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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
82893 Stern K.H. High temperature properties and thermal decomposition of inorganic salts with oxyanions 2001 ХХХ
25303 Stern K.R., Jansky Sh., Bidlack J. Introductory Plant Biology 2003ХХ
175512 Stern M. Semimodular lattices: Theory and applications 1999ХХ
56822 Stern N.Z., Ander W.N. Winning At Retail: Developing a Sustained Model for Retail Success 2004ХХ
134274 Stern R., Ray W.J., Quigley K.S. Psychophysiological Recording 2000 ХХХ
148846 Stern R. Hyaluronan in cancer biology 2009ХХ
77195 Stern R. B. Inscribing Devotion and Death: Archaeological Evidence for Jewish Populations of North Africa 2007 ХХХ
83961 Stern T.E., Ellinas G., Bala K. Multiwavelength optical networks. Architectures, design, and control 2009ХХ
162719 Sternbach R., Okuda M. Star Trek Voyager Technical Guide 2002ХХ
164326 Sternberg R., Ben-Zeev T. The nature of mathematical thinking 1996ХХ
152505 Sternberg R., Spear-swerling L. Perspectives On Learning Disabilities: Biological, Cognitive, Contextual 2000ХХ
158902 Sternberg R., Spear-swerling L. Perspectives On Learning Disabilities: Biological, Cognitive, Contextual 1999ХХ
138973 Sternberg R., Ben-Zeev T. The nature of mathematical thinking 1996ХХ
57465 Sternberg R., Jordan J. A Handbook of Wisdom: Psychological Perspectives 2005 ХХХ
77272 Sternberg R.G. (ed.) Why smart people can be so stupid 2002ХХ
105184 Sternberg S. Theory of functions of real variable 2005 ХХХ
21179 Sternberg S. Group Theory and Physics 1994ХХ
7081 Sternberg S. Semi-Riemann geometry and general relativity 2003ХХ
2780 Sternberg S. Dynamical systems 2000ХХ
1311 Sternberg S. Lie algebras 2004ХХ
182651 Sternberg S. Group theory and physics 1994ХХ
180117 Sternberg S. Group Theory and Physics 1994ХХ
180975 Sternberg S. Dynamical Systems (Dover Books on Mathematics) 2010ХХ
33419 Sternberg Sh. Theory of functions of a real variable. 2005ХХ
39453 Sternberg Sh. Lectures on Differential Geometry n/aХХ
28553 Sterne J. Web metrics 2002ХХ
12650 Sterneckert A.B. Critical Incident Management 2004ХХ
133830 Sterpone L. Electronics System Design Techniques for Safety Critical Applications 2008ХХ
111903 Sterren W. Terrain reasoning for 3D action games n/aХХ
75281 Stets J. E., Burke P. J. Gender, Control and Interaction n/aХХ
76265 Stets J.E., Burke P.J. Identity theory and Social Identity theory 1999ХХ
76671 Stets J.E., Burke P.J. A Sociological Approach to Self and Identity n/aХХ
43744 Stetter H. Methods in Organic Chemistry vol. E-3 1983ХХ
74968 Stetter H. J. Numerical polynomial algebra 2004ХХ
60353 Stettinius W., Doyle J.L., Wood D.R. How to Plan and Execute Strategy 2005ХХ
112026 Stetz A.W. A very short introduction to quantum field theory 2007ХХ
106770 Steuding J. Diophantine Analysis 2003ХХ
174304 Steuding J. Value-Distribution of L-Functions (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1877) 2007ХХ
156787 Steuding J. Probabilistic Number Theory 2002ХХ
35548 Steuding J. Value Distributions of L-Functions 2007ХХ
27767 Steuer Sh. The Adobe Illustrator CS Wow! Book 2003ХХ
157501 Steutel F., Harn K. Infinite Divisibility of Probability Distributions on the Real Line 2004ХХ
156230 Steve Alsop (Editor) Beyond Cartesian Dualism: Encountering Affect in the Teaching and Learning of Science. (Science & Technology Education Library) 2005 ХХХ
126434 Steve Bunting, William Wei EnCase Computer Forensics: The Official EnCE: EnCase†Certified Examiner Study Guide 2006ХХ
133379 Steve Chinn The Trouble with Maths: A Practical Guide to Helping Learners with Numeracy Difficulties 2004ХХ
135839 Steve Fox, Paul Stubbs Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Using Silverlight 2 2009ХХ
28382 Steve Johnson Perspection, Inc. Show Me MicrosoftЃ Office OutlookЃ 2003 2003ХХ
158968 Steve Kovsky High-Tech Toys for Your TV: Secrets of TiVo, Xbox, ReplayTV, UltimateTV and More 2002 ХХХ
65305 Steve N. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques 1991ХХ

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