbay D., Ohlbach H. Temporal Logic: First International Conference, ICTL '94, Bonn, Germany, July 11 - 14, 1994. Proceedings 1994ХХ
178840 Gabbay D., Hogger C., Robinson J. Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming: Logic Programming 1998ХХ
187988 Gabbay D., Hogger C., Robinson J. Handbook of logic in artificial intelligence and logic programming (1993-1998). Volume 5 Logic Programming 1998ХХ
154873 Gabbay D., Ohlbach H. Practical Reasoning: International Conference on Formal and Applied Practical Reasoning, FAPR'96, Bonn, Germany, June (3-7), 1996. Proceedings 1996ХХ

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