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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
169391 Favret E. Functional Properties of Bio-Inspired Surfaces: Characterization and Technological Applications 2009ХХ
165248 Favrholdt D. Collected works. - Complementarity beyond physics (1928-1962) 1999ХХ
25232 Faw R.E. Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering 2002 ХХХ
77406 Fawaz A. Gerges The Far Enemy: Why Jihad Went Global 2005ХХ
54348 Fawcett W.R. Liquids, Solutions, and Interfaces: From Classical Macroscopic Descriptions to Modern Microscopic Details 2004 ХХХ
76453 Fay Fransella International Handbook Of Personal Construct Psychology 2003ХХ
152397 Fay J. Theta functions on Riemann surfaces (Lecture notes in mathematics) 1973ХХ
159876 Fay J. Theta functions on Riemann surfaces (LNM0352, Springer 1973) 1973ХХ
59582 Fay J.A., Golomb D.S. Energy and the Environment 2002ХХ
1064 Fay J.D. Theta functions on Riemann surfaces 1973ХХ
40795 Fay M.P, Random marginal agreement coefficients: rethinking the adjustment for chance when measuring agreement 2005ХХ
19571 Fay T.M., Selfon S., Fay T.J. (eds.) DirectX 9 Audio Exposed: Interactive Audio Development 2004ХХ
165377 Fayed A., Ismail M. Adaptive Techniques for Mixed Signal System on Chip (The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2006ХХ
129794 Fayed M., Otten L. Handbook of powder science and technology 1997 ХХХ
5814 Fayet P., Ferrara S. Supersymmetry 1977ХХ
185360 Fayngold M., Fayngold V. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information 2013ХХ
58956 Fayolle A. Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education: Contextual Perspectives, Vol. 2 2007ХХ
79458 Fayolle G., Malyshev V.A., Menshikov M.V. Topics in the Constructive Theory of Countable Markov Chains 1995ХХ
175165 Fayolle G., Malyshev V.A., Menshikov M.V. Topics in the Constructive Theory of Countable Markov Chains 2008 ХХХ
91607 Fayolle G., Iasnogorodski R., Malyshev V. Random Walks in the Quarter-Plane: Algebraic Methods, Boundary Value Problems and Applications (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability) 1999ХХ
13065 Fayyad U. Bayesian Networks for Data Mining 1997ХХ
174040 Fayyazuddin, Riazuddin A Modern Introduction to Particle Physics 2000 ХХХ
153982 Fazekas P. Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetism 1999ХХ
157991 Fazekas P. Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetism 1999ХХ
18037 Fazel K., Kaiser S. Multi Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems 2003ХХ
143849 Fazel R. Recent Advances in Brain-Computer Interface Systems 2011ХХ
158728 Fdida S., Morganti M. Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques - ECMAST'97: Second European Conference, Milan, Italy, May 21-23, 1997. Proceedings 1997ХХ
148827 Feagin J. Quantum Methods with Mathematica 1994ХХ
135529 Feagin J.M. Quantum methods with Mathematica 1994ХХ
43972 Fearn T., Brown P.J., Besbeas P. A Bayesian decision theory approach to variable selection for discrimination 2002ХХ
18905 Fearson S. Video Vision 2001ХХ
150716 Feather J. Communicating Knowledge: Publishing in the 21st Century (Topics in Library and Information Studies) 2003ХХ
193716 Feather J., Sturges P. International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science, 2003 ХХХ
46083 Feather Jr.R.M., Zike D. Astronomy 2005ХХ
79879 Featherstone D. Tel El-Kebir 1882: Wolseley's Conquest of Egypt 2005ХХ
80204 Featherstone D. Khartoum 1885: General Gordon's last stand 1993ХХ
80774 Featherstone D. Omdurman 1898 2005ХХ
32335 Featherstone R. Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms 2007 ХХХ
77313 Featherstone R. Rigid-Body Dynamics Algorithms 2009ХХ
35151 Fecko M. Differential Geometry and Lie Groups for Physicists 2006ХХ
181868 Fecko M. Differential geometry and Lie groups for physicists 2006ХХ
188958 Fecko M. Differential geometry and lie groups for physicists 2006ХХ
121991 Fedchenia I. I. A Two-Dimensional Fokker-Pianek Equation Degenerating on a Straight Line 1987ХХ
120188 Fedchenia I.I. Local Methods for Constructing Stationary Distribution Functions of Systems of Stochastic Differential Langevin-Type Equations: Noise Influence on Simple Bifurcation 1988ХХ
18306 Feddema H. Expert One-on-One: Microsoft Access Application Development 2004ХХ
19331 Feddema H. Microsoft Access Version 2002 Inside Out 2001ХХ
28714 Feddema H. Access 2007 VBA Bible 2007ХХ
31401 Feddema H. Access 2007 VBA Bible 2007ХХ
168532 Fedele L. Methodologies and Techniques for Advanced Maintenance 2011ХХ
111652 Fedenko A.S. Problemas de Geometria Diferencial 1981ХХ

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