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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
5696 De Gennes P.G. Soft interfaces. The 1994 Dirac memorial lecture 1997ХХ
11492 De Gennes P.G., Prost J. The Physics of Liquid Crystals 1993ХХ
75150 de Gennes P.G. Petit Point: A Candid Portrait on the Aberrations of Science 2004 ХХХ
97678 De Gennes P.G. Brownian motion of a classical particle through potential barriers. Application to the helix-coil transitions of heteropolymers 1975ХХ
28253 De Ghein L. MPLS Fundamentals 2006ХХ
120460 de Gier J., Nienhuis B. The Exact Solution of an Octagonal Rectangle-Triangle Random Tiling 1996ХХ
54775 de Giorgi E. Ennio de Giorgi: Selected Papers 2006ХХ
40290 De Gonzalez A.B. Additive and multiplicative models for the joint effect of two risk factors 2005ХХ
105586 de Gosson M. Symplectic geometry and quantum mechanics 2006ХХ
55091 de Graaf W.A. Lie Algebras: Theory and Algorithms 2000ХХ
146016 de Graauw M. Phospho-Proteomics: Methods and Protocols 2009 ХХХ
122150 De Gregorio S. Narrow Bounds for Numerical Integration of Differential Equations 1985ХХ
122459 De Gregorio S. The Study of Periodic Orbits of Dynamical Systems. The Use of a Computer 1985ХХ
122532 De Gregorio S., Scoppola E., Tirozzi B. A Rigorous Study of Periodic Orbits by Means of a Computer 1983ХХ
47860 De Grey A.D. Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging, Vol. 9 1999ХХ
145448 de Grijs R., Delgado R.M.G. Starbursts: From 30 Doradus to Lyman Break Galaxies 2005ХХ
113673 De Groot D.R., Mazur P. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics XX n/aХХ
52446 de Groot F., Kotani A. Core Level Spectroscopy of Solids 2008ХХ
144693 De Groot G., Schrover M. Women Workers And Technological Change In Europe In The Nineteenth And twentieth century 1995ХХ
39827 de Groot S.R., Mazur P. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics 1984ХХ
83107 De Groot W.T. Environmental science theory 1992ХХ
136746 De Guzman M. Real Variable Methods in Fourier Analysis 1981 ХХХ
17192 de Gyurky S., Tarbell M.A. The Cognitive Dynamics of Computer Science: Cost-Effective Large Scale Software Development 2006ХХ
28212 de Haan L. Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus 2004ХХ
29885 de Haan L., Koppelaars T. Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals 2007ХХ
33475 De Haan L., Ferreira A. Extreme Value Theory: An Introduction 2006 ХХХ
4746 De Hoop A.T. Representation theorems for displacement in elastic solid 1958ХХ
108389 De Jager B., Van Asch B. Symbolic Solutions for a Class of Partial Differential Equations 1996ХХ
35320 De Jager E.M., Furu J. Theory of Singular Perturbations 1996ХХ
3651 de Jode M. Programming Java 2 Micro Edition for Symbian OS : A developer's guide to MIDP 2.0 2004ХХ
66508 De Jong P., Heller G.Z. Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Data 2008ХХ
124606 De Kepper P., Dulos E., Boissonade J. Reaction-Diffusion Patterns in Confined Chemical Systems 2000ХХ
36722 de Kerf E.A. Lie Algebras: Finite and Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras and Applications in Physics 1997ХХ
150787 De Klerk J. The illustrated maths dictionary 2007 ХХХ
83400 De Kock J. Practical power distribution for industry 2004ХХ
172249 De Koninck J., Ivic A. Topics in arithmetical functions: asymptotic formulae for sums of reciprocals of arithmetical functions and related results 1980ХХ
83181 de la Bedoyere G. The Romans For Dummies 2007ХХ
34468 de la Harpe P. Classical Banach-Lie Algebras and Banach-Lie Groups of Operators in Hilbert Space 1972ХХ
109183 de la Harpe P., Jones V. An introduction to C*-algebras 1995ХХ
146336 de la Harpe P. Topics in geometric group theory 2000ХХ
36168 de la Harpe P. (ed.) Algebres d'Operateurs 1979ХХ
38041 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Critical points inside the gaps of ground state laminations for some models in statistical mechanics 2007ХХ
38139 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for aubry-mather theory in statistical mechanics 2007ХХ
38140 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for generalized frenkel-kontorova models in Z^d 2000ХХ
38245 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Multiplicity results for interfaces of Ginzburg-Landau-Allen-Cahn equations in periodic media 2000ХХ
119412 de la Llave R. Invariant Manifolds Associated to Nonresonant Spectral Subspaces 1997ХХ
121333 de la Llave R. A Renormalization Group Explanation of Numerical Observations of Analyticity Domains 1991ХХ
124965 de la Llave R. Rates of Convergence to Equilibrium in the Prigogine-Misra-Courbage Theory of Irreversibility 1982ХХ
145721 de la Llave R., Koch H., Radin C. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal. Print Version. Volume 5, 1999. Volume 6, 2000 2002ХХ
14625 De LA Pena V., Gine E. Decoupling: From Dependence to Independence: Randomly Stopped Processes U-Statistics and Processes Martingales and Beyond 1999ХХ

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