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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
57152 Ure A.(Ed.), Davidson C.(Ed.) Chemical Speciation in the Environment 2002 ХХХ
41593 Urey H.C. The Structure of the Hydrogen Molecule Ion 1925ХХ
29435 Urman S., McLaughlin M. Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming 2004ХХ
195235 Urman S., McLaughlin M. Oracle Database 10g PL SQL Programming(1008) 2004ХХ
102185 Urmoneit W. Reduktion des Ranges von linearen Gleichungssystemen zur Berechnung der Verlustwahrscheinlichkeit von vielstufigen Koppelanordnungen 1980ХХ
153909 Urs E. Gattiker The Information Security Dictionary Defining The Terms That Define Security For E-Business, Internet, Information And Wireless Technology n/aХХ
54833 Ursini A. (ed.), Aglianò P. (ed.) Logic and Algebra 1996ХХ
138839 Ursino D. Extraction and Exploitation of Intensional Knowledge from Heterogeneous Information Sources: Semi-Automatic Approaches and Tools (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2002ХХ
152235 Ursula F. Ott International Joint Ventures: An Interplay of Cooperative and Noncooperative Games Under Incomplete Information 2006ХХ
155949 Urysohn P. Memoires sur les Multiplicites Cantoriennes 1927ХХ
32827 Urzyczyn P., Sorensen M.H. Lectures on the Curry-Howard Isomorphism 2006ХХ
16744 US Preventive Services Task Force Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: Report of the United States Preventive Services Task Force 2002 ХХХ
50769 USG Gypsum Construction Handbook 2000 ХХХ
41371 Ushakov P.V. IA -Automorphisms of Free Products of Two Abelian Torsion-Free Groups 2000ХХ
57776 Usher D. Political Economy 2003ХХ
50771 Usher P.M., Angles J.G., Rixom M.R. Guide to chemical admixtures for concrete 1980ХХ
54835 Usmani R.A. Applied Linear Algebra 1987ХХ
40175 Uspensky V.A. Post's Machine 1983ХХ
146579 Ussery D. W., Wassenaar T. M., Borini S. Computing for Comparative Microbial Genomics: Bioinformatics for Microbiologists (Computational Biology) 2008 ХХХ
35124 Ustunel A.S., Dold A. (Ed), Takens F. (Ed) Introduction to Analysis on Wiener Space 1995ХХ
40221 Utley C. Visual Basic to Vb.Net 2001ХХ
146461 Utley C. A programmer's introduction to Visual Basic.NET 2001ХХ
155637 Utley C. Programing - Introduction to Visual Basic NET 2001ХХ
10751 Utne E. Y2K citizen's action guide 1998ХХ
186959 Utracki L., Jamieson A. Polymer Physics: From Suspensions to Nanocomposites and Beyond 2010ХХ
84419 Utracki L.A. Polymer blends handbook 2003 ХХХ
83484 Utracki L.A. (Editor) Polymer Blends Handbook, Volume 1 2003 ХХХ
149523 Utsumi R. Bacterial Signal Transduction: Networks and Drug Targets (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) 2008ХХ
75173 Uttal W. R. Dualism: the original sin of cognitivism 2004ХХ
9216 Uttal W.R., Kakarala R., Dayanand S. Computational modeling of vision. The role of combination 1999ХХ
19749 Uttal W.R. Psychomythics: Sources of Artifacts and Misconceptions in Scientific Psychology 2003ХХ
58748 Utterback J., Vedin B.-A., Alvarez E. Design-inspired Innovation 2006ХХ
30036 Utting M., Legeard B. Practical Model-Based Testing: A Tools Approach 2006ХХ
33635 Utts J.M. Seeing through Statistics 1999 ХХХ
128231 Uustalu T. Mathematics of Program Construction, 8 conf., MPC 2006 2006 ХХХ
139214 Uvarov B. Grasshoppers and locusts: A handbook of general acridology : Volume 1. Anatomy, physiology, development, phase polymorphism, introduction to taxonomy 1966ХХ
134113 Uwe B. Sleytr, Paul Messner, Dietmar Pum Crystalline Bacterial Cell Surface Proteins (Biotechnology Intelligence Unit) n/aХХ
135607 Uwe Krey, Anthony Owen Basic Theoretical Physics: A Concise Overview 2007 ХХХ
158865 Uwe Ligges Programmieren mit R 2006 ХХХ
131674 Uwe Windhorst, Hakan Johansson Modern Techniques In Neuroscience Research Windhorst Johansson n/aХХ
162810 Uyama Y., Kato K., Ikad Y. Advances in Polymer Science 1998 Vol 137: Grafting-Characterization Techniques-Kinetic Modeling 1998ХХ
135248 Uyar M., Duale A.Y., Fecko M.A. Testing of Communicating Systems: 18th IFIP TC 6/WG 6.1 International Conference, TestCom 2006, New York, NY, USA, May 16-18, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
160009 Uyeda T., Haber C., Tasaki A. Ultra-Fine Particles: Exploratory Science and Technology (Materials Science and Process Technology Series) 1997ХХ
24929 Uysal S. Nonuniform Line Microstrip Directional Couplers and Filters 1991ХХ
42615 Uyterhoeven W. Positive ion Currents in the Positive Column of the Glow-Discharge in the Noble Gases 1928ХХ
25117 Uyttewaal E. Dynamic Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2002: The Book by and for Professionals 2003ХХ
55588 Vázquez J.L. The Porous Medium Equation: Mathematical Theory 2006ХХ
58681 Vögtle F., Weber E. Biomimetic and Bioorganic Chemistry III 1986ХХ
18800 Vögtle F., Stoddart J.F., Shibasaki M. (eds.) Stimulating Concepts in Chemistry 2000ХХ
55894 Vögtle F. (ed.), Weber E. (ed.) Biomimetic and Bioorganic Chemistry II 1986ХХ

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