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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
9266 Wegener I. The Complexity of Boolean Functions 1987ХХ
31281 Wegener I. Complexity of Boolean Functions 1991ХХ
165478 Wegener I. The Complexity of Boolean Functions (Wiley Teubner on Applicable Theory in Computer Science) 1991ХХ
169645 Wegener I. The Complexity of Boolean Functions (Wiley-Teubner series in computer science) 1987ХХ
126716 Wegener I. Branching programs and binary decision diagrams 1987ХХ
126513 Wegener M. Extreme nonlinear optics 2005 ХХХ
168383 Wegener M. Extreme nonlinear optics 2004ХХ
174964 Wegener M. Extreme nonlinear optics: An Introduction 2005ХХ
435 Wegge-Olsen N.E. K-Theory and C*-Algebras: a friendly approach 1993ХХ
106852 Wegman E.J. Time series analysis: theory, data analysis and computation 1996ХХ
49312 Wegman R.F., Tullos T.R. Handbook of Adhesive Bonded Structural Repair 1992 ХХХ
13368 Wegmann A. Multiphase Flows in Small Scale Pipes 2005ХХ
7285 Wegner F. Classical electrodynamics 2003ХХ
7287 Wegner F. Theoretische Festkorperphysik II. Heidelberg Skriptum 2002ХХ
7286 Wegner F. Theoretische Festkorperphysik I. Elementare Grundbegriffe 2002ХХ
1173 Wegner F. Graßmann-Variable 1998ХХ
107560 Wegner F. Classical electrodynamics - Klassische Elektrodynamik 2003ХХ
42234 Wegner G. White Dwarfs 1989ХХ
19332 Wegner J.D., Rockell R. IP Addressing and Subnetting, Including IPv6 1999ХХ
135994 Wego Wang Reverse Engineering: Technology of Reinvention 2010 ХХХ
109208 Wegstein J. (ed.) Algorithm 165. Complete elliptic integral n/aХХ
108723 Wegstein J. (ed.) Algorithm n/aХХ
28015 Wehmeyer L., Marwedel P. Fast, Efficient and Predictable Memory Accesses: Optimization Algorithms for Memory Architecture Aware Compilation 2006ХХ
56529 Wehner D.R. High-Resolution Radar 1995 ХХХ
184937 Wehner F., Olsen H., Tinel H. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology 2004ХХ
119466 Wehner M.F., Wolfer W.G. A New Integral Equation for the Radial Distribution Function of a Hard Sphere Fluid 1986ХХ
122664 Wehner M.F. The Pressure of a Hard Sphere Fluid on a Curved Surface 1986ХХ
122640 Wehr J. A Strong Law of Large Numbers for Iterated Functions of Independent Random Variables 1997ХХ
124249 Wehr J. On the Number of Infinite Geodesics and Ground States in Disordered Systems 1997ХХ
123194 Wehr J., Aizenman M. Fluctuations of Extensive Functions of Quenched Random Couplings 1990ХХ
193079 Wehrfritz B. Infinite Linear Groups: An Account of the Group-Theoretic Properties of Infinite Groups of Matrices. Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 2. Folge 1973ХХ
39474 Wehrfritz B.A. Finite Groups: A Second Course on Group Theory 1999ХХ
41725 Wehrfritz B.A.F. 2-Generator conditions in linear groups 1971ХХ
27393 Wehrle K., Pahlke F., Ritter H. Linux Network Architecture 2004 ХХХ
42210 Wehrse R. Accuracy of Element Abundances from Stellar Atmospheres 1990ХХ
83775 Wehrspohn R.B. Ordered porous nanostructures and applications 2005ХХ
189742 Wehrtmann I., Cortes J. Marine Biodiversity of Costa Rica, Central America (Monographiae Biologicae) 2009ХХ
122420 Wei I. In Search of the Griffiths Shield Region 1988ХХ
185954 Wei J., Winter M. Mathematical Aspects of Pattern Formation in Biological Systems 2014ХХ
51754 Wei J. Advances in Chemical Engineering, Vol. 27 2001ХХ
51753 Wei J. Advances in Chemical Engineering, Vol. 27 2001ХХ
58163 Wei K.K., Teo C.-P., Tang C.S. Supply Chain Analysis: A Handbook on the Interaction of Information, System and Optimization 2008ХХ
187770 Wei R. Fracture Mechanics - Integration of Mechanics, Materials Science, and Chemistry 2010ХХ
158294 Wei R. Fracture Mechanics: Integration of Mechanics, Materials Science and Chemistry 2010ХХ
58238 Wei S.-J., Wen G.J., Zhou H. The Globalization of the Chinese Economy 2002ХХ
152003 Wei Wu MicroRNA and Cancer: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 676) 2010 ХХХ
64529 Wei-Bin Zhang International Trade Theory. Capital, Knowledge, Economic Structure, Money, and Prices over Time 2008ХХ
137158 Wei-Meng Lee Beginning iPad Application Development 2010ХХ
132210 Wei-Meng Lee C# 2008 Programmer's Reference 2008ХХ
133965 Wei-Meng Lee Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C 2010ХХ

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