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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
8493 Emery M., Yor M. Séminaire de Probabilités 1967-1980 2002ХХ
56132 Emery M., Yor M. In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer. Séminaire de Probabilités XXXIX 2006ХХ
58678 Emery M., Yor M. Séminaire de Probabilités 1967-1980: A Selection in Martingale Theory 2002ХХ
191176 Emery M., Ledoux M., Yor M. S?minaire de Probabilit?s XXXVIII (Lecture Notes in Mathematics / S?minaire de Probabilit?s) (English and French Edition) 2005ХХ
43185 Emery W.J. (Ed), Thomson R.E. (Ed) Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography 2001 ХХХ
112543 Emil Artin The gamma function (Athena series; selected topics in mathematics) 1964 ХХХ
126160 Emil J. Samuelsen, Ellen D. Tuset, Dag Ausen Stacking Order and Disorder in Layered K3Me(CN)6 Compounds Studied by Diffuse X-Ray Scattering: A Realization of the ANNNI Model? 1995ХХ
76469 Emil W. Ciurczak, James K. Drennen III Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Practical Spectroscopy 2002 ХХХ
59359 Emiliani A. Italiani Nell'Aviazone Republicana Spagnola 2007ХХ
168220 Emiliani P., Burzagli L., Como A. Assistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive Environments: AAATE 2009, Volume 25 Assistive Technology Research Series 2009ХХ
46930 Emilio Benfenati Quantitative Structure Activity (QSAR) for Pesticide Regulatory Purposes 2007ХХ
123474 Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Joel L. Lebowitz Metastability in the Two-Dimensional Ising Model with Free Boundary Conditions 1997ХХ
123524 Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Enzo Olivieri Metastability and Nucleation for the Blume-Capel Model. Different Mechanisms of Transition 1995ХХ
123885 Emilio N. M. Cirillo A Note on the Metastability of the Ising Model: The Alternate Updating Case 2001ХХ
124463 Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Francesca R. Nardi Metastability for a Stochastic Dynamics with a Parallel Heat Bath Updating Rule 2002ХХ
153925 Emily Jackson Regulating Reproduction: Law, Technology and Autonomy 2001ХХ
135518 Emiris I., Sottile F., Theobald T. Nonlinear computational geometry 2009ХХ
152949 Emiris I., Sottile F., Theobald T. Nonlinear Computational Geometry (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications) 2010ХХ
191522 Emiris I., Sottile F., Theobald T. Nonlinear Computational Geometry (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications) 2010ХХ
148655 Emma J. Palmer, Clive R. Hollin Offending Behaviour Programmes: Development, Application and Controversies 2006 ХХХ
34891 Emmanouil I. Idempotent Matrices over Complex Group Algebras 2005 ХХХ
187649 Emmanouilidis C., Taisch M., Kiritsis D. Advances in Production Management Systems. Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and Services: IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2012, Rhodes, Greece, September 24-26, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, Part I 2013ХХ
97858 Emmanuel Buffet, Philippe A. Martin Dynamics of the open BCS model 1977ХХ
33226 Emmer M. Visual Mind II 2005ХХ
75411 Emmer M. Mathematics and culture 2 . Visual perfection mathematics and creativity 2005ХХ
133410 Emmer M. Mathematics and culture II 2005ХХ
139226 Emmer M. Mathematics and Culture II: Visual Perfection: Mathematics and Creativity (Pt. 2) 2005ХХ
185522 Emmer M. Imagine Math 2: Between Culture and Mathematics 2013ХХ
39247 Emmerich H. The Diffuse Interface Approach in Materials Science: Thermodynamic Concepts and Applications of Phase-Field Models 2003ХХ
78843 Emmerich W., Wolf A.L. Component Deployment: Second International Working Conference, CD 2004, Edinburgh, UK, May 20-21, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
148930 Emmerich W., Tai S. Engineering Distributed Objects: Second International Workshop, EDO 2000 Davis, CA, USA, November 2-3, 2000 Revised Papers 2001ХХ
60936 Emmerichs R.M., Robbert A.A., Marcum C.Y. Operational Process for Workforce Planning 2003ХХ
83134 Emmert-Buck M.R., Gillespie J.W., Chuaqui R.F. Dissecting the molecular anatomy of tissue 2005 ХХХ
160875 Emmert-Streib F., Dehmer M. Information Theory and Statistical Learning 2009ХХ
161468 Emmert-Streib F., Dehmer M. Information Theory and Statistical Learning 2009ХХ
78338 Emmett D., Nice G. Understanding Street Drugs: A Handbook of Substance Misuse for Parents, Teachers And Other Professionals 2005 ХХХ
77080 Emmett J. Be Your Own Sailing Coach: 20 Goals for Racing Success 2008ХХ
16111 Emmett T.J. Fibonacci Forecast Examples 1984ХХ
16113 Emmett T.J. Fibonacci Based Forecasts 1985ХХ
138415 Emmitt S. Architectural Technology 2002ХХ
188384 Emmons H., Kranz R. The chemistry of joy: a three-step program for overcoming depression through western science and eastern wisdom 2006ХХ
8434 Emmons W.D., Benson R.E., Eschenmoser A. (eds.) Organic Syntheses (vol. 47) 1967ХХ
137393 Emmrich E., Wittbold P. Analytical and Numerical Aspects of Partial Differential Equations: Notes of a Lecture Series ([De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics]) 2009ХХ
48907 Emo Chiellini, Helena Gil Biorelated Polymers: Sustainable Polymer Science and Technology 2001ХХ
140540 Emon J. Immunoassay and Other Bioanalytical Techniques 2007ХХ
25337 Empson S. CCNA Portable Command Guide (CCNA Self-Study) 2007ХХ
28771 Empson S. CCNP BSCI Portable Command Guide 2007ХХ
25339 Empson S.D. CCNP BCMSN Portable Command Guide 2007ХХ
13082 Empson T. CCNA Self-Study: CCNA Portable Command Guide 2005ХХ
74912 Emrich R. J. Fluid dynamics 1981ХХ

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