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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
80261 Underdahl K. Wi-Fi Home Networking Just the Steps for Dummies 2006 ХХХ
112155 Underhill C.R. Solenoids Electromagnets and Electromagnetic Windings 1910ХХ
52580 Underhill G.R.D. (ed.), Zhang X. (ed.) International Financial Governance under Stress: Global Structures versus National Imperatives 2004ХХ
59407 Underhill P. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping 2000ХХ
41495 Underwood H.W. Studies in Catalysis 1924ХХ
175375 Underwood J., Isikdag U. Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies 2010ХХ
33806 Underwood R.S., Nelson T.R., Selby S. Intermediate Algebra 1947ХХ
163143 Unertl W. Physical Structure (Handbook of Surface Science), Vol. 1 1996ХХ
39226 Unertl W.N. Physical Structure 1996ХХ
168396 Uneyama K. Organofluorine Chemistry 2006ХХ
187301 Uneyama K. Organofluorine Chemistry 2006ХХ
195545 UNFPA Culture in the context of UNFPA programming : ICPD+10 survey results on culture and religion. 2005ХХ
195527 UNFPA Culture Matters. Working with Communities and Faith-based Organizations: Case Studies from Country Programmes 2004 ХХХ
179221 Ungar A. Normalization, Cut-Elimination, and the Theory of Proofs (Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes) 1992ХХ
177314 Ungar A. Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and Applications 2005ХХ
159937 Ungar A. Analytic hyperbolic geometry: mathematical foundations and applications 2005ХХ
182564 Ungar A. Analytic hyperbolic geometry: mathematical foundations and applications 2005ХХ
133633 Ungar A. A gyrovector space approach to hyperbolic geometry 2009ХХ
143639 Ungar A.A. Hyperbolic Triangle Centers: The Special Relativistic Approach 2010ХХ
35586 Ungar A.A. Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications 2005ХХ
7233 Ungar A.A. Beyond the Einstein Addition Law and its Gyroscopic Thomas Precession. The Theory of Gyrogroups and Gyrovector Spaces 2002ХХ
113501 Unger C. A computational approach to the syntax of displacement and the semantics of scope 2010ХХ
130824 Unger H., Boehme T., Mikler A. Innovative Internet Computing Systems: Second International Workshop, IICS 2002, Kuhlungsborn, Germany, June 20-22, 2002: Proceedings 2002 ХХХ
4168 Unger J. Deploying license-free wireless wide-area networks 2003ХХ
30177 Unger J. Diabetes Management in the Primary Care 2007ХХ
187734 Unger P., Diehl R. High-Power Diode Lasers: Fundamentals, Technology, Applications: With Contributions by Numerous Experts 2000ХХ
181017 Unger R. The Art of Medieval Technology: Images of Noah the Shipbuilder 1991ХХ
151182 Unger R. A History of Brewing in Holland 900-1900: Economy, Technology and the State 2001ХХ
141946 Ungson G.R., Trudel J.D. Engines of Prosperity: Templates for the Information Age 1998ХХ
197329 Unhelkar B. Mobile Enterprise Transition and Management (Advanced and Emerging Communications Technologies) 2009ХХ
172176 Unhelkar B. Handbook of Research in Mobile Business: Technical, Methodological, and Social Perspectives 2006ХХ
83812 Unhelkar B. Handbook of research in mobile business. Technical, methodological and social perspectives 2008 ХХХ
27149 Unhelkar B., Rainey V.P. Process Quality Assurance for UML-Based Projects 2002ХХ
25038 Unhelkar Bh. Verification and Validation for Quality of Uml 2. 0 Models 2005ХХ
53022 UNIDO The Role of Industrial Development in the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals 2004 ХХХ
56256 United Nations Demographic Yearbook 2003 2003ХХ
58671 United Nations Creative Economy Report 2008: The challenge of assessing the creative economy towards informed policy-making 2008ХХ
56258 United Nations Energy Services for Sustainable Development in Rural Areas in Asia and the Pacific: Policy and Practice 2007ХХ
194761 United Nations Enhancing the Competitiveness of SME 2007ХХ
196924 United Nations Least Developed Countries Report 2007, The: Knowledge, Technological Learning and Innovation for Development (Least Developed Countries Series) 2007ХХ
56257 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World investment Report 2006 2006ХХ
56254 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Green Growth at a Glance: The Way Forward for Asia and the Pacific 2007ХХ
40296 United Nations Environment Programme Staf After the Tsunami: Rapid Environmental Assessment 2005ХХ
52871 United Nations Information, Communication Technologies Task Force Digital Bridge to Africa 2002ХХ
23630 United States Army Combined Arms Support Command Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 4 (Equipment Cooling) 2001ХХ
49118 United States Army Corps of Engineers Earth and Rock-Fill Dams: General Design and Construction Considerations 2004ХХ
52892 United States Department of Agriculture FSIS Security Guidelines for Food Processors 2002ХХ
21630 United States Environmental Protection Agency Lean Manufacturing and the Environment 2003ХХ
2127 United States NAVY Mathematics, pre-calculus and introduction to probability (Navy course) 1988ХХ
2124 United States NAVY Mathematics, basic math and algebra (Navy course) 1985ХХ

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